VIDEO: Sikhs, Muslims and Dalits chasing Shiv Sainiks after Muslims were attacked in Phagwara



By Muslim Mirror News,

New Delhi: In a rare gesture to support Muslims against the attack of Shiv Sainik  a large number of Sikh community came with sharp edged weapons to shield  them  . The Muslims were performing  Friday prayer when Shiv Saniks tried to enter the mosque. Hearing  the news members of Sikhs and Dalits  community rushed  to protect Muslims from the attack of Sainiks and chased them. Seeing the Sikhs with swords in their hands  Shiv Sainiks preferred to run away. Some of them hid themselves in a nearby Mandir.

Later the Sikhs started protesting against Shiv Sainiks and shouted slogans like ‘Shiv Sena Murdabad’ Bandar Sena Murdabad’ Gaai K Bachde Murdabad’ etc.


  1. Muslims take lesson from this incident. Everytime we won’t get support from Sikhs or other minority community.See how they ran away when Sikhs came out with weapons. This is the reality of these bastards. They are coward.Akbaruddin Owaisi has said correctly. Yeh sab namardo ki aulad hai. We have to fight with weapons or else they gonna butcher us.


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