“We must stop granting visa to Hindus,” says Kuwaiti lawyer Alshrika


Director of the Center for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law in Kuwait, Mujeel Alshrika, on Sunday said that the country “must stop granting visas to Hindu Indians.”

Alshrika made these comments amid growing violence against Muslims in the country.


“Unspeakable brutality is happening to our Muslim brothers in India at the hands of the Hindu extremist war gang RSS,This criminal terrorist group and its followers in Kuwait and the Gulf seek to destroy Islam. We must stop granting visas to Hindu Indians because they threaten us,” he said in a tweet.

“The witnesses and proofs of Hindutva state terrorism on Indian Muslims are emerging from every corner of India. This one is the most heinous cruelty of the ruling Hindu extremists of BJP/RSS. Muslim nations must act now so should the UN,” he said in another tweet.

Earlier, on October 1, Members of the Kuwaiti National Assembly condemned the “atrocities committed by the Indian authorities and Hindu extremist groups against the Muslim community”.

“In the wake of the wave of violence and discrimination committed against Indian Muslims, including killing, displacement and burning, the lawmakers stand in solidarity with Muslims in India,” they said.

They called on international, humanitarian, human rights and Islamic organizations to immediately work to stop ‘the Indian authorities’ actions and restore security to Indian Muslims”.


  1. ” Director of the Center for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law in Kuwait ”
    Even if he would have been from an imperfect democracy like Bangladesh or Indonesia, people can maybe believe him.
    But a country which mistreats it’s expats and workers, has no free and independent media outlets, has an official state religion ( Sunni Islam even discriminating against Shias ), allows rapists to escape by forcefully marrying victims and still condones honour killings should look into it’s own mirror first.
    And then lecture us about human rights, violence and discrimination.

    Of course, even these noises are low-level and reactionary, as the Emir knows people at home will ask for democracy first rather than rambling about someone else

      • If all muslims left from Europe, America’s and from india, these countries would also be too peacful and prosperous.
        But kuffars are not as radical and selfish as muslims to do such.
        We believe in live and let live.

        • Lying yet again in your delusional Hindu gutter monkey mindset, maggoty kalia. You are filthy, extremist terrorist liars who no place in the civilized world. Hindus don’t believ in “live and let live, ” you haram khors believe in hatred and conflict. Hindus have not been able to live in peace even with themselves for thousands of years. Muslims are peaceful and prosperous unlike Hindus who are bhikaris willing to rent their mothers out to get a visa to work in any Muslim country.

          99% of Hindus are dying to leave India and clean toilets in Muslim countries. Why?
          Why are Hindu so desperate to leave bhangi mata?
          Why are Hindus begging Muslim nations for oxygen?
          Why are Hindus selling their gau mata for Muslims to eat?

          Unlike Hindus who bring nothing but backwardness, filth and corruption due to their pen1s worshipping Brahmin death cult, Muslims make things better wherever we go. We made India great putting it on the world map. Hindus turned India into a fascist RSS sh1thole. Hindus are two face hypocritical bastards who can never be trusted. It’s only a matter of common sense for Muslims to respond to Hindu terrorism by kicking all of them out for permanent ghar wapsi back to bhangi mata. All Hindu temples should be demolished as well. Lets see how these chimpanzee worshipping Hindus like a taste of their own medicine…

          • Have you ever seen Hindus or RSS doing these things like Radical Islamist Sunni Muslims do often –

            1) stoning women for adultery,
            2) Killing the Gays,
            3) killing the non-believers ( kafirs ),
            4) Doing ethnic cleansing to build an Islamic caliphate where non muslims will not have freedom of speech and have to live under sharia i.e islamic rule
            5) chopping off the hands for stealing
            6) Blasphemy laws to circumvent freedom of speech.

            If you have not seen RSS doing these things then RSS is not ISIS or anything like Sunni Islamist terrorism. Any Yezidi child and girl can tell you that RSS is not ISIS.? Hence RSS is not like Sunni Islamic radical Terrorism. Sunni Islamist terrorists cannot even stand Shia muslims and Ahamdiya in Pakistan and in Middle East.

          • Muslims have occupied historic 10000 year old Hindu lands (as in Pakistan, Kashmir, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia) why dont you go back to the land of your arab and turkish anchestors if you dont like India. Then Hindus will not come to the land of your anchestors if you stop occupying Hindu lands.

          • Do not Confuse, Pakistani muslim toilet cleaners for Hindus or Indians.
            Do not Confuse, Bangladeshi muslim toilet cleaners for Hindus or Indians.
            Do not Confuse, Bangladeshi and Pakistani camel Jockeys for Hindus or Indians.
            Hindus are entrepreneurs they can go to any country they will become rich, but if Hindus will leave then who will feed you. Who will pay Jizya tax as High electric Bills to subsidize you own local muslim bills. Who will pay Jizya tax as High Rents to feed your muslim arabs. Be careful what you ask for may be god will hear you and do what you demand. Indians dont need arabs rather Arabs need Indians to survive. Arabs could not feed themselves without the Hindus and they cannot clean own toilets with the muslims of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

          • If you really interested in Humanity you need to reflect with actions, Modi and India did exactly that. During corona virus India a Hindu majority nation is the only country in the world to give free corona vaccines to neighbors and poor no other rich nation Christian or Muslim nation gave contributions for free vaccines to UNO, everyone promised but nobody gave this is reality. This is why true humanity cannot be understood with Abrahamic religions. On dharmic religions can provide compassionate solutions for humanity. The free vaccines Muslim nation Pakistan received and Christian Ghana received via UNO were also from India not from any other Muslim or Christian nations contribution. Our Indian tax payer paid for these free vaccines to your nations. While muslims and chrsitian nations were busy hoarding vaccines for themselves, only the hindu nation India was sending vaccines to poorest nations, even Pakistan got vaccine from UNO due tot he sole donor India of vaccines for poor nations.
            I am again and again providing real examples these are not propaganda but real facts. During this pandemic India is the only nation which donated 1.6 crore free vaccines to poor nations, friendly nations and neighbors, many of their are muslim majority nations.
            When abrahmic religions give vaccines to poor nations they give them in exchange for benefits like military bases. Just like American/ British/Canadian companies Pfizer asked Argentina and other nations to provide military bases in exchange for vaccine. Dharmic religions dont take advantage of you bad situation.
            I want to ask Pakistani chutiyas how many free vaccines you got from your masters china.

          • India is destined to become 5 trillion economy it is Muslim nations who are begging to be part of it they want BJP to relax rules to allow investments in the india growth story. Now Arabs and Muslims want to come to clean Indian Toilets, we seen how much Pakistanis cricketers are desperate to work in IPL. We seen how India is paying salary of Pakistani cricket board.

          • I guess u r a pakistani? That kind of explains your perverted criminal views.It is muslims who invaded our beautiful country, looted,killed, raped and enslaved.Before calling the muslims rich take a look at african muslim states.Of u can look at pakistan as a classic example.If muslims could live peacefully with each other then shia-sunni clashes wouldn’t hv happened. Oh, i forgot the ahmedias.During covid India supplied vaccine to other countries including muslim ones.Whether we worship ling or hanuman is our business not yours.As for selling off women, its muslim afghans who r doing that in an islamic country. If Hindus brought backwardness with them , then Satya nadella, sundar pichai,parag agarwal wouldn’t hv been the Ceos of world’s most reputed organizations.Just another reminder ,many arabs migrate to the west every year just like Indians.Finally, the issue of temple destruction, we the Hindus hv been getting a taste of that medicine for 1000 years.Now its your turn.
            Hopefully this reply serves as an antidote of all your the poison you keep spewing revealing your venomous self.

          • So basically, you are trying to say that you are a pakistani & you are frustrated..!!!!

            Let Me cheer you up with a joke:
            A Popular Joke In The Literary Circles Run As:

            (Q) — Why Does Pakistan Have No Rape Cases…??

            (A)) — Because The Victim Had A Very Tough Time Convincing At Least FOUR Of The Rape Accused (Rapists) To Become Witness…..!!!!

      • Hindus can survive anywhere in the world and they will be prosperous wheresoever they will go. And they will increase the GDP of the nation where they live. But how you arabs will survive if the Hindus do leave your nations, you cannot even do any work yourselves. You are so very dependent on Hindus, even you get subsidized electricity in your country because Hindus living in large numbers in your countries are charged higher electricity charges (similar to Jizya) to subsidize your costs.

      • Actually Muslims are parasites they dont even manufacture a pin in their country they feed on non muslim produce and they are also occupying non muslim lands and temples/churches of other religions. Get out of here you parasite.

      • A hindu temple demolished by Baber and its place he converted the existing temple to Babri masjid. Now it is interesting to know who was Baber he was the sex slave and male sex companion of baber. Now muslims want to keep such a mosque despite being given 5 acres of land in place of the this broken down building is called non stop muslims hate propaganda against Hindus.

        1/ The Muslims have stolen holy sites of all religions. They stole the The temple of Mount from the Jews, the Blue mosque from the Christians 3. The babri mosque and many others from Hindus. Muslims are illegal occupiers, similar to what china is doing today.
        2/ The Jews prayed at the temple of Mount before even Mohammed was born.
        3/ The Quran has no mention of the Al Aqsa mosque or Jerusalem
        4/ The Muslims occupied the Mount of Jews after the death of Mohammed
        5/ Muslims killed all the kins of Mohammed they are not the followers of Mohammed preaching’s rather the followers of Yazid.
        6/ The Quran says over 50 times the Prophet Mohd was sent for the children of Israelites. The Israelites are the descendants of Issac where as the Muslims are the descendants of Ismail.
        7/ The saudis and UAE have made friendly relations with Israel if they are not un-islamic then how can someone supporting Israel of condemning Hamas become anti Islam, this is fake propaganda of Muslims.
        8/ Fatima was killed by 2nd Caliph Umar due to Umar kicking her in the stomach while she was pregnant and he also burned the house of Fatima.
        9/ Imam Hussain had to flee muslim majority Arabia as they faced persecution at the hands of muslims.
        10/ Caliphs were related to Yazid and had good relations with Yazid.
        11/ Jews were in Majority in Arabia but they were driven out of Arabia after the death of Mohd.
        12/ There was a place called Palestine before birth of Mohammed but the residents were not muslims or Palestinians. There is no mention of Palestine nor Palestinians in islamic history. the Palestinian people were first mentioned after 1950.
        13/ Muslim Propagandists if you disagree with above prove me wrong from historic context with references from Quran.
        14/ The quran says you cannot build mosque on someone elses holy land , in this case muslims have occupied the temple of mount.
        15/ India strategic interest lies with Israel but muslims want to ignore strategic interest of India and oppose Israel. why are Indian muslims anti India.
        16/ Hammas has struck Israel with 3600 misiles in last 2 years, so why Israel cannot have right to defend itself. it is upto muslims radicals to live in peace instead of fake propaganda.

      • One of the biggest problems with the world today is that we have large groups of illiterate, Inbred people who will accept whatever they hear on the grapevine, —— just because it suits their worldview —— Not because it is actually true or because they have evidence to support it…!!!!!

        The really striking thing is that it would not take much effort to establish validity in most of these cases… but people prefer reassurance to research.

    • Kuwaiti socitey treats Shia muslims well. You must be thinking of other countries like Saudi Arabia or Bahrain. Kuwaiti parliament has representation of Shias, there are Shias in government jobs. Shia masjids are flourishing and we’ll integrated with Sunni socitey.

        • All you indian gobr bakths are funny. The comments are laughable, your governed immediately sacked the RSS BJP Nutpur and the other Catpur immediately once the Muslim countries snapped their fingers. You beg the Muslims for money and investments and then you can’t even say thank you shameless kaale kaale choooooreh aneamics. NIXON was correct about you that you Indians (hindus) are the most undesirable people on the planet and how anyone would find you lot attractive was astonishing to him. Nixon stated that you people know how to lick the assess of others to weasel your way in. He hated you Hindus and he made his views clear. He was right. You people are like leaches and slugs. Once you stick you suck the blood dry. Dirty gobr bakths. How can you be giving out vaccines when you were treating your own Hindus and telling them to eat gobr and drink urine as a covid cure???? Pathar ke sanams . So much progression that you think that parking borders are shivlimgs ha ha ha ha ha


  3. Because of few radicals the good and poor majprity Hindu people also will suffer. Even the Christians also suffering same as muslims. You can take action against only the people who are creating problems. This is my kind request.

    • They are not a “few” radicals. The majority of Hindus are radical extremists and terrorists…they elected an illiterate terrorist like Modi twice. Hindus are filthy fascist trash.

        • anonymous,

          Elections mean nothing when rich powerful families like the Ambanis select a street dog like Modi to trick mindless Hindu pagan savages.

          • Actually it is other way around.

            Dont forget RSS is the only party which has a muslim wing called RMM , muslims who are part of RMM are nationalists and have a say in BJP working. Yet you keep licking ass of congress what has congress done for muslims ever. yet you keep giving bad words to Modi …are you followers of paid propganda….who is paying for your propganda. Propaganda war is not new it has been there for centuries. What we need to understand is some people who know the nature of Indian muslims have understood their psyche. These foriegn enemies of India are playing the tune like pied piper and Indian muslims are following them like rats followed pied pied piper. This way they create a hate hysteria in the country, divide the people and create instability in the country. Paksitan and Muslims rich pay active role to bribe media create fake videos which is the main cause of hatred against Hindus.

            There are many minorities in India other than muslims, like Parsi, Jews, why we dont find any discriminations in India it is because of Muslims mafia funding hindu hatred and Christian mafia funding hindu hatred for political power.

          • Slavery and women trade first started in Islamic and Muslim societies. Pakistani muslims were born out of mass sex of slave girls captured by the arabs. This is why arabs refuse to marry them due to their impure blood.

          • Hindu gutter monkeys,

            Lying as usual…I know you can’t help it as Hinduism is based on lies and superstitious fairy tales. You Hindus are so low IQ, its laughable. Impure blood? Muslims have no such concept of “impure blood,” lying monkey worshippers. You Hindu gutter monkeys don’t know your own history and how closely tied prostitution, incest, bestiality and rape are parts of your brahmin penis worshipping cult! LOL!!! Hindus are literally the product of thousands of years of rape, inbreeding and filth. Hindus hate each other based on caste, looking at each as “impure” when you all look and smell like SH1T!! Forget Arabs, no one wants to marry a Hindu piss drinker who doesn’t have any concept of basic hygeine.

    • Since you are requesting then listen,

      Secularism is not possible without a Hindu, even America is a fake Secular nation and I can prove this to you.

      Afghanistan is birthplace of Buddhism yet there are no Buddhist alive today in Afghanistan, they were all killed by Muslims
      Pakistan the birth place of Hindu & Sikh religion but what happened to all the Sikhs and Hindus there all killed. Infact the population of Hindus reduced post 1947 from 23% to 1.6%. Then the census records change by Pakistan to hide the genocide. There is majority Muslims in Pakistan today.
      Now let us see some examples from Christian nations, In America the great USA what happened to indigenous population of red Indians, the local natives were all killed by Christian majority. Only a handful of Red Indians alive today their land stolen by Christians.
      In Australia a Christian majority nation what happened to the local Aborgines all were killed by Christian majority, today very few Aborgines alive and their land stolen by Christians.
      In Iran the land of Zoroastrianism what happened to the parsi or Zoroastrian population there, all were killed by Shia Muslims but the Zoroastrian population thrives in India among Hindus.
      In Arabia once upon a time there were more Jews them muslims, in fact the Qur’an almost 50 times states that Prophet Mohammed was sent for the Israelites, but what happened to the Jews they face exodus from Arabia where the Muslims could not tolerate them. The Jews were killed and faced exodus even in Christian lands like Germany, Poland but those Jews who came to India since 1st century BC faced no persecution in majority Hindu India.
      But in India in a Hindu majority population despite Muslims & Christians given special minority reservations they are complaining. Muslims & Christians despite given special provisions in the constitution the dalit Christians from USA are constantly doing propaganda against th Hindu. The church in India retains the stolen land and assets which were stolen by Christian British and given to the church, despite accepting secular constitution they never returned stolen Hindu lands and assets and till this day they illegally occupy Hindu temple lands , yet the Christian community is complaining. The church, Christian NGO, Muslim mosque and Muslim zaqat trusts don’t pay a penny in tax yet the government in India since 1947 taxed the temples and Hindu trusts 23% tax and used much of the funds on minority welfare but still the Christian and Muslim are complaining in India. The Christian imperial colonial invaders and Muslim Mughal invaders raped Hindu women, kidnapped women and killed Hindu men yet the Muslims and Christians are complaining in India. So this only proves Christian and Muslim will keep on doing anti Hindu propaganda no matter what Hindu do to look after their interest. The minorities will use their global funding to create naxalism and anti Hindu Propaganda. There is no saffron terrorism but they will kill Hindus sadhus and RSS and using global media they will continue to defame Hindus and RSS. And when an individual like me makes such facts on social media , Bigtech will block our comments and suspend our IDs in violation of section 230 they will supress our voice even in 20th century in the name of democracy and transperancy. This is unfortunate and regrettable but persecution of Hindus at the hands of muslim and Christians continued in India even today. While in Christian and Muslim nations the school curriculums taught Hindu hatred and Hinduphobia.
      In 1400 years history of Islam, the Muslims killed 390 million humans in the name of Islam by way of Jihad, while in 2000 years history of Christianity, in the name of Bible the Christian crusaders killed 80 million humans, but sanatan dharma or the followers of vedic religion in its history of 10000 years have not even killed 10000 in the name of religion. This is why India is the rare country where you can find churches, mosques next to Hindu temples in Hindu majority areas. Whereas only one muslim majority state Kashmir kicked out Hindus and Sikhs from Kashmir, whereas the Christian majority states in India refused to give minority reservations to the Hindus in thier states. This only happens in India only because of Hindu tolerance. In Bible as well as the Qur’an has verses which justify the killing of non Muslims and non Christians but in Hindu and vedic scriptures we say the world is our brother hood. Hence Abrahamic religions are intolerant but not religions originated out of Hinduism, cause there is tolerance for difference in ideology.

      In 1893, Swami Vivekananda spoke about democracy & secularism as part of Hinduism during visit to USA. The West takes Hindu Yoga & then rebrands it as Christian Yoga, the concept of democracy & secularism is a Hindu concept not part of Western dharma.
      Until year 2000, the pope was still preaching crusades in Asia.

      I had seen an international report which said.,,,
      1,229 out of the 5,885 prisoners in high-security jails in UK are followers of the Islamic faith
      This means 20% compared of the Prison population in Muslims, even as the Muslim population in Britain is only 5%
      At Whitemoor prison, Cambridgeshire, 44% of the 447 inmates are Muslim
      This not the case just in UK, if you look at Muslim countries & their prison populations you will find much higher numbers of muslim and Pakistanis in the Jails of Saudi & UAE.
      Statistics shows that the muslims in general are 4 times more potent to crime then non-muslims. Some experts warns jails are ‘ripe’ to become extremist recruiting grounds, if out of 1.3 billion even if 20% are landing up in criminal activities this is dangerous situation for the world, but most western media is afraid of being branded islamaphobic donot wish to make such statements or media is being bribed to keep this under the carpet by rich muslim nations.

  4. Salam not all hindu.hindu is different hinduism is different who’s follows r.s.s. agenda they only can stop enter to gulf because iam from ThamizhNadu my neighbors always hindus but we very safe and they keep brotherhood so called Hinduism is very danger

  5. The British government commonly used the term Hindu as a symbol of religion to identify people in India who could live apart from the Christian, Islamic, Sikh, Buddhist and Jain religions. It is enough for the percentage of Hindus who can act on the basis of Hindutva policy to expel them from the Gulf countries

    • Pakistanis are just being jealous they have been expelled in masses from all over middle east this is why they spread fake videos and fake news. This is the reality is that the Pakistanis are exposed in OIC, Islamic countries and in international community.

    • Hindus are not tolerant due to Nehru or gandhi infact the Hindus are tolerant due to their religion being tolerant unlike Islam and Christianity is busy doing fake videos and propaganda non stop to defame Hinduism

  6. The proof is in the pudding – Muslims if you were always tolerant then can you show me one Muslim nation in the world where non Muslims could survive historically.

    Only one muslims majority in India and there too they done exodus 6 lakh hindus and killed thousands of hindus from muslim majority kashmir they forgot that the Kashmir existed by name since 65 BC long before prophet of Islam was even born. Still they claim to be occupants and owners of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Afghanistan all of these nations were part of Hindu territory once upon a time.

  7. In India you can built unlimited amount of minority worship places.
    But in In Middle East & Muslim nations u are not allowed to build non-muslim places of worship.
    At the most liberal muslim nations UAE allows just 1-2 non-muslim places of worship.
    How can u compare tolerance of India with Saudi, Pakistan or any other muslim nation.

  8. In India you can preach any religion in public places everyone has freedom to convert.
    In Middle East & Muslim nations you are not allowed to preach non-muslim religions in public places. Converting from Islam to non-muslim religion is jailable offense in all muslim countries.
    How can you compare the tolerance of India with any Muslim nations there is no comparison between egg and apple. So does muslim nations think they have any moral rights to compare themselves with non-Muslim nations. A toilet cannot be compared with an open Terrace.

  9. In India there is reservations in govt jobs, police force & universities for minorities.
    In Middle East & Muslim nations there is no reservation for non-Muslims in govt jobs, police force or universities. How can you compare India with Muslim nations when you have no reservations for minorities/non-muslims in Muslim nations.

  10. Infact No muslim nation reciprocates with reservation for non muslims.
    So in other words Muslims are enjoying in non Muslim nations yet they are thankless

  11. In India anyone from any religion can become Prime Minister, President, Chief of Army, Chief of Intelligence, Scientist.
    In Muslim nations (Pakistan Turkey Iran) only a Sunni muslim can become Prime Minister, President, Ayatullah, Chief of Army, Chief of Intelligence, Scientist. You dont even allow minority muslim to become Prime minister or president in Sunni muslim countries and vice versa shia muslim nations.

  12. In India anyone from any religion can become Prime Minister, President, Chief of Army, Chief of Intelligence, Scientist.
    In Muslim nations (Pakistan Turkey Iran) only a Sunni muslim can become Prime Minister, President, Ayatullah, Chief of Army, Chief of Intelligence, Scientist. You dont even allow minority muslim to become Prime minister or president in Sunni muslim countries and vice versa shia muslim nations.

    So muslims nations will not even allow minority muslim to become leader, so you can just forget about jews and hindus. So how can you compare India and muslim nations.
    Infact muslims are enjoying benefits in non-muslim nations which they dont reciprocate.

  13. In India muslims have voting rights,
    In Muslims nations there is Monarchy or Martial law or Military coups or Prime Ministers are puppets placed via rigged elections.
    How can you compare India with Pakistan or Saudi or with any muslim nation for that matter.

  14. In muslim nations even muslim voices are supressed, if they say anything they will be kidnapped and killed or face exodus. Sir there is no comparison with India and muslim nations in terms of freedom.
    So Muslims enjoy most in non muslim nations but keep complaining with fake lies and fake propaganda, this is old habit

  15. In muslim nations even muslim voices are supressed, if they say anything they will be kidnapped and killed or face exodus. Sir there is no comparison with India and muslim nations in terms of freedom.
    So Muslims enjoy most in non muslim nations but keep complaining with fake lies and fake propaganda, this is old habit

    In all Muslims nations they have graded passports, example Bahrain or UAE can give passport to only muslims from other nations but they cannot have voting rights or political participations in govt process. This is like a investor passport only it has no political rights.

    In India any muslim, even pakistani can apply for Indian citizenship through another citizenship act but once you are citizen you are at par with other Indians, there is no graded passports like in muslim countries.

    But still too muslims always complaining creeating political propagandas

  16. In India a muslim can protest in public, you don’t see protest in muslim countries or middle east cause if you protest you will vanish or disappear or face exile and your passport will be cancelled. This happens all the time in Middle East & Pakistan.

    In India a muslim can protest in public, you don’t see protest in muslim countries or middle east cause if you protest you will vanish or disappear or face exile and your passport will be cancelled. This happens all the time in Middle East & Pakistan. But in India the muslims do so much drama as though they dont have any voice. it is well known now attitude of muslims is always to bad mouth jews and hindus

    In India the minorities can bully the majority but this cannot happen anywhere in the world cause the minorities are able to group up and do block voting the church or mosque can tell them how to vote.

  17. In India govt pays fees of religion teachers in minority madrassas/ institutions/convents but in muslim nations they dont allow minority religion to be taught. Where it is taught it is strictly advised not to teach to muslim students about non-muslim religion.

    Infact in India hindu preaching or teaching Bhagwad gita or vedas is not allowed in schools due to Nehru creating this law, India is the only nation in the world to do this can christian nations and muslim nations emulate like India and stop islam and christianity to be taught at schools instead teach hinduism via a learned hindu teacher and pay them salary.

    Article 30 of the Indian constitution grants many rights to the religious or linguistic minorities in the country. … These posts claim that article 30A prohibits the teachings of Bhagvat Gita, Vedas and Puranas in the Indian schools while article 30 allows the teaching of the Quran, the Hadis in the Madarsa

    • If muslims can replicate what India does for its minorities and non-hindus then we can consider the muslim nations as tolerant.

  18. In India minority religious places can keep loud speakers to announce azaan or can keep bells to announce mass. But in muslim nations they will tell you the sound from the temple or non muslim institution should not be heard on the streets. Hence they need to invest in acoustics
    Now recently even saudi arabia banned use of loudspeakers in mosque, but no muslims have guts to protest in muslim countries against such laws in muslim nations else they will be kidnapped and killed. But here in India police cannot ask muslims to remove the loudspeakers despite supreme court ruling.

  19. There is so much difference in tolerance of muslim and non muslim nation . yes muslims always complaining in India about everything . Infact muslims will not obey supreme court orders when told to not use speakers early Morning before 6am , so muslims violate law and yet they complain always/ can they violate law in muslim nations no they cannot. In UAE they made law nobody can pray in road side after that nobody willl pray on road but in India you will block trains and yet complain hindus are doing majoritism

  20. Muslims are secular because the only Muslim majority state in India, Kashmir done exodus of Hindus. Deobandi and Jamatis religious text says if a non-muslim does not accept conversion to islam it is justified to kill him, This is why they are tolerant and hindus are not tolerant.

    If Muslims are secular then why the only Muslim majority state in India, Kashmir done exodus of Hindus. Why Deobandi & Jamatis religious text says if a non-muslim does not accept conversion to islam it is justified to kill him, Is this why muslims are tolerant but not hindus

  21. Find me just One muslim nation in the Middle East & the world where the minority citizens or non muslim citizens are still alive & prospering. You cannot call expats as citizens as they come and invest in your nation and make your nation prosper, they are not your permanent citizens.

    Jews could not survive in Middle East, Buddhist could not survive in Afghanistan, Hindus & Sikhs could not survive in Pakistan & Bangladesh. How Middle East became 100% muslim if it was so tolerant.

  22. In Kashmir a Hindu/Sikh lady was killed last week by Islamic radical terrorist, she was raising an orphan muslim child can you show me muslims who raise orphan non-muslim children and give them a home and they have been gunned down by a hindu. Can you recall such a incident happened ever.

    Kuwaiti lawyer Alshrika is a racist and a bigot, perhaps nobody told him this.

  23. This is exactly how fake muslims (Munafiqs) engaged in fake propaganda to persecute the family of prophet in Arabia. Yazid descendants have not forgotten this art of fake propaganda generations later. Evan Ramadhan has not stopped Pakistanis from posting fake videos for anti Hindu propaganda

  24. Why muslims dont protest like they do in India when muslims countries come with such laws , because they know they will be killed and not spared if they protest in muslim countries.

    Saudi Arabia and UAE banned Tabligi Jamat gatherings in respective countries then why Muslims did not protest in these countries.

    Saudi Arabia and UAE banned prayers on the roads and streets but no muslims dare violate the law in these countries, yet in India the muslims dont follow these rules and block traffic.

    The reality is the muslims know that the hindu govts are more tolerant and so they take advantage of them.





    • Muslims in India are not at the mercy of the pro-Hindu BJP government. They follow the Indian constitution of Babasaheb Ambedkar which unfortunately is being amended and most likely to be replaced when India turns into a Hindu Rashtra.

        The first city state in Greece was founded during 7th century BC. With the passage of time there were about 1000 city states in Greece which lasted up to 480 BC. The prominent city states were Athens, Sparta, Corinth, Thebes, Syracus, Rodos and Eretria etc.. The main contribution of Greece city state was introduction of Direct Democracy which gave way for modern Representative Democracy. About 1100 years later in 622 AD, ‘Constitution of Medina’ was formulated in the city of Yathrib in Arabia by Muhammad, the prophet of Islam.
        As per Islamic traditions, Muhammad with about a hundred of his early followers (Muslims) migrated from Mecca to Yathrib city in 622 AD. Soon after that, conflicts started between Mecca followers of Muhammad (Mohajir) and different local Jewish tribes of Yathrib, including local converts to Islam (Ansar). To run Yathrib (Medina) as first Islamic city state, Muhammad drew up the ‘Constitution of Medina’ which was aimed at resolving conflicts between different tribes residing in Medina. Though there is no original document of the Constitution of Medina, it is mentioned in the edited biography of Muhammad written by ibn Hisham about 225 years after Muhammad’s death.
        Arabic word Madhhab (in South Asia pronounced as ‘Majhab’) means “way to act”. The nearest English term for Madhhab is ‘school of Islamic jurisprudence’. There are four Sunni Madhhabs, namely Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi and Hanbali. All four schools of Islamic jurisprudence were formalized by Islamic scholars between 9th and 10th century. We also find first reference of ‘Constitution of Medina’ during mid 9th century AD only. These four schools recognize each other’s validity and they have interacted in legal debate over the centuries. Rulings of these schools are followed across the Muslim world. Hanafi School is followed in South Asia, that is, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.
        The transformations of Islamic legal institutions in the modern era have had profound implications for the Madhhab system. Legal practice in most of the Muslim world has come to be controlled by government policy and state law, so that the influence of the Madhhabs beyond personal ritual practice depends on the status accorded to them within the national legal system. But at psychological level, Madhhab is an integral part of Islam and no Muslim can dare to brush away the Madhhab he belongs to.
        Since Islam divides humans into Muslims (Momins) and non-Muslims (Kafirs), the position of Kafir in Islamic state is a central theme of Islamic statehood. The Hanafi and Maliki Madhhabs allow non-Muslims (Kafir) in general to have ‘Dhimmi’ status. In contrast, the Shafi and Hanbali Madhhabs only allow Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians to have ‘Dhimmi’ status, while maintaining all other non-Muslims must either convert to Islam or be fought. While ‘Democracy’ was the contribution of city states of ancient Greece, Islamic state in middle age contributed ‘Dhimmi’ to humanity.
        The word ‘Dhimmi’ literally means “Protected Kafir”, referring to the state’s obligation under Sharia to protect the Kafir individual’s life, property, as well as freedom of religion, in exchange for loyalty to the state and payment of the Jizya (protection tax). Jizya was like ‘protection money’ of present day Mafiadom. The Pact of Umar, issued by the Second Islamic Caliph Umar, imposed a long list of humiliating conditions on Dhimmis. For example, Dhimmis had to move from their seats if a Muslim wished to sit there, and they were forbidden from manifesting their religion in public. The Pact of Umar gained canonical status in Islamic jurisprudence.
        In India under Muslim rule, Hindus were humiliated by Muslim Jizya collectors. While paying Jizya, the Hindu had to kneel before the Muslim official, lower his eyes and even allow the Muslim official to spit on him. Failure to pay the Jizya could result in the pledge of protection of a Dhimmi’s life and property becoming void, with the Dhimmi facing the alternatives of conversion, enslavement, death or imprisonment. In modern day Muslim majority countries, humiliation of ‘Dhimmi’ has been replaced by discrimination and persecution of Kafir in a thousand ways. None of Muslim majority countries treats Kafirs equally.
        With all these historical facts or beliefs in his mind when an Indian Muslim thinks of a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ in India, he simply shudders in fear of his status as ‘Muslim Dhimmi’ in ‘Hindu India’. He looks at ‘Hindu Rashtra’ through his Islamic glass and gets worried and restless and starts crying against the imaginary evil of Hindu Rashtra. His bias and ignorance about Hinduism also help him to be paranoid. What he does not care to know that Hinduism has no concepts of anything like Kafir, Dhimmi or Jizya. A Sanskrit term, ‘Mlechchha’ was used by the Vedic people much as the ancient Greeks used ‘Barbaros’, originally to indicate the uncouth and incomprehensible speech of foreigners and then extended to their unfamiliar behaviour. Mlechchhas were found in northwestern India, and included people like Huns, Sakas, Yavanas, and Pahlavas. As a Mlechchha, any foreigner stood completely outside the Hindu caste system. Thus historically speaking, contact with Mlechchhas was viewed by the caste Hindu as polluting. Following Muslim invasions of India, Hindus used the word ‘Mlechchha’ for Muslims too. But that was social expression without any repressive connotation.
        The Constituent Assembly India was dominated heavily by Hindus. But still Constitution of India accorded equal rights of all types; including preaching and practicing of own religion to all its citizens. Then in 1976, the word Secularism was incorporated in the preamble of Indian constitution. In 1951, Muslim constituted 8 per cent of India’s population and now it is 18 per cent. This sign of healthy demography in favour of Indian Muslims is the litmus test that Indian Muslims are not discriminated in India, least to talk of being persecuted. All has been possible as India has been a Hindu majority country. This reflected the essence of Hinduism.
        Hinduism has its tenets like “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” and “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinh, Sarve Santu Niramaya”. Strictly speaking, there is no example of Hindu Rashtra in history. Chanakya (371 BC to 282 BC) wrote as to how the state craft, diplomacy and administration of a good kingdom should be. In modern time, Maratha Hindu Kingdom of Shivaji Maharaj (1674 Ad to 1680 AD) functioned as secular and inclusive Hindu kingdom. There is no reason to believe that a Hindu Rashtra has to be theocratic. The Hindu value system will rather strengthen the secular democracy of India. It will also be a balancing power against violent Islamic value system in India that has been causing many problems since a century at least.
        The Left-Liberal cabal of India is against Hindu Rashtra because of its disruptive ideology. The cabal members smell their much loved anarchy by opposing the majority community and aligning with aggressive component of particular minority community of India. They don’t have any problem with Islamic state and persecution of religious minorities there, but start crying the moment they are faced with all inclusive prospect of Hindu Rashtra in India.

      • No of muslims opposing Hindu Rastra – 1.3 billion
        No of muslims opposing Jewish State of Israel – 1.3 billion
        No of Muslims opposing Muslim state of Saudi Arabia = 00
        No of Muslims opposing Muslim state of Pakistan = 00
        Why so much hatred for Hindus and Jews

  25. In muslim nations even muslim voices are supressed, if they say anything they will be kidnapped and killed or face exodus. Sir there is no comparision with india and muslim nations in terms of freedom.
    So Muslims enjoy most in non muslim nations but keep complaining with fake lies and fake propaganda, this is old habit

    In all Muslims nations they have graded passports, example Bahrain or UAE can give passport to only muslims from other nations but they cannot have voting rights or political participations in govt process. This is like a investor passport only it has no political rights.

    In India any muslim, even pakistani can apply for Indian citizenship through another citizenship act but once you are citizen you are at par with other Indians, there is no graded passports like in muslim countries.

  26. This Twitter post and this article is an advertisement and so technically Pakistan ISI or china could pay for this post. This can be told by the (i) in the right hand bottom of the twitter post.

  27. During the muslims protests in Bahrain , the state asked Saudi Arabia another country for help. The army of Saudi Arabia opened fire and shot at the protestors, kidnapped the leaders from their homes in the darkness of night and put them into a unknown desert jail where they were tortured for the next 1 year. I donot recall any Indian muslim post about it.

    Muslim country Saudi Arabia hanged 50 muslim minorities including 15 year old in one day I dont recall any Indian muslims put a post on Facebook

  28. 1-Baloch Muslims R Killed by Paki-Soldiers-SILENCE
    2-Yemen Muslims R Killed by Saudis-SILENCE
    3-Uighur Muslims R Killed by Chinese-Soldiers-SILENCE
    4-African Muslims R Killed by Boko-Haram SILENCE
    Muslims not following Law of land is Oppression

  29. Muslims will not speak when muslims are killing muslims by the millions where as muslims will only make the loudest protest when a few hundred muslims killed by non muslims this is the truth of the munafiq muslims who are 90% population of muslim ummah.

    Lies and Propaganda is part and parcel of Political Islam, 90% muslim is equipped with these skills. Imran Khan & Kuwaiti advocate Mujeel Alshrika are no exception every word they speaks is complete and absolute lies. But they will spread their non muslim hatred and bigotry without flinching an eye.

    Pakistan General Tikka Khan orders the killing of 3 million muslims in East Pakistan in 1970, Muslims were silent
    Pakistan killed 26000 million muslims in Pakistan General Zia Ul Haq orders the killing of 26000 palestinian muslims, Muslims were silent
    Pakistan killed 2 Million Baloch Muslims, NWFP muslims, Sindh Muslims, Gilgit/POK muslims, but still Muslims were silent.
    Saudi Killed Mulsims in Yemen, Iraq, Syria but Muslims were silent.

    Muslims only speak when a few muslims die in non-muslims nations like Burma or India and that too much of it is fake propaganda by Muslims.

    Indigenous Kashmiri pandits were raped killed faced exodus in Kashmir but muslims were silent on the whole matter.
    But the moment 500 killed in Gujarat or Burma in a non muslim country there is not a single muslim who did not engage in propaganda.

    While it was the Rohingya muslims who killed 500 rohine buddhist, the muslims propaganda factory and bribed journalists made propaganda that burma killed 500 muslims see proof of this.

    It is now being told by united nations and other media the Mass graves in burma, were not rohingya dead bodies. Now the united nations has confirmed the mass graves were rohingya muslims killing rohine hindus. which means the muslim propaganda machiniary was used to ignore the needs of the victims and relocate the muslim population to non-muslims lands in india, thailand and other countries.


    Even Maulana Wahihuddin Khan spoke about the Rohingya killing the Buddhists but the muslims propaganda machinery kept silent.



    Kashmiris and Palestinians are master actors in 2 mins they give media interview as dead and after media recording is done they become alive again soon after..

  30. Can Mr. Mujeel Alshrika & Mr Imran Khan show me one muslim nation that has not killed muslims
    Can Mr. Mujeel Alshrika & Mr Imran Khan show me one muslim nation that has not killed its non muslim minorities to become the absolute majority
    Can Mr. Mujeel Alshrika & Mr Imran Khan show me one muslim nation that has not forced their own version of Islamic ideology by force and restricted the freedoms of those who opposed or those who were in minorities.
    What Mr. Mujeel Alshrika & Mr Imran Khan are doing is spreading their own hate filled ideology to the social media and shameless convectional media who should be more responsible are promoting their hinduphobia and bigotry.

  31. Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma (both are one and the same thing) believes our Aatma is the reflection of Parmaatma (god), it the part of god in each and everyone of us.
    Sanatan means eternal and Dharma means duties or Karma’s that we need to perform to during each stage of life keeping high standards of morality, righteousness and compassion towards all creations of god whether living or non living things.
    Perseverance of nature and humanity, Respect for all humans and non humans and everything around us. There is no formal conversion process in Hinduism, nor there can be any forced conversions or propagated conversion process in the scriptures. Any one can become a hindu, by his own will. Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism they are just sub religions branched out from Hinduism.
    A hindu believes if we empty yourself of all ego’s, greed and surrender to God, then God empowers us. The flute emptied itself from inside inside which allowed it to be close to Krishna’s lips which in-turn allows it to resonate so many melodious sounds. There is no Jihad or Crusades against anyone other than yourself within. The strive to to empty yourself of all ego’s, greed and surrender to God is the only form of crusade and to stand up for the weak irrespective caste, creed or religion. Hinduism cannot be defined as a faith it is an experience.
    Santan Dharma or Hinduism propagates the idea of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (From “vasudha”, the earth; “eva” = indeed is; and “kutumbakam”, family;) is a Sanskrit phrase which means “the world is one big family. A Hindu ideally should not have any bias against people who do not conform to his beliefs even if he is from another religions. Hinduism is non sectarian as it allows you to preserve your beliefs and yet absorb beliefs of others. There is no such word as Hindu in our scriptures this is because the name Hindu did not come from the vedic or Sanatan scriptures.
    Essentially Sanatan dharma is a green religion that teaches green practices and perseverance of our earth, humanity and human values. Like a dirty window can prevent sunlight from coming inside our house if our heart and mind are clogged with bad emotions, thoughts, and experiences we cannot have then our soul will not have good experience or energy.
    Pride, self-conceit and anger are considered to be demonic (Refer Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 16, verse 3). The Ashtavakra Gita, Chapter1, verse 2 states that ”To be free shun the experiences of the senses like poison. Turn your attention to forgiveness, sincerity, kindness, simplicity, truth.” Another thing to be understood is that karma basically means the cycle of cause and effect. If you forgive someone who harms you, you are nullifying the effect and there by the cause. By forgiving and not reacting, not only are you freeing yourself from bad karma, but through forgiving your enemy you are freeing him of his karma. In chapter 5, verse 26 of the Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna states that the peace of God is there for those who are free from desires and wrath(hatred).
    The same concept also is explained in Jihad E Akbar which says you have to strive to defeat anger ego and selfishness from within. It is sad when people don’t follow quran and then claim all the lies in the name of religion instead.
    It is interesting but a lot of the stories in Islam and Christianity are also common to vedas just in some cases the names are changed. The example of this is Noah’s Ark story which exists in Islam, Christianity and vedas. So it is my view that the religion was sent for humanity to unite but the people with vested forces hijacked the word of god, allah, ishwar and thus controlling mankind with lies and deceit.

    Jai Shri Ram. Allah U Akbar is one and the same thing. These verses misused for politics.

    There is no Mullah or Maulvi concept in Islam it was the British who created this post to brian wash muslims.
    Prince Mohammed bin salman of Saudi 16 months ago gave an interview to 60 minutes which is now disappeared from google and youtube. In this speech I heard myself MBS said Saudi was asked by west to fanatize and brainwash Muslims in south east Asia, he acknowledged that Saudi did do the task as requested by west. It did distribute toxic material and paid clerics all over south east Asia. Now it is for Muslims of south east Asia to think weather it want to follow ahul bayt ( prophets family) or Saudi which collided with west for vested reasons. As said earlier the more Muslims move closer to Salafism the further they will go from prophet Mohammed preaching’s, and the further Muslim drift from prophet original preaching’s the more they will become less compatible with sanatan dharma followers.

  32. Hindu trolls and goo bhakts all spamming the comment section with fake names and the usual Hindu lies in broken english. LOL! Very low IQ whatsapp university graduates from the RSS gaandu shallas. Hindus are hopeless intolerant looosers whose worthless lives are spent hating the Muslims who brought civilization to them. Muslims made India great, Hindus turned it into a fascist sh1thole.
    These same Hindu chimpanzees are selling their kidneys to get a visa to a Muslim country to clean our toilets. hindu Bhikaris are desperate to leave bhangi mata…. time for permanant ghar wapsi.

    • My message to Christians and Muslims should Stop spreading fake stories against Buddhist and Hindus, our religion teaches us not to even kill a cockroach. Only Christians have done crusades and Muslims done jihad. Hindus and Buddhist don’t kill for religion like Christians and Muslims.
      Our Indian media is bribed by China via communist party of India. out Indian media is bribed via evangelists Christian missionary organocations in India, Our Indian media is bribed by radical Islamic groups in Pakistan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia via Zakir Naiks peace tv organization. The media in India is corrupt and the Abrahamic religions are well funded. If you want to know truth about the sadhu killing see this video to know how unarmed unsuspecting sadhus were killed by communists and Christian evangelists.
      Not just this there is a Christian and communist propaganda against Hindus in USA, Canada and UK. Their main objective is to weaken Hinduism from the inside, weaken India from the inside. The Christian who have lived safely in India for 75 years due to tolerance of Hindus are now engaged in Hinduphobic propaganda. They have joined hands with the radical Islamists to eliminate Hinduism from India.
      Look here there is an example where a Christians speak out against fake church attacks, they are saying fake rumours are being spread by christians and media. speaker says organized planning is evident for fake news. Bishops in India were politically motivated to instigate fake church attacks influenced by Sonia Gandhi.
      shame….shame ….shame … The reason I share this is to prove how thy spoiled name of hindus systematically Pakistan and congress party and chirtians and muslims to serve own capitalist purposes.
      BIble and Quran are evil as the Bible says you are allowed kill non-Christians where as the quran also says exactly the same. The bible says women can raped by god and thier children will be eaten up if they leave chrsitianity. where as the hindu scriptures speak no such hatred against other relgions, infacts Hindus believe Jesus to be given knowledge of spiritualism in India and Tibet. But today the same Christians have become enemies of the Hindus with lies and deception. When I tell the muslims about the violent quotes from quran they are in denial just like christians too are in denial of radical violent quotes in bible against non-christians. The reason why non-chrisitians could not survive in chrisitian nations and non-muslims could not survive in muslim nations is primarily due to intolerance in abarahimic religions toward others.
      References from the Bible. In subsequent email I will also share how Quran also has similar dirty verses due to which muslims are always at Jihad.
      Jeremiah 13:22-26
      Jeremiah 19:19
      Mark 16:16
      Mathew 13:42
      So what happened to the Jews and kins of Mohd, all killed by Muslims. I can give you similar references from Quran as well.
      Afghanistan the birth place of Buddhism yet there are no Buddhists today in Afghanistan, all were killed by Muslims.
      Pakistan the birthplace of Hindu and Sikh religion but what happened to the Sikhs and Hindus there all killed. Today there are only 1.6 % Hindus, Sikhs in Pakistan.
      In America the great USA what happened to Red Indians the local natives all killed by the Christian majority. Only handful of red Indians remain today.
      In Australia the land of Aborigines the local inhabitants of Australia what happened to them all killed by the Christian majority.
      In Iran the land of Zoroastrians what happened to the Paris, all killed or faced exodus’. No Zoroastrians left in Iran today.
      So now compare that with India the land of Hindu majority , what is happening to minorities in India, we still have Jews, Zoroastrians Christians Muslims all are progressing in India and their population has gone up. But Muslims despite given special reservation are complaining, Christians despite special provisions in constitution the Dalit Christians in America are complaining. So they complain despite population of minorities has increased. So this proves Christians and Muslims will keep doing propaganda no matter what cause they are controlling media narrative. There is no saffron terrorism but they will continue to defame RSS or Hindus.
      But when you confront them both with facts they will say we forgive you cause they have nowhere to hide from the facts you present to them. They have no answer to the facts that Abrahamic religions are violent.
      In the 1400 years history of Islam they killed 390 million humans in Jihad, In the 2000 year history of Christianity they killed 80 million humans in crusades, but Hinduism or sanatan dharma has not even killed 10000 in the span of 10000 year history of Vedic religion. This is why you can see mosque next to temples or church sharing temple campus only in India this miracle cannot be found any where else in the world other than India. This is due to Hindu tolerance.
      As far America is concerned they went and bombed wrong country instead of Afghanistan if they would have bombed Pakistan it would have helped reduce terrorism. Second point America’s allies are the countries with worst human rights records. Countries like Saudi, Pakistan and Turkey have received maximum military and financial aid from USA since last 75 years. So these countries are used to create ISIS and AlQaida. Do you know this fact that both republicans and democrats agree that ISIS was created by America to control Oil where own solders could not go. So dont give me lecture, learn something while you can,
      If building Islmic state is good enogh then you should know about Pakistan. Pakistan since its creation in 1947, has killed 5 million muslims, 3 million in Bangladesh in 1971 and 2 million in Sindh, NWFP, POK, Fata, Gilgit. In 1999 alone 30,000 Pakistanis were standing outside UN building protesting against Pakistan and Pakistan army/ISI. So you have a lot to learn.
      In Pakistan school syllabus teaches hatred against non-muslims from primary school. But thankfully good people like Pervez Hoodbhoy and many school teachers protest this even in Pakistan, it is another matter that this has not stopped this even today in many govt schools across Pakistan. The pashto speaking children in particular are targeted via corrupted school textbook brainwashing children and use them as human suicide bombers. The reason they use pashtu children is cause of Pakistan hatred for Jews, the Pakistan army believes pashtu speakers are ancient tribe of bani Israel tribe (from Jewish background).
      Pakistanis are not compatible in any civil society. In Rotherham UK, 1600 minor girls were gang raped by 10 Pakistanis for Jihad, In Paris it was a Pakistani who instigated a Moroccan to behead professor Patty. In Germany a Pakistan drove bus into a crowd of Germans.

    • You are born in Muslims community, but you like to criticize the hindu ways. So what is stopping you from criticizing the controversial verses of Quran. If you are unbiased why dont you voice protest against the islamic issues as well. Do you care for your own communities or are you afraid of them. My purpose is not to criticize religion but to share the fact that if you feel fine to criticize one aspect then it would be selectivism not to protest something else which part of your own society you need to protest that too.

      1. Quran was created by the rich business men who forced themselves as rightful successors of prophet mohammed. Infact prophet mohammed had clearly said that follow the quresh or my family. So why all the kins of prophet mohammed were deliberately killed. Do you not see a concipiracy, how can you be sure that Quran is word of god and the teachings of Mohammed. How can you be damn sure. If you cannot be 100% sure you need to research the facts and then protest agsint the corruption in quran first by Uthman and then by saudi and british who created wahabism and salafism for their own purposes to seek power. So why dont you protest agaisnt the wrong of Islam.

      caliphh uthman a ummayyads hijacked islam ….rich corrupted islam. taxes were forbidden by prophet mohd but uthman collected taxes his umayyad cousins who was non-muslim governor to collect taxes. collecting tax was forbidden by prophet mohammed. all his governors tax collectors were non-muslim or umayyads.

      2. Quran verses Qur’an 9:29 and 9.5 (verse of sword) orders Muslims to fight and kill non-Muslims simply because they do not believe in the same God that Muslims follow. Do you feel allah has instructed muslims to kill non muslims and why please justify why you feel this is right. Is this the reason why from eternity muslims keep killing non muslims. Why do muslims patronize a mass killer and rapist like mohammed bin qassim and mohammeed bin qassim and aurengzeb. Why do you not protest against muslims who want to kill non muslims and agsisnt those who patronize and idolize these killers from history. You will find these muslims all around you. Infact more than 50% muslims believe it is right for muslims to kill non muslims. So where do you stand on this. Is this the reason why you support Afzal Guru, Maqbool Bhat, Syed Shah Gheelani, Jaish E Mohammmed Lakvi and other terrorists.

      3. While verse 2:282 of Qur’an and verse 4:11 declare that a woman is only half the worth of a man in terms of witness and inheritance. Do you really believe that the witness testimony of one man is equivalent to the witness testimony of two women. Why is islam not giving inheritence right to women. Is Islam not demining the women. So why dont you protest agsisnt this inequality in Islam agsint women.

      4. Qur’an 33:4 justifies that a muslim man can marry the wife of his adopted son, is this verse trying to protect your prophet for his pervert habbits just because Muhammad married Zaynab, the wife of his adopted son. So do you feel it is right for a man to marry his sons wife. Why dont you protest agsisnt such items that give man superiority and permit him to do any wrong.

      5. What about the verse in Qur’an 2:65, not only it propogates hate agsisnt Jews, it mentions that Jews were turned into Apes. Do you serious believe this to be true. Then what is stopping you from protesting agsisnt this jahiliat.

      6. And what about Qur’an 33:50, This verse allows men to have sex with women who are prisoners of war. In this verse the Quran also promotes slavery/women bondage when it says a muslims is permitted to do whatever with his slave/captive. Due to this verse women are sold , raped by muslim radical organisations. Are you shameful that radical muslims like Daesh are raping and selling Yazidi women. So what are you doing about this why dont you protest agsisnt this verse of Quran that gives legitamacy for crime/rape against women. This verse also allows cousin marriages, which we all know scientifically is not good. Dont you feel it is your right to correct the wrong within the Quran, or perhaps you feel this is not your resposnibility.

      7. Why dont you protest against verse in Qur’an 4:3, this is a highly controversial Qur’anic verse prescribes the waiting period of a female who has not yet reached puberty thereby permitting men to have sex with girls who have not reached puberty. Is this why some muslims mis use quran to marry 6 year old girls. So what is stopping you from protesting against Pedophilia in the Qur’an. Are you afraid that islamic radicals will kill you. So you feel your right to protest against hindu ways cause you know they are tolerant and they wont kill you when you criticise them, yet you are afraid to criticise your own religion because they will kill you. Am I right. In morder society Polygamy is highly controversial and not socially accepted, especially when women dont have the same right as men.

      8. Why dont you protest against verse in Qur’an 4:3, where men have right to marry four wives but women are not given this right. Does allah believe men are superior to women. In this verse the Quran also promotes slavery/women bondage when it says a muslims is permitted to do whatever with his slave/captive. Due to this verse women are sold , raped by muslim radical organisations. Is this why in some muslim countries maids are raped by their muslim employees and even in some cases beaten for sex. So why dont you protest against this verse. If you seek to fight injustice you will find a lot in your own holy book. Are you afraid to find faults in your own religion.

      9. Muslims want Sharia law but they dont want to implement verse in Qur’an 5:38, where muslims hands should be cut off if they are caught stealing. So muslims want to implement partial Shariah only the parts that suit them but not all the parts of Quran. So why dont you protest against muslim hyprocracy where they take only the portions that suit them. If muslims want Sharia law dont you feel muslims should accept and practice the law in its entirity.

      10. Why dont you protest against the verse in Qur’an 4:34, where muslim men are allowed to beat women but women are expected to be obidient to man, does allah believe men are perfect or does he believe men are superior.

      11 what about these verse which propogate violence

      I am with you: give firmness to the Believers: I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers.
      —?Quran 8:12
      Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers.
      —?Quran 3:151
      And those of the People of the Book who aided them, Allah did take them down from their strongholds and cast terror into their hearts, so that some ye slew, and some ye made prisoners [the women and the children]. And he made you heirs of their lands, their houses, and their goods, and of a land which ye had not frequented (before). And Allah has power over all things.
      —?Quran 33:26-27
      Let not the unbelievers think that they can get the better (of the Godly): they will never frustrate them. Against them make ready your strength of the utmost of your power, including steeds of war to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies of Allah and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom Allah doth know.
      —?Quran 8:56-60

      “Allah’s Apostle said, “I have been sent with the shortest expressions bearing the widest meanings, and I have been made victorious with terror (cast in the hearts of the enemy), and while I was sleeping, the keys of the treasures of the world were brought to me and put in my hand.” Abu Huraira added: Allah’s Apostle has left the world and now you, people, are bringing out those treasures (i.e. the Prophet did not benefit by them). Narrated in Abu Huraira. Sahih al-Bukhari, 4:52:220, see also Sahih Muslim, 4:1062, Sahih Muslim, 4:1063, Sahih Muslim, 4:1066, Sahih Muslim, 4:1067 and Sahih al-Bukhari, 5:59:512. ”
      Furthermore, Muhammad said in another Hadith:[52]

      “ The Prophet said, “Who is ready to kill Ka’b ibn al-Ashraf who has really hurt Allah and His Apostle?” Muhammad bin Maslama said, “O Allah’s Apostle! Do you like me to kill him?” He replied in the affirmative. So, Muhammad bin Maslama went to him (i.e. Ka’b) and said, “This person (i.e. the Prophet) has put us to task and asked us for charity.” Ka’b replied, “By Allah, you will get tired of him.” Muhammad said to him, “We have followed him, so we dislike to leave him till we see the end of his affair.” Muhammad bin Maslama went on talking to him in this way till he got the chance to kill him. Narrated Jabir bin ‘Abdullah Sahih al-Bukhari, 4:52:270, see also Sahih al-Bukhari, 5:59:369, Sahih Muslim, 19:4436. ”
      And another Hadith:[53]

      “ The Prophet passed by me at a place called Al-Abwa or Waddan, and was asked whether it was permissible to attack the pagan warriors at night with the probability of exposing their women and children to danger. The Prophet replied, “They (i.e. women and children) are from them (i.e. pagans).” I also heard the Prophet saying, “The institution of Hima is invalid except for Allah and His Apostle. Narrated As-Sab bin Jaththama Sahih al-Bukhari, 4:52:256, see also Sahih Muslim, 19:4321 Sunan Abu Dawood, 38:4390. ”
      However, there are other Hadith that say:

      “ During some of the Ghazawat of the Prophet a woman was found killed. Allah’s Apostle disapproved the killing of women and children. Narrated ‘Abdullah Sahih al-Bukhari, 4:52:257, see also Sahih Muslim, 19:4319. ”
      And another Hadith:

      “ During some of the Ghazawat of Allah’s Apostle a woman was found killed, so Allah’s Apostle forbade the killing of women and children. Narrated Ibn ‘Umar Sahih al-Bukhari, 4:52:258, see also Sahih Muslim, 19:4320.

      The Quran firmly stated that “There must be no coercion in matters of faith” (2:256), ruled that Muslims must believe in the revelations of all the great prophets (3:84) and that religious pluralism was God’s will (5:48). Muslims had, therefore, been traditionally wary of takfir, the practice of declaring a fellow Muslim to be an unbeliever (kafir).

  33. All haram khor Hindu dogs out of Muslim countries for permanant ghar wapsi back to bhangi bhikari bharat mata for you monkey worshipping goo bhakts.

  34. muslims are a**holes and cant do anything. while there are many things wrong with the Islam religion, the worst part abt the muslims is that they think they are better than everybody else. but if u look at it, the rest of the world is way more successful than all the muslim countries put together. also to all the muslim haters in the world:
    if you have a problem with Hinduism and our practices then get out of India. You can live in Saudi Arabia and live like a muslim. But if you live in India don’t bother dissing our practices. Also, the ppl of India are proud Hindus and nothing you say will make us think worse of ourselves.

  35. Iss bhadve ko samjha ke koi fayda nahi…iske dimag mein kachra bhara pada hai….isko maaf kar do apne aap pata chalega ki Hindu kaun hote hai…Phool bhejo re Isko sab log…

  36. If one carefully looks at contemporary history, one would find that Islam is a problem everywhere, be it UK, France, Belgium or entire Europe. Their identity-building and hence social exclusion are common everywhere. They live in Ghettos and wallow in poverty and backwardness. Sachar has clarified and confirmed these facts in India. They have been getting minority benefits, that are funded by the Hindus, yet there is no progress. They have progressed in demographic aggression.
    I think Islam doesn’t encourage modern education. It stresses only religious knowledge only that is imparted to every kid of 4/5 years of age. And what they learn is no secret. The indoctrination begins at this impressionable age. This gives rise to exclusiveness, group mentality and separatism.

  37. If Hindus boycott these Islamic nations, these will crumple into the sand. There would be a time in the near future when the petro dollars would ebb out making these Arab back to nomads.


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