We are proud of our ancestor’s decision to embrace Islam


By Dr Aslam Abdullah

Not all Muslim Indians trace their biological roots to Arabia, Central Asia, or Persia. But, like many Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Dalits, Christians, or Sanatan Dharmis claiming to be Indians, they were the country’s original inhabitants, who belonged to the pre-Dravidian aborigines, the ancestors of the present tribals or Adivasis (Scheduled Tribes).

The Aryas arrived in India between roughly 2000 BCE and 1500 BCE. They were Central Asian Steppe pastoralists. They spoke Sanskrit, an Indo-Aryan dialect, originating as Vedic Sanskrit as early as 1700-1200 BCE.

Brahmans identify the Vedas, meaning knowledge, as their oldest book. They represent the ancient Indo-Aryan culture of the Indian Subcontinent that began as an oral tradition. According to tradition, Vyasa is the compiler of the Vedas, who arranged the four kinds of mantras into four Samhitas.

Manusmriti is a sacred scripture attributed to Brahma, the creator, who passes it on to the first human, Manu, who passes it on to the first teacher, Bhrigu, who passes it on to other sages. Since its composition, the upper castes consider it as the foremost dharma-shastra, overshadowing all other law books.

The invaders described them as Aryans and forced the natives to accept a hierarchical system based on their ideas, which they attributed to imaginary and mythological deities and sages. For thousands of years, the natives suffered inequalities under a pseudo-religious narrative promoted by the power elites.

From time to time, people challenged the narratives perpetuated by the power elites known as Brahmans. Buddha is one of them. Buddhism developed in reaction to Brahminism. But, unfortunately, its followers paid a heavy price for their revolt.

Following the path of Buddha and many like him, hundreds and thousands of marginalized tribals, people consigned to the lowest levels of human existence, and conscientious humans responded to the call of egalitarianism introduced by Arab merchants. Islam became their religion. Most Muslims in the Indo-Pak- Bangladesh subcontinent are descendants of the early revolutionaries and visionaries; the power elites violently responded to them.

Early Indians’ quest for equality continued even after they accepted Islam. The new power elites comprised tribes and races which, at the instance of local upper caste rulers, had intervened in their disputes against each other.

Many local power elites compromised with the new power elites, perpetuating the old hierarchies and racial superiority. Some converted to the religion of the new elites. Others adapted their style of life for political expediency.

The movement of marginalized Muslims was for a dignified existence; It was a revolt against an ideology that misused the name of imaginary deities to institutionalize inequality based on birth.

The descendants of earlier Muslim Indians could not follow in the footsteps of their forefathers. They revived the old hierarchies against their creed and indulged in discrimination. The plight of Dalits and tribals is a living testimony.

Muslim Indians should proudly own the decision of their predecessors and say loudly and clearly, “Our forefathers made the right decision, and we applaud them for their revolutionary and brave act.”

An effective way to pay tribute to their ancestors is to help uplift the downtrodden. Sixty-eight percent of Indians identify themselves as members of lower castes, including 34% who are members of either Scheduled Castes (SCs) or Scheduled Tribes (STs) and 35% who are members of Other Backward Classes (OBCs) or Most Backward Classes.




  1. The first contradiction from my side to your statment- ” Imaginary Deities of Hindus” is how could you say this where Allah in Islam is equally imaginary.

    Second contradiction to your statment- “Hindu Elites responded violently to conversions” is they never did so…rather they ignored it.

    And if you say descendants should feel proud their ancestors decided to convert to Islam, then think broadly how so many indian muslims wanted separate islamic state now feel guilty of their ancestors for the creation of Pakistan. They think we would rejoice in a secular country like India where majority Hindus only could decide to keep secular essence of the nation.

    Look at muslims as a whole in the country like Pakistan as they destroyed their minority.

    Yes there are Orthodox Hindus because of whom our country has faced lots of trouble. But it’s majority secular Hindus only can press them and have always done so..ulike so called true muslims where they shut thier mouth and enjoy silently when fanatic muslims do terror activities…..we secular Hindus can decide our policy to keep secular essence of Nation by pressing Hindu fanatics…can the muslims do so to rejuvenate Pakistan?????

    • This lurch towards Hindu extremism will undo this modern Indian Empire (because this is what India is in reality). Please continue and wait for the reaction from the world when you try and execute your genocidal agenda.

  2. Rubbish. Half baked knowledge. Concocted theories.

    Varnashram was not a rigid system but was based on occupation. The system slowly degenerated to a rigid caste system, which the Indian society is fighting against since the renaissance.

    Buddhism was accepted and then resisted because people stopped working and turned to monkhood and living life on alms. This became a problem in the society. Buddha and His enlightenment were revered but fallout created problems among youth turning away from work.

    India was invaded by marauders, who forced people to convert. No one willingly turned Muslim.. This forced conversion is a 1000 -year – old history.

    Now stay happy with what your ancestors or you have accepted. ISLAM is good. All religions are good. There are a lot of imaginary stuff in every religion. It’s the philosophy that is important. The crux is to celebrate humanity and contribute to its wellbeing.

    So my dear friend don’t create social unrest by your half baked knowledge and self manufactured theories.

    • The word Varṇa ( Sanskrit: वर्ण ) appears in the Rigveda >

      where it means “COLOR, outward appearance, exterior, form, figure or shape”.

      In the Mahabharata >

      the word means “COLOR, tint, dye or pigment”.

      सूराख़•سوراخ #SANGHI_SURAKH

      • Varṇa (Sanskrit: वर्ण, romanized: varṇa), in the context of Hinduism,[1] refers to a social class within a hierarchical[2] caste system.[3][4] The ideology is epitomized in texts like Manusmriti,[1][5][6] which describes and ranks four varnas, and prescribes their occupations, requirements and duties, or Dharma.[1][7]

        Brahmins: Vedic scholars, priests or teachers.
        Kshatriyas: Rulers, administrators or warriors.
        Vaishyas: Agriculturalists, farmers or merchants.[8]
        Shudras: Artisans, laborers or servants.
        This quadruple division is a form of social stratification, quite different from the more nuanced system Jātis which correspond to the European term “caste”.[9]

      • Varṇa (Sanskrit: वर्ण, romanized: varṇa), in the context of Hinduism,[1] refers to a social class within a hierarchical[2] caste system.[3][4] The ideology is epitomized in texts like Manusmriti,[1][5][6] which describes and ranks four varnas, and prescribes their occupations, requirements and duties, or Dharma.[1][7]

        Brahmins: Vedic scholars, priests or teachers.
        Kshatriyas: Rulers, administrators or warriors.
        Vaishyas: Agriculturalists, farmers or merchants.[8]
        Shudras: Artisans, laborers or servants.
        This quadruple division is a form of social stratification, quite different from the more nuanced system Jātis which correspond to the European term “caste”.[9]

      • Varna means color, order or class and was a framework for grouping people into classes, first used in Vedic Indian society

  3. Complete Bullshit from follower of a Bullshit of a cult allegedly called religion of peace ….. these good for nothing religious Zealots can’t even give equality to their own wives n daughters then how can they give same to others … nobody likes them more than a shit in whole world…. they are thankless bastards whom Indians not only allowed to stay on after partition on religious lines but also gave them equal rights…. but do these fanatics deserve even an iota of such compassion… well the answer is a big NO

    • “these good for nothing religious Zealots can’t even give equality to their own wives n daughters”
      #anon_he_mouse may squeak, but the #TRUTH_HURTS_HINDUTVA .

      The hatred begins in the womb, #INDIAN_FOETICIDE is self-evident.

      Recent Figures >
      Pagan Indics % of India’s total population = 79.8 & % of missing girls = 86.7
      Muslim Indians % of India’s total population = 14.2 & % of missing girls = 6.6

      In contrast to the misogynist pagans, our beloved Prophet sallalahu alaihi was-salam taught the contrary & the idolators despised the number of happy young girls playing as a sign of weakness.


      Hindu Girl Priya Accepted Islam In Oman By Dr Zakir Naik ;-p



  4. This is false.. most have been forcefully converted to Islam. Either with threat of rape of their wife, daughter or mother. Or either of threat to kill them ,butcher them mercilessly. They butchered lacs of people and in fear most accepted Islam.
    Today when they have to comeback of thousand year of embarrassment of accepting Islam you are giving them these false and absurd narrative. Just to protect your fake Islam.

    • Don’t talk garbage. People like you are the Hindu equivalent of ISIS. The narrative that you are parroting has been created to provide an excuse to commit genocide against Muslims in India, but try it and see how the Muslim world responds. Heck you lot can’t even deal with Pakistan and rely on the Sikhs to protect the lands that the British handed over to you… let’s see how long your country lasts when you promote injustice.

  5. The Aryan invasion theory has been disputed. In fact, several communities of Inidans migrated to India after persecution by Christians earlier and by Muslim invaders later. This is well documented in the community archives.
    Parsis migrated to India from Persia, after Muslim inavders converted most and those who didn’t want to convert had no option but to leave. The same story was repeated in Kashmir in 1990. And even today, in most parts of Pakistan, its still being perpetrated, with young Hindu girls being kidnapped and converted and married off to Muslims. That’s the Truth the author wants to gloss over with this misleading article.

    • “Parsis migrated to India from Persia, after Muslim inavders converted most and those who didn’t want to convert had no option but to leave. The same story was repeated in Kashmir in 1990.” >

      Which “invaders” repeated either of your stories in 1990? #GOEBBELS_GODSE_BHAKTS

      “Former R&AW chief A.S. Dulat, while commenting on the recently released Vivek Agnihotri directorial film, The Kashmir Files, has said that he doesn’t intend to watch it.”

      “I don’t see propaganda. And it is a #PROPAGANDA_MOVIE,” he said.
      “Many Pandits who chose to stay behind were protected by Muslims in 1990s. Many Kashmiri Pandit families did stay back. Even after the abrogation of Article 370, the Pandits have not been targeted,” Dulat said.

      How many Kashmiri Pandits were killed in the conflict? In conversations around The Kashmir Files, the figure has hovered around 4,000, although the most recent figures provided by the region’s police department put it at 89.


  6. Then you should be proud and leave India and go to Pakistan because you pisslamic vultures took it in name of religion, why are you still in India?

    • Is this how you are taught to speak and behave in your religion? You and those of your Hindu co-religionists on this message board who employ similar language come across as low-level individuals with zero manners or class.

      As for leaving India, why should they? Pakistan was created to prevent people like you abusing the Muslims of India, but unfortunately it is no where near the size it should be to accommodate the full population of Muslims so they must make do and live alongside bigots like you. However, what is done is done and I believe that the people of India should live together in peace and indeed there should be peace with Pakistan too as we have a lot in common. However, should you think that you can mistreat and attempt genocide against the Muslims of India, then be warned that we (Muslims from around the world) will not rest until justice is achieved and your country will not survive this struggle. Your choice. Do you want peaceful and respectful coexistence or not?

    • Those MUSLIMS who wanted free Muslim majority land obviously got some of it by natural justice, BUT STILL a lot remained under ILLEGAL Indian occupation, which remains to be liberated.

      On the contrary, the Indian Muslims trusted their fellow citizens & especially the secular “Hindu” majority led by #GANDHI_Father_of_Indian_nation, so naturally ONLY India is their legitimate homeland. As stated often, their ancestry is from the pre-ARYAN speaking “sons of the soil” thus #HINDUTVA_HITLER_ADMIRERS can either refrain from treacherous #GODSE_BHAKT_DESH_DROHIS or go to the #HINDU_RASHTRA_NEPAL ?

      Why are you still in #SECULAR_INDIA #Satanic_Dhrama_Bazi ?

      विधि, “injunction”, so act accordingly or are you a #HINDUTVA_HYPOCRITE ?

  7. Idiots, your ancestors were forced to embrace Islam. All were either forced convert or born out of rape.

    This predator religion has nothing of its own. It snatches everything from others.

    • Is this how you are taught to speak and behave in your religion? You and those of your Hindu co-religionists on this message board who employ similar language come across as low-level individuals with zero manners or class.

  8. Riddled with inaccuracies. Santana Dharma is thousands if not millions of yrs old since it has no beginning or end. The Aryan Invasion theory has been soundly debunked. Anyone who was noble & sought knowledge over worldly acquisition was a Brahmin. They were in fact often the poorest in society. Read up about various Shudra Kings.

    • “Riddled with inaccuracies.” > Yes, your comment is.

      “Santana Dharma is thousands if not millions of yrs old since it has no beginning or end.” > #SANTA_BANTA ? Make your mind up, is it thousands or millions? If so, it cannot be without beginning nor end, can it? ;-P


  9. Embrace it but improve it as there is lot of space equality is good but in pt of same religion then it’s an issue . Seriously ,talking about invasion is joke if you look into history of Islam .Just look into history of Khalifat how much they live n how were they removed or killed clear lot of misconceptions

  10. Your beginning is as accurate as is the humanity in Islam. Ancestors if Indian Muslims are proud that their ancestors were flogged, decapitated, humiliated, so much that they agreed to convert. No diff from the difference between Meccan Islam and Madina Islam.
    Basically ArBs call you Abdi! And you attest to thet

  11. I am proud of my forefathers who countiued to follow the sanatan dharma although beging lower caste against all odds of forced conversions and conversion for monetary gain. Because we you follow right path with pride no one can deviate you. Those who converted are cowards or opportunist. This is what most hindus who converted.

    • “And when it is said to them, “Follow what Allah has revealed,” they say, “Rather, we will follow that upon which we found our fathers.” Even if Satan was inviting them to the punishment of the Blaze?”
      Quran Surah Luqman, Ayah 21

      “Verily, the vilest of all creatures in the sight of God are those deaf, those dumb ones who do not use their intellect.”
      Quran; Surah Al Anfal, Ayah 22

    • Rajesh रायता > Sadly your knowledge of English is as weak as your history.

      The self-proclaimed lower caste origins would regrettably tally with being historically hobbled by Hindutva, unable to crawl up from the gutter, into the ranks of those who indulge in a higher class of #BABUISMS .

      “A Shudra is unfit of receive education. The upper varnas should not impart education or give advice to a Shudra. It is not necessary that the Shudra should know the laws and codes and hence need not be taught. Violators will go to as amrita HELL. [Manu IV-78 to 81]”
      Is this correct?


  12. Vaavh, fantastic narrative by the person who wrote the article, even when I was studying in college we were misled and misguided to believe in the BS propoganda of commies and islams, since a 100 yrs peddling lies.This guy is so much concerned about equality, how equal are women in islam, can he ask that,he will have no answer for that. There is still caste always identified even in Muslims, why is that. The same cr@p, Buddhism being wiped out by upper caste was also mentioned by a quite a senior professor when we were in college 20yrs ago,and we always felt it was not at all convincing and contrary to the situation.

  13. First of all the Aryan invasion theory has been disproved and that too scientifically using genetic research and data .
    Second you have not mentioned about how the Islamic invasion took place and the loot and plunder and destruction by the likes of Ghori ,Ghazni Timur Abdali , The conversion by Tipu Sultan etc etc
    Time for ur propaganda is over people now a days know the truth

  14. Perfectly fine. You are proud of what your ancestors did some hundreds of years back. Those same ancestors chose to create Pakistan, so why don’t you respect their wishes and go there? You got your share, so why stay here as pests that you are?

    • Pakistan was meant to be the home of Indian Muslims to protect them from the likes of you. I am of Pakistani origin and used to think that it might have been better for India to have been united as Pakistan was never given sufficient land in order to accomodate the Indian Muslim population. However, Jinnah has been proven correct after the rise of Hindutva and religious fanaticism in India.

      Your present government is basically fascist and undemocratic and is seeking to incite a genocide… Muslims around the world are watching your behaviour and if you cannot even deal with Pakistan (a corrupt military state) then what chance do you have if you incur the ire of the Muslim world? Be careful what you wish for…

  15. Truth is your ancestors got converted as they could not withstand the atrocities and mayhem caused by Muslim invaders …Now all attempts at white washing the Sins of the Invaders will not hold.

    • Why don’t you actually study history instead of the Hindutva propaganda that masquerades as history? If Muslim rulers of India had wanted, they could have converted your ancestors easily and you would not be called “Shiv” that is for certain. Go and look at Europe and how they dealt with any religion other than Christianity until modern times. Muslims could have done the same with India, but Islam prohibits this.

  16. The stupidest piece of s**t I have ever read on the Internet. How can you call the deities of other religions as imaginary? There are countless evidences compiled in our Vedas and Upanishads, verified by countless people, many of which are present in physical form even today.. When others say the same about your lifeless, formless God you cry foul. The worst can be said about characterless entities of your religion. So, you better stay in your limits!

    PS: Your ancestors were cowards that is why they embraced Evil Desert Cult

  17. You are not at all correct in your presentation.i presume the culprit is your educational qualification ..you have been brain washed ..hence you are blind to the original facts and truths ..may God save you from the clutches of rotten ideas

    • #Gopinath_Gaslighter

      “Katyayana lays down that if a Shudra over heard the Veda or ventured to utter a word of the Veda, the king shall cut his tongue in twain and pour hot molten lead in his ear.”


  18. Your ancestors had no choice convertee. They were raped, brutally assaulted, murdered and forced to convert. Given half a choice they would not have converted. No wonder you people feel cheated and victimised all the time. That is in your DNA

  19. Deleted my comment, didn’t you?? That’s why I wrote “your ancestors were cowards.” You cannot withstand a single reply that stands on fact and does not suit your agenda. You can only badmouth over Internet, write ugly things about other religions and run away. Now, delete this as well and prove me right!!

  20. Hey abdulla… So b proud … Don’t preach how to take of our ews, Dalits… etc… The present govt dispensation is more than capable for this. We know u hv a eye on them .
    It vl strictly better if u mind yr own business Don’t comment fleetingly abt our deities.. I r out of yr league & not qualified
    Pl b careful when u utter anything abt my dharma : its origin blah blah.
    Hope u vl not… U r worried abt gazwa e hind? Never going to happen those who r day dreaming vl b annihilated

  21. Jhoot mat failao…. Pahli baat to dalit ,Jain,Sikh jise tum bol rahe ho vo sbhi Hindu sanatan dharma k anag hain .. samjhe
    Aur mugal atyachariyon k vanshajon ne Desh ka beda garak kar rkha hai.

  22. Aryan invasion is fake looks like your mentality is pre-independence pls stop this nonsense diving Indians based on race there is only one race in India that’s Indian.

  23. There is no scientific evidence of the aryan invasion theory.

    At the time of brits coming to india more states were ruled by what you call lower caste individuals than higher caste individuals. Which proves that the nonesense that you are porpogating is just that propoganda, to benefit you or maybe make you feel less threatened about your identity.

    You should be horrified as a muslim, that your ancestors were CONVERTED FORCEFULLY at the sword and not of kindness or fight against descrimination.

    Do not misguide people and increase hatred. Stop taking advantage of vulnerable people.

  24. Dr. Assam, Muslims doesn’t have divisions based on their origins or beliefs? What is Sunni n Shias all about? If you are saying accepting Islam has given equality, then, what is Wahabis, Wakame, Aga Khan, ideology all about?

    Please face the mirror first prior to showing it to someone else.

  25. Dr. Assam, Muslims doesn’t have divisions based on their origins or beliefs? What is Sunni n Shias all about? If you are saying accepting Islam has given equality, then, what is Wahabis, Wakame, Aga Khan, ideology all about?

    Please face the mirror first prior to showing it to someone else.

  26. Indian history is replete with biographies and autobiography of islamic invaders who proudly proclaim how they raped, killed and converted hindus whereas you won’t find any islamic preacher. So muslim of india are proud that their ancestors were raped, killed and converted.

  27. Aryan inavsiin theory was nullified by ecperts a while back. It was a hoax created to misguide people.
    The least you can do is to Google about it.

  28. Aryan inavsion theory was nullified by experts a while back. It was a hoax created to misguide people.
    The least you can do is to Google about it.

  29. As if your kind had a choice. Your ancestors wereconverted through rape and sword. And now you are proud of your ancestors getting raped and butchered. Jai Indian muslims.lol

    • “IF Islam spread through violence and warfare, the Muslim community today in India would exist ONLY in the areas CLOSEST to the rest of the Muslim world. Thus only the WESTERN part of the subcontinent would have any Muslim population at all. What we see instead is pockets of Islam throughout the subcontinent. For example, #BANGLADESH and its 150 million Muslims are in the FAR EAST, separated from other Muslim-majority areas by Hindu lands in India.

      Isolated communities of Muslims also exist in western Myanmar, central India, and eastern Sri Lanka. These communities of Muslims are proof of Islam spreading peacefully throughout India, regardless of whether or not a Muslim government existed there. If Islam spread by force as some claim, these communities of Muslims would NOT exist.”


      #AMBEDKAR “says that the history of India before the Muslim invasions is the history of a mortal conflict between Brahmanism and Buddhism.”



  30. Muslims of India (+90%) had voted for Pakistan in Provincial Assembly Election held in 1946 but majority stayed back. Why? Only Two reasons, either they were misguided or intended to create more Pakistans. In either case, their ancestors shall tender unconditional apology for the sin their forefathers committed to Bharat (that is India) else leave India.

    • #Brijesh_Barthwal_calls_for_GENOCIDAL_Ethnic_Cleansing .

      Such a lack of logic & the emotive outburst is testament to the mind-numbing effects of #HINDUTVIRUS.


  31. This whole theory of Aryan coming from outside is wrong.
    No Saint or Hindu scholars have approved this theory.
    Vedas belong to Sanatan, Sanatan is pride of Bharat khand which stretched far and wide that time than today’s India

    • #Brahmin_GENETICS_do_not_LIE
      “Y-DNA genetic evidence reveals several DIFFERENT ancient origins in the Brahmin population David G Mahal
      The ancient geographical origins of Brahmins-a prominent ethnic group in the Indian subcontinent-have remained controversial for a long time. This study employed the AMOVA (analysis of molecular variance) test to evaluate genetic affinities of this group with 30 populations of Central Asia and Europe. A domestic comparison was performed with 50 non-Brahmin groups in India.

      The results showed that Brahmins had genetic affinities with several FOREIGN populations and also shared their genetic heritage with several domestic non-Brahmin groups. The study identified the deep ancient origins of Brahmins by tracing their Y-chromosome haplogroups and genetic markers on the Y-DNA phylogenetic tree. It was confirmed that the progenitors of this group emerged from at least 12 DIFFERENT GEOGRAPHIC REGIONS of the world. The study concluded that about 83% of the Brahmins in the dataset belonged to 4 major haplogroups, of which 2 emerged from CENTRAL ASIA, 1 from the Fertile Crescent (MIDDLE EAST), and ONE was of an indigenous Indian origin.”


  32. Carrying half baked Information and spreading it is dangerous. People did not embrace Islam in India but most forced. Out of fear and compulsion by the rulers people changed.
    All the other things about Dravidian and Aryan theories were proved to be wrong. Migrations across geographies happen all the time for livelihood. That’s not invasion. Invasions were by barbarians from the west. These are recorded. Stop presenting false narratives.

  33. #India_is_becoming_a_fascist_ECHO_CHAMBER

    Within the relatively “freer” world e.g. West, the venerable trend of sub-continental pagans reverting to Islam voluntarily continues apace.

    Devout Hindu Past 500 Years His Ancestors Were Hindu Priests Reverts To Islam

    Within my obviously personal experience at university, just from memory, two siblings both studying medicine reverted to Islam.

  34. The comments and the reaction are a living testimony of lunatically held hatred against those Indians who rejected soanatan dharma for institutionalizing inequalities in the name of God. It’s the most reprehensible crime against the creator. The presence of the majority of Indians who according to the upper caste held belief came into being from the lower part of a deity is against all norms of humanity and religion. Check your facts and learn how to develop an argument. The days caste based hierarchy are over. INDIANS will no longer accept inequalities.

  35. God created humanity; God has created nations, tribes, languages & color among humans to recognize & respect one another. The religion based & caste based hierarchy are to end every where.

  36. The violent reactions of Hindutva extremists on this message board is a testament to their blind hatred of others. These people elevated cows and rats over their fellow human beings and their claim to be peaceful is laughable in the light of pogroms against minorities in India. They are the ideological brethren of the ones who murdered Mahatma Gandhi and are happy to consign millions of their fellow citizens to second and third class status as this is what the Hindu caste system teaches.

    • Caste system among South Asian Muslims:
      1. Ashraf (High caste)
      2. Azlaf (Commoners)
      3. Arzals ( Equivalent of Dalit)
      You are blaming Hindus for caste system but you are still following caste system in South Asia even after embracing Islam. Varna system is different than caste system. Caste system came from Portuguese word casta. Search on Wikipedia

  37. Even the name Hindu comes from the Arabic root “Al Hind” which only means Indian. It has been used in religious and cultural connotation by Mughals. Hinduism with its name and core morals derived from Islam has been created by Mughals, something which now Indo Aryans (dont call them Hindus per se) desperately try to claim. Only contribution Indo Aryans have made is the caste system, beef lynching, temple erotica and other pagan elements which they are trying to associate with Hinduism, but which even the Indo Aryan general public keep themselves away from.

  38. After reading this garbage Islamic madarsha chhap article now I feel that RSS-BJP is doing really good by showing you the real place in India. Good job RSS carry on

  39. Search Caste system among South Asian Muslims. Why South Asian Muslims still follow caste system if they embrace Islam for equality. Ashraf (High caste), Azlaf (Commoners), Arzals (Despicable equivalent of Dalit)

    • South Asian Muslims do not follow the #MANUVADI_VARNA_APARTHEID system.

      “Caste” (race, lineage, breed) is a misleading descriptor which was used by one set of European colonizers (Portuguese) & became ever more intricate at the hands of the British, until it was institutionalised & expanded, with the assistance of Brahmins in a bureaucratic Anglo-Sanskrit nightmare.
      The Caste System transmogrified into a dual system incorporating the original pagan #VARNA_COLOR_APARTHEID system (colour/form) alongside a more flexible JATI (tribe) who often had inherited social roles e.g. occupation.

      Many societies throughout the world have had occupation based hierarchies e.g. modern CLASS SYSTEM in the West, which is much more fluid & allows relatively easy movement e.g. Black Africans in the US can reach high occupational roles.

      The Indian Muslim “Caste” system if it exists, which it has not universally, is the JATI system linked to the socio-economic historical hierarchy NOT the APARTHEID VARNA system.

      There has been movement based on MERIT & TALENT, commoners rose to the highest levels as they contributed more. A whole class of petty Lords MIYAN & BEGUMS arose & fell, along with the fortunes of the rulers.

      Naturally, as in all MERIT based systems, not everyone can gain a 1st class Degree.

      Those DALITS historically crushed by the MANUVADI VARNA system could not compete on an equal footing due to being sequestered from the routes to advancement e.g. education.

      So naturally, the foreign conquerors had the greatest opportunities, next the talented locals & last the most uncompetitive natives.

      There is no TABOO in the bed chamber, dining table or in the Masjid. All that remains are history based claims to socio-economic prestige.

      With the tumult of loss of power, barriers broke down even further, especially in those regions closest to interactions with the the #EGALITARIAN_MUSLIM_UMMAH e.g. coastal Kerala where sailors had a SINDBAD THE SAILOR existence. There have been many “SLAVE” DYNASTIES in Islamic history.

      However, after the fall of Muslim rule, BRAHMIN & BRITISH BUREAUCRACY led to the fossilisation of opportunities.

      Now, the politics of CASTE RESERVATION & HINDUTVADI CHANAYAKGIRI has led to the NEOLOGISM of PASMANDA Muslims e.g. Uttar Pradesh. The RSS may pit the socio-economic weak majority against the remaining stronger minority for ELECTORAL CALCULUS.
      Just like the “VANVASIS” (really ADIVASIS) of JHARKHAND, the filthy lucre will accrue to #ADANI_SCAM & wider Jain community. Obviously temporarily useful QUISLING MIR JAFARS will get a few scraps for a short period off the Master’s table.

      To the common man on the street, away from the #BIMARU_HELLHOLE , the first hearing of Ashraf to Arzals is from NON-MUSLIMS, highlighting its #ASTROTURF essential nature, imposed by NON-MUSLIMS.

      In wider South Asia, such as PAKISTAN & BANGLADESH, the British JATI CASTE exists loosely on paper, but there is even more EGALITY of regional concentrated opportunity than #BACKWARD_BHARAT.

  40. Self-proclaimed “Intellectual”
    If this character is representative of Indians, then #CHURIDAR really must have a degree?

    Naturally , one would expect such a person befitting the noun to possess or show intellect or mental capacity, especially to a high degree.

    Let us examine this claim from the demonstrable evidence.

    Does he choose a language that he is proficient in & thus able to communicate effectively?

    Answer: No. He chooses to write in English, in which he is weak.
    Furthermore, he incorrectly transliterates the common Indo-Persian Arabic derived word as “madarsha,” & so compounds the crime of #BHARATI_BABOOISM .

    Does he present a logical rebuttal?

    Answer: No. All he does is give an emotive opinion devoid of substance. (“I feel” – Your #feelings_are_NOT_FACTS )


    If he studies, he may advance to the comedic capers of the “Processor” in the African video >




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