‘Why I prefer Muslims and Islam’ explains Ambedkarite leader

By Bhai Tej Singh

To my perceptions, Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar has embraced Buddhism on 14th October 1956 purely on two counts namely-

1-Restoration of Human dignity to the persecuted humanities in India,

2-Protection of the same lot from the onslaught of the Hindus or any other community in India.

Our people have since been suppressed, oppressed, exploited, kicked and killed purely on caste consideration while remaining in Hindu-fold but by joining Buddhism or Buddhist community they could not escape the same fate because of the caste inflictions which had made no difference. The caste-inflictions still prevail and practiced in Buddhism! Resultantly no human dignity has yet been restored.

Secondly, Baba Saheb might have thought that there were 56 Buddhist countries in the world if neo Buddhists or converted Buddhists were touched otherwise, they will not keep mum as is the case with Christians/Muslims etc. Therefore the sought after protection or sympathy is not yet available to our people from any corner of the world.

It all happened due to identity crises of the neo Buddhists. Furthermore, the neo-Buddhists or for those who have embraced Buddhism could not yet get rid of the Caste inflictions or Caste-based exploitations at the hands of the same Hindus because there is no distinctions between the Hindu dalit or the neo-Buddhist. No specific distinctions have yet been developed or available in Buddhism so as make our people look different or behave differently from that of the Hindus.

As to whether, 56 years are not enough to form a separate community in Buddhism. Our people especially the academically educated and well placed are not still supposed to mend themselves in accordance with the tenets of Buddhism. No separate nomenclature is available in Buddhism so as to make those converted a separate entity!

How long our people are supposed to be humiliated even than that of the conversion? The suppression, oppression n exploitation is not supposed to come an end until or unless we uproot Brahmanism as was the will n desire of our Messiah. For the purpose of the complete annihilation of the Castes, we have to fetch support from the friendly communities and in such a way we always find our Muslim brethren near to us.

You have seen the fate of four Maya-governments which came off with flying colors because of the vote n support from our Muslim brethren but by hobnobbing with Pushyamitrashungi Brahmins it was miserably failed to do anything good for our people and the Mission of our Messiah.

We have on several occasions witnessed brutal fight worst that of the Muslims in the name of their so-called millions of the Gods n Goddesses. The hundred year’s war of supremacy between the Brahmins and Kshatriyas is mentioned in the Hindu scriptures. So far as we could understand and witnessed no human being is so suppressed, oppressed and victimized as in Hindu fold.

Therefore, no doubt, we find the Muslims are still better companions/friends and Islam is the best remedy for our people for completely annihilation of the Caste, safety n security and dignified living for our people in India.

To certain people, without realizing, sensing and witnessing rather ignoring the pitiable conditions of my people they are still at the receiving ends of the Hindus who not only sarcastically treat them in every walks of their life inferior than the beasts but also resort to inflict so many atrocities on them, are in habit of delivering sermons!. The conversion to Buddhism though scientific way of living miserably failed to deliver anything good for the erstwhile Shudras, atishudras particularly on two counts as mentioned in my write up. Moreover, I would like to tell you that ‘Buddhism’ is not a religion as is the case with Hindu, Muslim, Christianity…. It is “DHAMMA” means way of life.

I’m of the firm conviction that NO RELIGIOUS CONVERSION is meaningful without cultural transformation. So far as ‘Buddhism is concerned, cultural transformation has not taken place even after 56 years of Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar our savior n Messiah has converted himself along with half million others have follow suit. Buddhism appears to have been swallowed by the Hindus as the neo Buddhist have not yet come out of its shadow and still continued to perform Hindu, rites, rituals and ceremonies!

It may not be out of place to mention here that Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar who while addressing the Yeola Conference on October 13, 1935 said that the degenerated Hinduism was rightly called Brahmanism because it benefited only the Brahmin hierarchy as a class. Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar vehemently observed: “I have decided once for all to give up this religion”. Further he thundered the world by denouncing Hinduism and added that unfortunately for him he was born a Hindu untouchable. “It was beyond his power to prevent that, but it was within his power to refuse to live under ignoble and humiliating conditions. I solemnly assure you that I will not die a Hindu”.

In order to make preliminary preparations to change their religion Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar through the resolution of Mahar Conference of Dadar, Mumbai in 1936 urged his people to refrain thenceforth from worshipping Hindu deities, to put a stop to the observance of Hindu festivals and to stop visiting Hindu places of worship.

He has taken 21 years after His pledge of denouncing and renouncing Hinduism and making him prepare for the purpose. There was no fault in his perception of embracing Buddhism and think it appropriate for the erstwhile untouchables. But you know Hindu Micro-minority (Caste-Hindus) who used to leave no stone unturned to maintain their false supremacy that too at the cost of others. I am of the firm view that it was not the Britishers who taught us, “Divide & rule” but it was the Brahmins the Jews of India who taught the English people their SAMA, DAMA, DANDA & BHEDA i.e. “Divide and fool to rule! In order to remain at the helms of the affairs they devised the theory of Chaturvarna and further divided the Indian natives into thousands Castes and sub-Castes and treated the bulk of the Indian population worst than beasts by inflicting on them the blot of Castiesm and made them the untouchables. What a heinous crime against the humanity by the so called genius and superiors.

The worst of everything that they have put the stamps of their religion rather irreligion on the misdeeds of theirs outsmarting the knaves on the universe. Could anybody who have sense of humanity would like to remain at the lowest rug of their misnomer!

We are least concern with this device of theirs to subjugate millions in India that too for the centuries. The Buddhism though noble idea of living the life of humans miserably failed to deliver anything good to the poor n persecuted millions erstwhile Shudras and ati-shudras in the span of these last 65 years since the conversion. The Hindu Micro-minority have co-opted the neo Buddhists or one can say that the Buddhist intellectuals and clergy thereof failed totally in their endeavor of remaining their new path of salvation away and intact of the vices of Hinduism!

10 thoughts on “‘Why I prefer Muslims and Islam’ explains Ambedkarite leader

    1. Thank God, he was a sanatani by birth. In islam, apostasy is one of the hudud crimes ( crime against god and fixed by god, hilarious as if allah cares). The apostate is called a murtadd ( one who turns back from islam) and the punishment is death for men and life imprisonment for women. So, go on bhai tej singh, stop lying and convert to islam. Wishing you happy days ahead as a muslim 🙂 😉 .

      1. Kattar Goo aka Hindu monkey worshipping rat,

        Lying as usual with your broken English. Don’t you mean your 330000000 pokemon “gods” who killed, ate, raped each other? LOL Let me educate your lying and smelly kaali gaand, the apostasy laws of Islam are for treachery and discouraging conversion. If Hindus are so tolerant, why have they passed anti-conversion laws? Nobody takes or respects Hinduism seriously, which is nothing but an elaborate brahmin slave system which is built on inhumanity, hate, filth and superstition. No wonder so many Hindus convert out because they don’t to be shoe cobblers and bhangis as their ancestors were forced into being as “low caste” Hindus.
        “Santani” my foot, Ambedkar said India must NEVER become a Hindu rashtra, and he was right. Muslims made India great, Hindus turned into a fascist backward sh1thole.

      2. Deniyng one and only God Allah is apostasy undoubtedly, and what about worshipping lacs of false deities ?? Mohammad Ali is the example of Racism conversion Allah guided him through the black and white Racism and he became a influential Muslim personality. Allah Hu Akbar .. Islam is the solution of every problem Casteism,Racism …..

  1. We are very thankful to Dr. Ambedkar for converting into Buddhism. Had he been converted into Islam it would have shown devastated effects.

  2. Firstly, Ambedkar never completely accepted Buddhism. He rejected basic concepts of Buddhism, namely core beliefs and doctrines such as Four Noble Truths and “non-self” as flawed and pessimistic. The reason he gave was that someone who was born after the Guatama must have inserted this into the Triptakas. As if he knew more than whoever wrote the books. 🤣🤣 Sorry to say, but Ambedkar became a troll in his later years, he moved from a reformer fighting for equality to a madman whose only goal was to hate on everybody by playing the victim card and harbouring permanent grievances. This is the reason why he only turned to Buddhism knowing his life was ending a week before death, as a last ditch effort to troll the Sanatanis. When he died, he died neither as a Mahāyāna Buddhist, a Theravāda Buddhist nor as a Sanatani. It is very easy to idolize and lionise people, it is very difficult to initiate actual change and reform in a society. This is why the Ambedkarites see him as a diety to be worshipped, but not as somone who actually solved their problems even though he was the one who advocated for reservations and other measures.

    1. Kattar goo aka RSS sh1t bag

      More self styled Hindu lies and whatsapp nonsense. Ambedkar’s words contradict your “Santani” bullsh1t. Buddhism itself was born in India as a reaction to Hinduism, and was kicked out by Brahmins afraid of the threat to their caste system. Ambedkar had long been frustrated by the basic tenets of Hinduism, and considered the inherent characteristics of the religion, particularly the caste system to be a bigger threat to freedom in Indian society than that of the British.

  3. Dr.ambedkar converted buddhism through frustration under hindu pressure.all his friends were aryan brahmins like justice Randi and sarkar. These brahmins misguided him and threatened that that of Dalits convert to Islam they shall be massacred like muslims.they permits him to embrace buddhism.aryanhindus were British allies in massacres of Muslim the world over .aryan in British army massacred.millions of muslims in Lhasa Tibet and demolished hundreds of mosques.aĺso in India, Palestine and Africa as well malaya peninsula.this is history. Thus out of fear babangida saheb preferred buddhism.

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