Welfare Party leader Tasleem Rahmani narrowly escapes in road accident in West Bengal


By Muslim Mirror News,

Dr Tasleem Ahmad RahmaniKolkata, April 7: Dr. Tasleem Rahmani, National Secretary of Welfare Party of India narrowly escaped in a road accident on Kolkata-Birbhum high way on Saturday. He was accompanied with West Bengal president of Welfar Party who also escaped miraculously.


In West Bengal for last four days for panchayat elections, Dr. Rahmani was traveling in a car on way to Birbhum. He was accompanied by West Bengal WPI president Nausha Sheen besides the driver. The driver all of a sudden lost control and the car fell into 12-ft deep ditch. The car was badly damaged but all the three miraculously escaped and did not get even injured. Dr. Rahmani is in-charge of the party in North East.


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