We have lost Kashmir, Army only reason it is still forcibly with us: Yashwant Sinha

Yashwant Sinha, former finance India minister.

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi ; In a shocking admission,former finance min­ister and BJP rebel leader, Yas­hwant Sinha, has said that Gov­ernment of India (GoI) has been “quelling rebellion” in Kashmir by the use of force.


In an interactive session with a New Delhi based news portal, Yashwant said that he got this impression after his two visits to Kashmir during which he had a discussion with a senior government functionary on Kashmir situation.

“I was told there is a doctrine state—Machiavelli, Chankaya, Metternich. Everybody has a doctrine of state. So we have a doctrine of state also, and that doctrine is use force to quell any rebellion”, he said without naming the official he met. “So they are using force.”

Yashwant added, “All the visits I made to Jammu and to the val­ley, I have travelled around. I was not confined to one place. I told you how the Nepalese hate In­dia. But the hatred in the minds of the people of the valley is far stronger than that in Nepal.”

Former Minister who is a track-II player in Kashmir also said that the GoI has “ ruined relationship with the people of Jammu and Kashmir, especially the Kashmir valley”.

“I don’t know how much time it is going to take for that (the relationship) to be repaired. And I also like to tell you, and I am proud to say this that one person who is still respected in Jammu and Kashmir is Atal Bi­hari Vajpeyee. He followed the policy of Insaniyat, not of force.”

“After the person in govern­ment told me that use of force is a state policy I stood up and told him Nameste”, Sinha said. He decried that “we have made mistake after mistake as for as our policy on Jammu and Kash­mir is concerned”.

He said that the current gov­ernment believes only in use of force “to solve problems, not consensus, not democracy, not Insaniyat but sheer use of brutal force to kill as many as you can.”

“What happened in Pulwama recently?” he asked, adding, “Do you think that it adds to the glo­ry of Indian state in the minds of the people of Kashmir.”

“We are losing Jammu and Kashmir”, he said. “We have lost. There is no question of losing. We hold on to Jammu and Kashmir only by dint of the fact that we have our armed forces there,” he added.

(With ONS Inputs)


  1. The truest post I ever read that is fully confirmed by other objectively reliable sources of CIA, European, and other experts. It is just like USSR in Afghanistan, the US in both Iraq and Afghanistan, KSA in Yemen +++.

  2. It is true as I have also felt it during my social services. The highest think tank shall ponder upon what Sinha sb has observed.

  3. These are the promptings of his conscience which surprisingly is still alive despite being in conscienceless Brutal Jatiyawadi Party. Mr. You need to reprent having been part of RSS driven BJP.

    • Later is better than never. Try to build friendship, brotherhood, not ‘eternal’ animosity. I am for Yashwant S., not his biological son, who must be packing to bring back his family back to the Boston area in a multi-million $ residential mansion. People like him (NRIs) minting $$$ globally and financing the BJP-RSS-type organizations in non-British India mostly meant for dynasties of various shades of ‘Hindutva’. Before questioning my reply, please study the results of centrally produced reports under Shastri (Zakaria), Indira (Gopal), and Dr. Singh (Sachar). This was sheer majoritarianism then (for 70+ yrs), as it is NOW, under…..

  4. Definately ur opinion is right and an other main thing which is coming in the youth of peer panjal and chenab velley people also start supporting the people of valley it is a metter of concern for the govt. Of india only two district supporting the india govt is jammu and kathua just 50 percent population of these two district these all thing happening due to the policy if present govt

  5. Atalji followed policy of “Insaniyat” but still Kashmir problem was not solved.. in fact India had to face Kargil war. It proves that Kashmir problem is not because of India stand.. the problem because of Pakistan sending terrorists & local Kashmiris who support terrorism.. these elements do not want peace in Kashmir.
    I know that Indian muslims although do not directly say but they want Kashmir as a free nation. This is not possible because Kashmir is a holy place for Hindus and Hindus are not in the position to give single inch of its land to muslims. Hence, if any muslim has Kashmir solution considering its an integral part of India then he is welcome!!!

    • Dear brother think in a positive way, ys u r right dat Kashmir iz a holy place for u people….U r welcm here but we demand fr our Rights#freedom ## independence####

    • Kashmir was a holy place before partition when she was a separate country and still is for those who never conspired against her. Which hindus are you talking about? The ones who left it as part of a conspiracy to support the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri muslims or the ones who actually performed the act.

    • Less knowledge is dangerous, update yourself, and come to Kashmir and stay here for six months as a kashmiri, I bet you will chant hum kya chathay. If not we will be integral part of you.

    • if u read history,kashmir was a country and not a state,sheikh mohd. abdullah bought Indian forces to kmr. only for the purpose to drive out the kabailis from this land of peace, but in turn what india gave was brutal n forceful occupation bcz kashmir had no military power of its own,n if it was so we would have thrown these black dogs out of this heaven…..Son of Kashmir…..

  6. No kashmiri was against till the people representing India startedminting money and projecting kashmiri as terrorist.
    The real face of Indian system of governance got damaged by it’s own people who were brought in show people of state love are development every hand in authority twisted system to erode the system of law send a very wrong signal that g o I need land not kashmiri.

  7. Why are we not considering that the condition of the Muslims remaining in the mainland is not hidden anymore? Its own central govt reports from Shastri to Singh have consistently reported the worsening of their predicament. They have been worse off than Dalits. I don’t know how do they compare with other disadvantaged Adivasis, forest dwellers. Justice to ALL. Cruelty to NONE. It should improve and be appealing.

  8. This guy has no credibility left. He is just vindictive and badmouthing for political gains. Whatever he says is just shit and has no value. Not only his party but his own son has also disowned him. Poor chap !

  9. God bless Shri Yashwant Sinha for finally speaking the truth!
    Simple Kashmiri people can be won over only by Love and basic Humanity/Insaniyat/Kasmiriyat!
    Common sense is most uncommon!

    Gandhiji said ….
    “Hate begets hate” and
    ” An eye for an eye will leave the whole work blind!”
    May Allah give us Indians wise leaders who are God-fearing, fair, sincere and non-corrupt!

  10. What if Muslim start pelting stone in Delhi, Aligarh, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai.. few killing by security forces and then Azadi to all these town.

    Shopian, Pulwama, Tral and Siri Nagar… these are Muslims districts asking for Azadi. A separate Muslim Jihadist Country for these districts.

    Muslim have never been with India not pre 1947 and not after 1947. Muslims remained Muslim and Hindus became Secular, Liberal, bleeding Hearts.

  11. Till such time India takes Pakistan as no party , situation in Kashmir will never improve,if India maintains friendly relations with Pakistan ,Kashmir issue will be solved so easily,People in Kashmir have extreme bent towards Pakistan,once political will is utilised from both sides,Kashmir can no problem in sub-continent and hence people shall live in peace.

  12. Why are you taking now?this does not make any sense,why now.why didn’t you came up with these results earlier when it was your time and it was your duty to tell the truth about the situation that was going on there and you have been send there to check the situation?
    So we dont give a f*** about how you feel now.

  13. Kashmeri abuse India because we were never treated like humans we were always treated like traitors or terrorists. 24hours 365days we live under the watch of security forces tight surveillance, karfew is so common, mobile networks suspended, we can’t roam in street freely, we can be picked up from anywhere beaten or even killed on mere suspicion…

    If you experience this you will also hate and abuse the state..

    We hate the govt or security personnel……we are in pain and you should understand that….

    • Give up stones and pick up books. Pakistan is giving you weapons not for your cause, but their own cause. You should understand that. They plan to include you in their country. They have no interest in your so called azadi.
      If India was not there, you guys would have been eliminated in 1948 itself. The kabailies who came in were there just to plunder and kill you guys. Understand this.

  14. For Ulema and believers, today’s main religious duty is to maintain calm and peace and participate in the constitutional democratic process of national elections with all 100% strength to defeat the evil Savarna EVM fascist forces.
    Also encourage and bring our neighbours from Dalit-Bahujan, Hindu and minorities to come for casting their precious votes to ensure a fairly elected democratic government which will give equal opportunity to all citizens without playing hate-brigade “divide and rule” policy of Savarna bosses!

    Ensure 100% voting in elections for removing fascist forces and equal opportunity for minorities and Dalits too!
    Google youtube
    ” Dhruv Rathee how to vote”
    For info on how to get voter id for citizens, NRI and army officers at other locations.
    Google youtube
    “Mayavati ne Waman Meshram sahab ko kya kahaa?”
    For Dalit-Muslim-OBC-Minorites unity on removing Savarna EVMs from Indian elections!


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