Will carpet bomb Kashmiris if voted to power : Praveen Togadia


By Muslim Mirror Staff

Jammu: In a glaring example of inflammatory speech Praveen Kumar Togadia, National President of Hindustan Nirman Dal on Friday said that their party will order carpet bombing of stone pelters in Kashmir if voted to power.

Togadia is former International Working President of the Vishva Hindu Parishad.

The Hindutva leader was was addressing a presser in Jammu.

He made these comments while asking Jammu people to vote for Sushil Sudan, Hindustan Nirman Dal Contesting Candidate from Jammu-Poonch Parliamentary Seat.

“We will order carpet bombing of stone pelters in valley,” he said. He criticised Bharatiya Janata Party of using Hindutva for gathering votes.

“In election they talk of Ram Mandir when in power they ponder over Masjids. They have fooled Indian Hindus for their political purposes only,” he said.

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  1. We are hearing no secular voice against this terrorist group. Silence from Hindus is encouraging such group, and they are equal accomplice. I wonder what has happened to our Hindu brothers. How come their mentality has so abruptly changed. On one hand they say not to kill any living being and on the other advocating or accomplicing for the killings of humans. This thought process is not in the DNA of Hinduism. Hindus must reunderstand their philosophy before they too like Muslims have to cry for havoc they created by their silence.

  2. I think we need to reprogramme Indian majority mentality to the HUMANITY and inclusiveness and acceptance and sensitivity of Mahatma Gandhiji and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad by re-structuring curriculum in all schools and colleges and universities to basic ” Being Human” and encourage being Kind, Just , Fair and inclusive in opportunity for everyone including underprivileged Dalits and Muslims.
    We need to strongly establish Law and Order fairly and justly without Gujarati partiality and discourage violence against unarmed and weak citizens by law and common-man.
    Reward honesty of Kejriwal like people and strongly discourage Gujarati corruption and bribing and supari/jugaad mentality.
    Otherwise Togadias and like will continue to flourish!

    The silent mainstream Hindu citizens and the coward silent mainstream Muslims and Dalits are mainly responsible, as Almighty God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves! ( by personal education, being brave, being humble, being austere in spending on useless things, investing wisely, asserting fairness, justice, wisdom and humanity )

  3. Togadia is a Hindu fanatic. In the recent past he was scared of being killed by Modi and was shit scared. He like Gujaratiz are not ready to die for the nation. They want to encourage others to die for the nation like brahmins. Not a single soldier is either Gujarati or brahman. They keep themselves busy looting Bharatmata. Both are highly communal and anti constitution deshdrohi

  4. Saffron terrorists kept on spreading hatred against Moslems,Sikhs and Dalits.Their false propagandas are at a great height.Gradually spread the same rot by twisting the academic books and even Sishu mandirs and Shakhas are the hate breeding centres.
    Fact remains that Modi’s fall doesn’t end VHP terrorism.
    Unless the RSS is banned and their prbandhaks are encountered in police action.


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