Why Arab dictators and monarchs remain unfazed by ongoing genocide in Gaza!

By Syed Zubair Ahmad

The global Muslim community is deeply dismayed by the alarming silence of Arab leaders in response to Israel’s devastating actions in Gaza. The ongoing genocide has resulted in the tragic loss of 11,240 Palestinian lives, including 4,630 children and 3,130 women. This staggering death toll has left Muslims across the world shocked and appalled, particularly because of the lack of robust condemnation and meaningful action from influential Arab leaders in the face of such atrocities.

In the recently concluded OIC-Arab League meeting, held  in Jeddah, several frontal Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Egypt and Bahrain, ostensibly opposed the proposal to snap ties with Israel, exposing the hypocrisy of the region’s monarchs and dictators, as well as democratic Western governments, who have failed to denounce the ongoing genocide in Gaza despite calls for a ceasefire from the people.

The proposal, brought in the Jeddah meet, suggested a slew of measures, ranging from cutting diplomatic and economic ties to denying Israeli flights access to Arab airspace, besides using oil as a means of leverage for a ceasefire in the Palestinian enclave.

unfortunately the killings of The hypocritical approach of the Arab dictators is not a new phenomenon. For decades, they have betrayed the Palestinians, turning their backs on them. What’s even more disappointing is that these Arab rulers do not allow their own people to hold protests against the Israeli atrocities in Gaza, unlike in many other countries, including US and European countries. Instead, Saudi Arabia shamelessly went ahead with its entertainment concert Riyadh Season 2023 with all pomp and show.

According to a media report, Saudi Arabia has reassured the Joe Biden administration that it’s still interested in pursuing a potential agreement to normalize relations with Israel after the crisis in Gaza ends, the White House said. “Without getting into specifics — we came away from those discussions confident that we have a path to get back towards normalization and that there is an interest on the Saudi side to pursue that,” US National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby told reporters in Washington Saudi Defense Minister Khalid bin Salman met White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan.

For those unaware of the brutal history of Arab monarchs and dictators suppressing their own people, these actions may come as a shocking revelation. The inhumane actions of these leaders, who were expected to safeguard the lives and dignity of their citizens, have used extreme violence against dissenting voices’

Israel is not doing anything new. In recent past the Egyptian president crushed thousands of women and children under tanks during protests against the removal of democratically elected President Muhammad Morsi; the army of Bashar Assad in Syria has been responsible for the deaths of thousands of Syrians, including innocent women and children, and has been accused of using white phosphorus bombs and Saudi Arabia’s coalition forces have been involved in bombing hospitals, funeral processions, and wedding parties in Yemen.

At least 230,224 civilians, including 30,007 children and 16,319 women (adult female), were killed at the hands of the parties to the conflict and controlling forces in Syria between March 2011 and March 2023. According to the UN, over 150,000 people have been killed in Yemen, as well as estimates of more than 227,000 dead as a result of an ongoing famine and lack of healthcare facilities due to the war. Arab rulers have normalized the killing of civilians and desensitised the killing of dissents.

The death tolls in conflicts such as those in Syria and Yemen are devastating, with countless civilians, including women and children, becoming victims of the conflicts. Infact Arab rulers have normalized the killing of civilians and suppressed dissenting voices, perpetuating an environment of violence and disregard for human life.

They neither possess the mandate of their people nor are they held accountable by anyone. Instead, they are in power with the blessings of their Western masters, so they obediently serve their masters. This is why Benjamin Netanyahu proudly declares Israel as the ‘only democracy in the Middle East’. Even when massive protests in solidarity with Palestine arise across the globe , Arab nations  fail to express their support for Palestine.

The rulers of Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt not only maintain a warm relationship with Israel but also purchase arms from Israel. These countries import a lot of products either directly from Israel or from Jews-owned companies based in the USA.

Calls for boycotting Israel have been mere emotional slogans in these countries, failing to sustain due to ties between the ruling elite and Zionist-owned companies. More importantly, these Arab monarchs and dictators have invested trillions of dollars in Europe and America. So, by refusing to obey their dictates, these leaders risk not only losing their power but also their wealth.

Many political analysts think that the Arab dictators see Hamas as a potential threat to their thrones, especially after witnessing the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. They are unwilling to take any risks with an empowered Hamas that could challenge their authority.

Egyptian ruler Ibrahim Sisi was enthroned by Zionist and Saudi rulers. UAE has already granted citizenship to thousands of Jews –  Abu Dhabi is even known as the second capital of Israel. MBS, with its ambitious project Vision 2030 and dream city NEOM, cannot afford to take any risks that could hinder its success.

The fate of the Arab world, particularly the GCC countries will not change, until elected governments prioritize the concerns and aspirations of the people. As long as puppet rulers remain in power, the proxy rule of imperialists will continue, ultimately resulting in the destruction of Arab nations, one after another.

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  1. But OIC is a drama company just to safeguard monarch’s interests in the Middle East.
    Israel and and its close allies know about Rich Arabs, and their leaders “dark secret” lifestyle.
    Israel almost made Gaza to ashes, still Sunni Arab puppets are cool enjoying their daily routine
    People suspect that current Gaza genocide is a planned one by Israel and its close allies, and ( may be few Arab puppets also involved ).
    Israel and its close allies knew reaction of Arab puppets will be same as usual since these Arab puppets already bow their head to Israel and its business partner countries.
    So one can guess outcome of current Gaza genocide.


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