Voters should think wisely and cast honestly their votes


imagesBy Syed Zahid Ahmad,

Voters being the key players to select the next Government, need to be sincerely honest while using their right to vote; otherwise India may not be able to counter the threat of civil disturbances and economic problems like institutionalized large scale frauds and scams, unequal distribution of  wealth, and inflation etc. This time Indian voters need to vote for best possible candidates instead of favorite political party. The party based system has created so much confusion among the voters and are thus found helpless to give their true verdict.  With aim to allow any political party win over others, voters are supposed to vote for candidates of respective political party. This limitation of voters has so far allowed the political parties to exploit voters by forcing them to choose the candidates nominated by political parties instead of selecting the best among available options.


Why UPA, BJP or AAP should be allowed to decide the fate of Indian voters by restricting the choice of voters to choose the candidates among the available candidates nominated by different political parties? It is not fair to choose best parliamentary candidate on the basis of political party. Honestly voters should vote for candidates on the basis of candidate’s aptitude and attitude to represent them at national level irrespective of political parties. Any potentially good candidate for Lok Sabha elections should have basic understanding and knowledge about good governance at centre level. The candidate should have clear vision to resolve the current problems and develop better system of Governance. Their attitude should be secular and humble towards the people of India in general and under privileged section of the society in particular. Since majority of potentially good candidates might be already nominated by the political parties, voters may seem to select among such candidates only.


While voters are seems as forced to choose best possible candidates among the nominated candidates by various political parties, it would be important to understand the approaches and manifesto of various political parties. Political parties may try polarizing large section of people on the ground of religion and caste like BJP has announced to construct Ram Mandir, enforce common civil code and remove section 370 which all many disturb communal harmony in India. Thus to protect communal harmony BJP should be rejected by voters if they wish to maintain communal harmony in India. Moreover it would be important to visualize the force led by various political parties to counter institutionalized corruptions in India.

It must be realized that under political party system of governance, it is easy to project the prospects of political party to win election and form Government. Institutions dealing in corrupt practices can frame strategies to invest in election and exploit political parties after election. Congress being largest political parties have been exploited by various institutions and corporate to exploit the parties leading to some of largest scams in Indian economy. BJP is not clean as well. The party with limited history of governance in centre and many states has witnessed many scams at possible extends. AAP is new and untapped so far but may be tapped seeing its future prospects. When Corporate and institutions sensed that after revelation of recent large scale scams, UPA may not be favourable for next election; such institutions liked to bet upon NDA and projected Narendra Modi as potential candidate for Prime Minister. They sensed Narendra Modi led NDA as easy target to exploit opportunities of looting India at national level compared to UPA Government. So, this time such institutions and corporate houses have hugely invested in BJP campaigning to project Narendra Modi as Prime Minister.

So, if voters of India have to check institutionalized corruptions and inflation along with higher taxation due to increased fiscal deficits, they should reject BJP as a party and Narendra Modi as a Prime Ministerial candidate. If voters do vote BJP to make Narendra Modi as prime minister, we can foresee undesired religious conflicts in the society along with danger of hyper increase in inflation and taxation. Many high level frauds and scams may come up because the institutions would certainly try recovering their invested money along with interest in terms of unfair advantages in regulations and policies.

So, it is needed that voters of India should vote against BJP and try defeating their every candidate by polarizing the votes to the strongest candidates in each parliamentary constituency level. They must avoid division of votes among different parties and strategically identify any particular candidate to defeat BJP candidate in their constituency. To do so, they must be foreseeing possible alliance after election to ensure secular democratic front with proper vision and required expertise to rule India in better way. Considerably with inexperience and lacking vision documents, AAP may not be a favourable party to vote for. Voters should give some time to AAP for organizing the party with proper vision document and expertise on governance. They should select best candidates among other political parties to defeat BJP at their parliamentary constituency.

Hope voters may think wisely and cast honestly to select the best candidates to be part of next government so that we can have a better prospect.


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