Will Syria War make Allama Iqbal’s prophesy about Iran a reality?


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By Mumtaz Alam, Muslim Mirror,

Syria is facing a devastating war from the US and allied forces and Bashar Al-Asad is almost set to meet the fate of his counterparts in Iraq and Libya – Saddam and Gaddafi respectively. But the million-dollar question is: Will the US military attack on Syria be confined to the country as in the case of Iraq and Libya or spread to the region inviting active military retaliation from Iran? “It seems that Europe, America and their allies will be defeated by Iran and its allies, and Allama Iqbal’s prophesies will become a reality,” says young research scholar of Delhi University, Mr. Zafar Iqbal in his recently published maiden book “Iqbal ke Siyasi Afkar” (Political Thoughts of Iqbal).

It is said that Iran and Syria have a mutual pact that attack on one will be considered attack on the other also. If US and allied forces attack Syria, Iran will take as attack on its soil and will retaliate. While nuclear program of Iran is still controversial as many nations have cast doubt on its peaceful purpose. However, it is also said that Iran is militarily more powerful and capable to defend American or Israeli attacks than perceived by the world.

In 1930s, Poet of East Allama Iqbal had said that if Tehran becomes Geneva of the East then the fate of the world will be dramatically changed. He had said this after closely observing the falling sick Europe and the slaved Asia.

In his poem titled “Inquilab” in the collection Bal-e Jibreel, Allama Iqbal wrote much before the World War II:

Na Asia mein na Europe mein Soz-o Saz-e Hayat

Khudi ki maut hai ye aur woh Zameer ki maut

Dilon mein walwala-e Inquilab hai paida

Qareeb Agayi Shayad Jahan-e Pir ki maut

Iqbal ke Siyasi AfkarAuthor Zafar Iqbal says some of the prophesies of Iqbal in the above two couplets have come true and some others are going to be. He had said that both Asia and Europe have lost the tempo of living nations. Slavery has killed the self respect in Asia while atheism and communism have eaten into the heart of Europe and both are going to fall. The author says the World War II finished the empire of Europe and Soviet Union of Russia broke into pieces in the 1990s. Now it is the turn of America and the rest of Europe who are suffering with the ailments of thought, economy and military hegemony.

Poet Iqbal in his poem “Jamiat-e Aqwam-e Mashriq” in the same Bal-e Jibreel had predicted Iran would become a superpower.

Dekha hai Malukiyat-e Afrang ne jo Khwab

Mumkin hai ki Us Khwab ki Tabir badal Jaye

Tehran ho gar Alam-e Mashriq ke Geneva

Shayad Kurra-e Arz ki Taqdir Badal Jaye

Poet Iqbal said the dreams of Europe and West (regarding their rule on the world both west and east) may not come true. If Tehran becomes Geneva of the East, the fortunes of the entire world will be changed.

Author Zafar Iqbal seems to have some emotional feelings about Iran and his military prowess. He says: “If Muslim world gets united Allah will come to help them and they will get victory in the leadership of Iran and America and Europe will receive shameful defeat. Iran will lead the world as a superpower and Tehran will become the centre of power in the East as as Geneva once was in Europe.

The 111-page book is actually the thesis of Zafar Iqbal’s M.Phil degree. The title of the thesis was Iqbal ki Shayeri mein Siyasi Mauzuaat” (Political topics in the poetry of Iqbal). The book is divided in three chapters: Iqbal ka Ahad; Iqbal ki Shayeri ke Mukhtalif Adwar; and Iqbal ka Milli Tasawwur.

It seems the author has tried to read Poet Iqbal from an untouched angle – the political thoughts and his political prophesies. Though Urdu language in last three hundred years have got several stalwart poets who were keen observer and critique of political changes of their time, Iqbal stands out as a prophetic poet who looked at things going to happen decades and century later.


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