We want no parallel courts, but expanding our arbitration centres: AIMPLB

Members of The All India Muslim Perosnal Law Board inaugurate Darul Qaza. (HT Image)

By Muslim Mirror Desk,

New Delhi: Slamming media for projecting Darul Qazas’ as parallel courts The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has appealed to the countrymen not to get influenced by the fake news and statements of communal entities.

In a statement The AIMPLB said that Darul Qazas have been in operation even before Independence and the Supreme Court has upheld their status as arbitration centres.

The board in a tweet said “AIMPLB never demanded a parallel court system. It has been and will be running Darul Qazas under the arbitration act. Our Darul Qazas are only arbitration centers that are helping the society. Please ignore fake news. Nayaya Panchayat has more legal rights whereas Darul Qazas are just counseling centers with their opinions having no legal binding. Fake news promoters must check facts.”

Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, Secretary and Spokesperson of AIMPLB, issued a statement clarifying on the board’s stand.”The system of Darul Qaza has been functional in different parts of the country since before Independence. Through Darul Qaza, thousands of cases are resolved. This is not a parallel court nor does it impose its opinion on the concerned parties with force. It is an institution to resolve family disputes through arbitration and compromise. Here the concerned parties are morally urged for compromise,” said Rahmani, adding “Women get big help from Darul Qaza where their cases are resolved without any cost, within a very short period of time and through counseling and their rights are restored. Darul Qaza also tries to minimize the occurrence of Talaq (divorce).”


  1. Well said AIMPLB and Maulana Rahmani !

    May Allah take good work from all Indian Ulema for counselling Indian families and poor citizens.

    The sincere Muslim community respects and loves you.

  2. Ummat is musibat ki ghari me aap per nazar utha kar dekh rahi hai.rahnumai farmain. Allah aap ko jazai khair ataa kare.


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