‘Kundan has cut all these cows’ : This video spills the beans about Bulandshahr violence

Bulandshahr violence video

By Muslim Mirror Staff

A video capturing the scene of violence in Bulandshahr where anSHO Subodh Kumar Singh was among two persons shot dead in mob violence on Monday is going viral on social media.


Although several videos from the violent protest have already surfaced on social media. But now, a new video has emerged in which the protestors are having a conversation with each other about the carcasses of the cow. In this video a tractor- trolley loaded with the body parts of animals can be seen. In the video someone asks ‘whose trolley is this?  ‘It belongs to Mahavke,’ replies another person.

Who has put all these (animal body parts) in the trolley? He again enquires.
‘Kundan has cut all these animals in the field, and put in the trolley’ he replies.
‘This sister f*****r has cut them.’ replies the youth.

There are more two-three animals which had been slaughtered lying inside, he added.

However the video couldn’t be verified from independent sources.
In Bulandshahr village in western UP where cars were torched and policemen attacked by men alleging slaughter of cows and demanding immediate action. Police have arrested four persons in the case and detained several others while an SIT has been constituted to investigate the entire sequence of events leading to the SHO’s death.

Since Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh was also probing lynching of Akhlaq in Dadri over the suspicion of storing Beef in his house, the suspicion has been raised whether it was a planned violence to target him and sabotage the investigation.




  1. Now inspector is killed. Judge Loya was also killed. Will ever be killers caught and identified which organization they belonged to.


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