We will tell Indian history of victories not defeats: K’taka Min

Karnataka Education Minister B.C. Nagesh

Bengaluru : At a time when the agitation is growing stronger to drop revised syllabus for Kannada textbooks of Class 1 to 10 standards, and Social Science books of Class 6 to 10, the ruling BJP in Karnataka is asserting its firm resolve to implement the new syllabus.

Karnataka Education Minister B.C. Nagesh on Saturday said: “We will tell history of Indian victories not defeats to students. Everyone wrote about defeats throughout the history, none wrote about victories.”

He further said: “We are all set to tell historical victories of India.”

After the inauguration of “Amruta Bharatige Kannadada Aarati” programme organised by Kannada and Culture Department he said, India had its own system before the invasion of foreigners. “The volume of injustice done by British and Muslim rulers had not been done by anyone,” he said.

Mughals have destroyed temples, culture of the land and snatched away our self respect, he said.

“Our people did not take sword to conquer any foreign land. They went with knowledge. British had only the intention to destroy Gurukulas,” he said.

Nagesh said the British did not conquer this land with their intelligence and valour. “But, they came to power by divide and rule policy, through illegal and immoral ways”.

“But, our freedom fighters turned revolutionaries have challenged the British empire and took away their peace of mind,” he said, adding: “Children must be taught that the freedom was achieved through the sacrifice and martyrdom of crores of people.”— IANS


  1. Same old Hindu lies and day dreaming about fake history…this minister looks like a homeless gutter rat. Muslims made India great, Hindus turned it into a 3rd world sh1thole.


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