Will West Bengal find an echo in UP?

By Haider Abbas,Muslim Mirror,

The deplorable medical condition in UP and in the overall country was all in the making for the non-sensitive governments both led by BJP.  As we sit in large cities, we do have access to social-media news and have a clue of ‘things-around’, but the condition is far more worse in small villages, qasbas and districts as people are dying in great large numbers for the new variant of COVID-19 has stuck India with a  far more greater intensity.  The media-houses and channels, with one or two objective exceptions, are still rallying to eulogise PM Narendra Modi and there is hardly a news anchor questioning as to why PM is getting his palace built for 13,500 Cr unstoppingly despite the havoc of death-toll rising. Quite understandably, the official machinery is hell-bent to falsify the death figures. In Kanpur (UP) for as many of 476 dead bodies in a single day the official figure showed up only 3 deaths.

Since I hail from UP I can assuage that had there was a non-BJP government in State or Center, hundreds of non-BJP offices were to have been burnt along with attacks on MLAs, MLCs and MPs, and media would have then called-for the ‘criminals sitting in government’ but today media is muted to even point a finger as to why BJP led governments should not be put into dock?  Why did UP government organize Kumbh when now it is found that 99% returnees from Kumbh are Corona positive! The palpable atmosphere surrounding the country is so horrendous that Adar Poonawala, the owner of Serum Institute of India which makes the largest Covid-vaccine was afraid that his ‘head would be chopped-off’ if he  spoke about Kumbh and the polls, organized by Election Commission, before he flew to England.

It would not be a euphemism that had EC, which warrants a separate book as to how it has bowed to BJP since precisely 2014, or otherwise it had always been known for its dubious-past, and not helped BJP in West Bengal, the tally of BJP was not to be more than 20. The average victory margin of BJP is 14,010 votes while TMC is 31,769 votes as TMC romped home with 213/294 seats under its charismatic leader Mamta Banerjee. TMC finished second in 75 seats while BJP won 74. Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora has been awarded a place in ‘Palacio Do Cabo’ as Governor to Goa on the same lines as CJI Ranjan Gogoi got his slice of pie in the form of Rajya Sabha for awarding the Babri Masjid site to the Hindus. Arora danced to the tunes of BJP to organize WB elections in eight phases while in Tamil Nadu, a state of almost an equal size, in a single day, as obviously BJP was not to win against the Dravidian parties. BJP is so brazen into bringing down constitutional institutions! Wasn’t it long enough when five SC judges, including Gogoi, cried for ‘democracy at stake’ in 2018 but Rahul Gandhi  floundered the issue and could not make it a public-outcry and BJP, despite such an unprecedented event, cruised to victory in 2019.

BJP in WB an agenda of ‘Asol-Parivartan’! To quote Modi from his February 22, speech , ‘BJP ki sarkar, sirf satta mein, sirf satta mein ( twice) parivartan ke liyein nahi, balki Asol parivartan ( real-change) ke liyein banana hai, asol parivartan, balki yehan kamal khilana is liyein jaroori hai taki paschim Bengal ki istithi mein who asol parivartan aa sake jiski ummed mein aaj ka naujawan jee raha hai’ . Everyone knows what real-change (Modi was seeking it in context to corruption)  meant as after all BJP has become so synonymous with the corrupts like Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi, Mehul Choksi, Vijay Malya etc,  who all could never have dared  to leave the country (with billions) without the knowledge of BJP. WB accordingly therefore got a whiff of the incoming real-change when on April 10, Central Industrial Security Force, controlled by the C enter, gunned down four Muslim youths. All were TMC workers.

The Muslim presence broadly in WB is around 30% and the overwhelming majority of Muslims live in its six-districts which encompasses 118 of the overall 141 seats, out of 294, where Muslims exercise considerable influence. Interestingly these 118 seats cover around 61 % of Muslim population and also 40.13% of the total seats, writes Snigdhendu Bhattacharya in TheWire, and Muslims overwhelmingly voted for TMC, no wonder, due to it, tells TOI on May 3, that of the 141 seats 120 were bagged by TMC. TMC, therefore, was always to be comfortable for a plus 100 tally with Muslim support alone! Muslims voting en masse for TMC titled the fortunes for it.  BJP which had bludgeoned its utmost resources, with its most virulent communal campaign, which is all what BJP can only offer, had to cut a sorry figure. With Muslims heavily tilted towards TMC as a foregone conclusion, it found Hindus, women, Leftists, communists, and fence-sitters to vote for TMC, thus, adding to the hat-trick of Mamta Banerjee as CM. 41 of the 42 Muslims fielded by TMC won.

The news back home, in UP, which is where BJP apparently seems most powerful, is also not very encouraging. Modi, who represents Benarus (Kashi) did not visit his constituency, but instead visited WB for 17 times between February-April, despite the merciless Corona-virus spread-out. This is for all to see as to where his priorities lie. The reflection of people’s mood can be ascertained as the results of UP Panchayat polls show a drubbing for BJP in Kashi too! BJP could win only 8 while SP won 24 seats out of 40 seats.   In Mathura, another BJP stronghold BJP won 8/40 while BSP (12) and RLD (9) seats. In Ayodhya which is the stamp image of BJP it finished with 6 while SP won 24/40 seats. In my last visit to Benarus I asked someone if Modi has transformed the city into Singapore, he replied to not even Jaunpur.

The situation is UP is far more worse than Brazil. There is a public-outburst against the government, which is shifting the blame to ‘system’ while thousands of funeral-pyres are lit on footpaths, from Ghaziabad to Ghazipur, due to our almost fallen medical-infrastructure, and also where a word towards unavailability of oxygen may invite the seizure of your property!

 Let’s see what happens in 2022 UP elections despite the wherewithal of the ultimate communal vehemence of BJP.


The writer is a former UP State Information Commissioner and a political analyst.


One thought on “Will West Bengal find an echo in UP?

  1. Do you know that Governor of West Bengal has called for CBI enquiry against Mamta Banerjee in wake of the 300 BJP supporters slaughtered in West Bengal post elections. Last time when CBI officers came to West Bengal for investigation of corruption by Mamta Banerjee the team of CBI was put in Jail. We dont have much hope that CBI will do much this time. We saw what happened to Sushant Singh Investigations, basically just like this investigations even the exodus of Hindus from Bangal will die down after a while and life will continue as usual. .

    So do you know that 80000-100000 people have faced exodus from west Bengal to Assam. But I dont think there will be anything done despite this enormous scale of Exodus. Yes we are in India not Pakistan or Bangladesh. But nothing will happen, ye India hai yahan pe democracy is only for minorities.

    Do you know that TMC is targeting BJP supporters out of the state. Union minister who went to take assessment of the situation his car was attacked. You will not know about these things cause our liberal media wont tell these things.

    Such is the size of the Program that:
    2042 villages in West Bengal impacted by reported violent incidents. Unreported cases will be much much more. 4105 BJP and RSS workers attacked or houses burned. 34840 BJP supporters faced attacks out of this 14250 are SC/ST people who TMC claims to be supporting. 170 rapes, 6621 incidents and cases of molestation of women, 1 BJP workers daughter was disrobed (her clothes were removed in public), 6400 people registered into shelter homes as their homes were burned, 300 villages bull dozed and severely damaged, 300 people killed. And all this has happened in Bengal in the last 7 days. How can you expect the people to vote for another party when the fear of TMC is so much at large. In fact everyone is asking questions to center why they taken no action upto now. But in a democracy only the governor of the state can call for help of army or center or supreme court. So action can only be taken when governor of state calls a emergency. Above stats I got from Dr Ratan Sharda video.

    Supreme court of India can open in the midnight for terrorist, supreme court in India can tell it is too late for justice now, it can tell west Bengal we are closed for 3 days as we have covid cases in priority. This is the reality of supreme court of India.

    Do you know China is taking advantage of internal situation since west Bengal situation. China as brought in armoured tank division into the border and fresh regiment of soilders. The moment army is sent to west Bengal we will see China will take its move. It is almost like our politics is coordinating with our enemies.

    But can you imagine the compulsions of our media they are not reporting these things

    Congress who was in power when Kashmir Hindu pandits were faced with exodus. There was Kashmiri home minister in India ( Father of Mehbooba Mufti ) when Hindus were driven out. The reality is the 90% Hindus of India are confused and in denial sometimes they blame themselves and other times they blame BJP and Modi. This is called some kind of psychological syndrome due to the persecution through centuries due to which we are always confused. You will see how Aarti Tikko Singh ex-Times of India is also blaming BJP despite she was herself a victim of Kashmir exodus yet she is so confused and blaming BJP like you. Soon you will see media saying Modi is to blame and you will read in newspapers and media all this is fake and Mamta Banerjee is being trapped. If this does not happen in next few weeks let me know.


    You will see soon the Hindus of rest of India will turn their back on this kind of exodus and after some time this exodus will be forgotten in no time. Decades later our own supreme court will say it is too late for justice now. Do you know anyone who was jailed for Kashmir exodus, for 30 years Bitta Karate who admitted in front of camera and boasted yes I killed so many people even he did not get jailed. So this is the kind of India we are living in. Where people are not doing own responsibility and they blame others always. Cricket is more important for us then reality.

    Aarti Tikko said in her video our democracy has failed due to failure of institutions like supreme court of India who were hijacked by Leftist forces. Supreme court does not care for truth for last 75 years they worked for the interest of congress, Gandhi Nehru family and interest of Leftist forces. And so Modi, BJP and RSS will not saying anything about Hindu Genocide in Palghar, Bengal due to excessive Hinduphobia in western media like New York times, Washington post, BBC, CNN, The Gaurdian, USCIRF. They have openly kept quite at Hindu Genocide and attacked India when there is response to Hindu counter response in the past, they created propaganda against India when we reacted to Islamic attacks in the past. This is why you will not see our corporations and our govts do anything to stop such things. This is exactly same which happened during Kargil when the moment our Soldiers reached on the top America called Indian PM to give Pakistani militia free and safe passage. Until our Indian solders were dying USA was silent Infact they had even stopped France from giving codes of laser guided bombs to India. So long you don’t understand such global anti Hindu politics you will not understand what is happening inside India. Funding for all the naxalism and terrorism comes from West. All the Hindu phobia is only and only due to American funding. Pakistan is nothing without American and chinese support. Until you don’t understand the bigger picture you will only see this as a Hindu Muslim or political problem. No this is not , this is actually rich nations who are doing this in our nation by supporting leftist forces.
    The media in India is corrupt and the Abrahamic religions are well funded. If you want to know truth about the sadhu killing see this video to know how unarmed unsuspecting sadhus were killed by communists and Christian evangelists. But then The power of these leftist is so strong and global that Modi found was shut he did not speak about this incident. Even Supreme court never spoke about this incident nor did the Leftist Liberal media.
    Who was funding corona virus research in Wuhan, who is sending virus strands for research to wuhan, China. Until you don’t understand this it is waste of time to understand bigger picture.. Do you know USA was developing corona Virus in Wuhan labs with full knowledge of China CCP.

    American elite are in bed with China after 1995 Clinton’s convinced own Congress to transfer jobs to China and since then they are heavily invested in china. So these elite are heavily invested in china and this is also the reason why US and global media loves Imran Khan but hates Modi and RSS and silent on China. World health organization says there is no proof that China has spread Corona virus. Can you believe this today the Bigtech , America and World health organization all are busy in protecting China.

    In wake of the above facts, it does bring doubts why covid cases have increased in India all of a sudden, could there be a greater conspiracy to defame Modi and to could it be this global nexus has been trying to change the government of Modi cause it is not favourable to the interest of this global nexus. While we are seeing in India the media does not blame tabliqi jamat gathering, farmer protest, Shaheen Bagh for protests but they only singled out chhath Pooja , kumbh Mela, BJP election rally for spreading fake news. Although I do agree BJP could have avoided these events. But it does not excuse the media from not calling out shaheen baug, farmers protests as reason for spread of Corona cases.

    How the exodus of 5 lakh hindus happened from Kashmir
    Truth about the jagmohan story in kashmir
    National conference – problems were due to Dr Farouq Abdullah and his sister Khalda Zia both wanted power. Abdullah rigged elections against his sister. But then his sister purchased his MPs by paying them money and then went to Governer Jagmohan saying they should get to form the govt in kashmir, but Dr. Abdullah wanted to become CM also. Governor Jagmohan preferred a governors rule to avoid the tension between brother and sister. But since Zia and her husband insisted he asked them to prove the majority in house of the Kashmir parliament, the angry supporters of the two parties started the riots, the jklf then killed hindus on the streets. then mosque loud speakers started threatening hindus. Instead of saving the hindus from being killed coward Abdullah and his family ran away fearing own life allowed the masacres to happen, pakistan took advantage of the govt vaccum infiltrated terrorists and then mass killing of hindus, they then resulted in Hindu exodus due to no govt protecting them. Governor Jagmohan seeked directions from congress which did not come. After Abdullah family ran away
    instead of protecting the hindu kashmiri pandits. Media in India as per Jagmohan is stupid creator of half the problems, barkha dutt exposed. They were reporting wrong things which aggrevate the problems.
    Problem in J&K is bad & immoral leaders of Kashmir, and in India the negative congress party who could not be a fair opposition party
    Jagmohan issue clarified By Javed Iqbal Shah
    Jagmoahn was not the problem, the problem was abdullah family
    At the time of VP singh govt , Mehbooba’s dad,Mufti M.Sayeed,became 1st ‘Muslim’ home minister of India in1989 nd Hindu massacre happened in JnK in 1990!! Do you think this is Coincidence? I dont think so.
    The 1989 kidnapping of Rubaiya Sayeed was an act carried out by members of the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front, a Kashmiri Muslim terrorist organization, on 8 December 1989, in Jammu and Kashmir. Rubaiya was the daughter of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, then the Home minister of India in the V. P.
    The kidnappers demanded that until the government released Sheikh Abdul Hameed, a JKLF “area commander” Ghulam Nabi Butt, younger brother of the late Maqbool Butt; Noor Muhammad Kalwal; Muhammed Altaf; and Mushtaq Ahmed Zargar. Eventually the Indian govt released the terrorists to save the kidnapped Girl. Do you think this is Coincidence? I dont think so.
    1989 kidnapping of Rubaiya Sayeed -Wikipedia
    Until now Bitta Karate who confessed on national TV that he killed Hindus pandits, is not in Jail in J&K, also due to biased Kashmiri muslims, Abdulla family & Mufti Family.
    But now Mehboba Mufti is crying for release of Yasin Malik, the same terrorist/ Separatists organisations reposible for killing Kashmiri pandits.
    April 2019, Mehbooba Protests Against The Detention Of JKLF Chief Yasin Malik
    This is the same Mehbooba Mufti who was crying to remove the security barracks because of which the Phulwama attack could become successful.
    Also remember these people are there due to Nehru & congress party?
    Plight of the Kashmiri pandit also ignored by Indian govt in 75 years.
    Kashmiri pandit story
    Lies of Barkha dutt exposed, it is not uncommon to have media persons paid by saudi oil money.
    Kashmir story

    The Queen of England and her family is responsible for the million Indians who were killed during 1947 the Millions died during Calcutta famine out of hunger when food grains produced by farmers in India were sent for the British solders during World war 3

    Giving away the historic and holy land of Hindus with a 7000 years history and civilization to the Muslims to form Islamic state of Pakistan.

    It should be also noted, while Christians advocate equality for all religions it should be first accounted that the Catholic Church is the largest landowner in India and a conservative estimate of its holdings is Rs 7000 crores plus (as per a media report in 2009). Much of its land and wealth was appropriated from Hindu temples by loot during colonial times by the British and given to the church. Is it justified then for the church to hold on to the land and wealth that was acquired prior independence from the British with its land and wealth was appropriated from Hindu temples during colonial times. Does this represent a secular image when Christians claim they are living in a secular country.

    With more than 1 billion adherents, the Catholic Church is one of the largest, if not the largest, non governmental landowners in the world. One estimate puts the church’s holdings close to 177 million acres, or 277,000 square miles. as per a press article dated Oct 18, 2017

    In a Hindu majority India whereas Hindu temples have to give up their wealth to the state when Christian bishops and their vast tax-free properties are not accounted nor taxed by the state. The Catholic Church in India owns the largest chunk of non-agricultural land, and is known as the second largest employer after the Government of India. It’s annual budget equals that of the Indian Navy but the Catholic community has been asking where is the money and so where is the transparency. Why there is no accountability in the spend of the church or Christian charities. Until now they showed no books of accounts to the govt of India. Same time since independence the temples are required to comply to control by the govt of India. All temple funds were usually taken away by govt IAS officers periodically for welfare of poor which included Christians and Muslims.

    So when Modi for the first time since independence asked the church and christian organizations to submit its past 5 years books of accounts for review. That is when the arch bishop of India together with Sonia Gandhi, the christian opposition leader made plans to burn their own churches and blame it on the hindus. Thankfully eye witnesses who saw this given their accounts and testimonies but there is no police case filed against those involved in this fake propaganda against the peace loving hindu community. Thousands of social media handles were used to broadcast this fake news world wide then supported by international counterparts.

    The world’s primary feudal landowner is Queen Elizabeth II. She is Queen of 32 countries, head of a Commonwealth of 54 countries in which a quarter of the world’s population lives, and legal owner of about 6.6 billion acres of land, one-sixth of the earth’s land surface.

    With her 6.6 billion acres, Elizabeth II is far and away the world’s largest landowner, with the closest runner-up (King Abdullah) holding control over a mere 547 million, or about 12% of the lands owned by Her Majesty, The Queen. Acreage estimates provided by The New Statesman dated Mar 18, 2011

    Meanwhile 20-25% of the land in USA is owned by the church. The media mogul controls 809,000 hectares of land across the US as per media article dated Oct 30, 2019

    The Queens family until lives on the looted money and the estates of the crown which are funded by common wealth nations until today.
    Till date all congress govt have used IAS officers to loot Hindu temples in India since 1947, and such funds once transferred to CM funds have been used for minority welfare but our media will never tell us these thing. This is also why Minorities vote for congress cause their govts have always appeased the minorities instead of treating them as equals. Our Media will not tell us how Congress forcefully added the word socialism and Secularism into our constitution during 1971 emergency while they had put the entire opposition in Jail. It should not be forgotten Ambedkar did not allow Nehru to add this word secular in the constitution but in 1971 the congress done what they could not achieve in 1951. This is how congress violated democracy yet never been questioned by media. This is also why Vadra who became youngest billionaire is never questioned by media but ambani who were also made by congress party blessings are always questioned. Ambani took 2 generations to become billionaire but Vadra just in one decade became a billionaire.

    In 1947 due to partition Hindus were given no choice, Either leave our ancestral home in sindhi over night & flee to India or be killed or forcefully converted to Islam just like Hindu pandits once were forced out of Kashmir. This happened as our leaders Nehru & Jinnah were both power hungry & were bribed by British to Partition India & Pakistan. The British gave away the birth place of Hindu & Sikh religion, our mecca & vatican & a 10000 year old Vedic heritage was given away to make Pakistan. The same pakistan has killed 3 million in Bangladesh and several million muslims in Balochistan, Sindh, NWFP, POK, Gilgit just because they were not matching the ideology of punjabi Pakistani army. Those who made Pakistan repented but it is myth that Pakistan was made for Muslims this was vested interest of British. The Geography and creation of Pakistan was already decided soon after 1857. Once again our bribed media will never tell us that that Nehru, Gandhi and Jinnah had agreed to Dominion status where as nationalist Hindus and muslims never accepted dominion status they gave up their lives in the flight for freedom like Lala Lajpat rai, Subash chandra bose etc. Nor will our left leaning media ever tell us that, Nehru forced upon us a constitution that gave muslims & christians right to teach in their respective religion in their convents & Madrassas. But Hindus in a Majority India were not given right to open Gurukuls or even teach Vedas in our schools. This is why in Hindu majority schools
    even today Bhagwad Gita and Vedas is not being taught. This was the once sided secularism we were taught in schools, where fake casteism was taught, Mughals were over rated but great hindu kings of past were excluded from school syllabuses. This was primarily due to the role and influence of communist party of India on the curriculum of India. Recently I saw our school teachers were teaching fake history of Kashmir to brainwash our children. When we questioned them with correct facts from history, they would not reply. This has been a constant and non-stop indoctrination of our children since 1947. Soon after partition we were told in India, we were told Nehru created Hindu code bill which means Hindu cannot marry multiple wifes, but muslims can marry. This allowed the muslim population to multiple by the hindu population was controlled. This was the kind of secularism was practiced by congress and Nehru and when they were question the protestors were killed. We noted our temples were controlled by government IAS officers, but churches & mosques were handled by Christian & Muslim trusts. But at the time neither Aamir Khan nor Naseruddin shah said this was not fair secular practices. All were happy so long that muslim appeasement was practiced in India by congress party. Nobody objected so long that Mosques and churches did not have to pay taxes but Temples were forced to pay taxes in India till this day. Nobody objected when Col Purohit was falsely accused and put in jail for 10 years in fake charges of Saffron terrorism by the congress party. Nobody said a word when Indira Gandhi and congress party created fake Khalistan terror which was capitalized by US CIA and Pakistan later. No media will also ask questions why Abdul Ghaffar khan was put in jail soon after partition for 10 years in Pakistan, where in he was opposed to the partition of Pakistan and how Nehru betrayed Abdul Ghaffar Khan such stories will never be written in left leaning liberal media. Because it will expose the creation of Pakistan, it will expose Nehru, Gandhi, Pakistan army. Sonia Gandhi and Jinnah.

    Government imposes tax on Hindus Temples but gives financial aid to Minority Religious Organizations like Mosques, Churches etc. Government gives aid to Madrasa but same thing is not applied to Sanskrit Vedic Schools and Hindus Religious Institutions. These are things are biased in nature against Hindus. Hindus should be united and jointly protest it. They should raise voice against it. In India Minorities are given special & extra benefits and facilities as compare to Hindus. This thing should be avoided. Hindus are discriminated in India. As per my knowledge India is the only country in world or globe where majority communities like Hindus are discriminated and treated badly than minorities. Due to the vote bank politics and policies of various political parties Hindus are neglected and other minorities expect Hindus are given more preferences. To protest and minimize discrimination against Hindus,

    In India only temples pay 23.5 % tax but mosques and churches dont pay a penny as tax to the govt. So Hindus temples since last 75 years used for development projects of government where as church and mosque dont contribute towards nation development.
    Each years govts appropriates additional 1000s of crores of Rupees from temples for chief ministers funds these funds are also used for minority development for past 75
    In India in the last 75 years the congress went to court against Hindu spiritual organizations to claim the funds of these hindu spiritual organizations and only when they say they are not hindus organizations they were allowed as tax free entities.

    Nor will our media ever tell us facts about the fake independence from British. We will never be ever told that India never received impendence but only dominion status from the British. fake and bribed Media will not tell us that both the congress party and the All India muslims league was made by the british. And both these parties were lead by British loyalists. The members of these parties may have been nationalists but the main leaders of these two parties were appointed to serve the interest of the British. This is also why Jinnah, Aga Khan III, Sir Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, never went to jail. Nehru and Gandhi also never sent to Andaman Jail where Savarkar served only those leaders fought the British were killed or severely jailed and tortured. Nehru and Gandhi were not among them cause they supported dominion status and they supported the British plans just like Jinnah. No media will ever tell us the Sindhiya family and many Royals like them cried when the British were leaving. This is why all the royals were part of the congress party. I very much doubt the British left India they merely placed own proxies before leaving who did rule India as per orders received from Britain. All this happened in India cause of the failure of supreme court of India and institution and media failures in India. Hindu will continue to be persecuted this these institutions and media that work for the foriegn enemies and congress party of India is not changed. No media will ever tell us that British did not leave India, they only outsourced India and controlled India by remote control. But relax they already know the Hindu of this country will still be silent they will not do anything cause they have been mentally trained to do bhajan and told to follow non-violence. They are told to ignore the message that Krishna gave to Argun, that it is your duty to lift weapons to fight Adharma (Evil forces). Media in our country never call Quran and Bible stories as Mythologies but they call the Stories of Ramayana and MahaBharata as Mythologies all this happens even after 75 years of Independence and our children are taught fake history in NCERT books to make believe that Mughals were very secular people. We are told lies that our invaders were good people and they did not kill any indigeous people due to Islamic ideology. We will never be taught our real history in school curriculum we will be always taught lies in NCERT school curriculum. So dont expect our supreme courts to act on this, they will only wake up in the middle of the night for terrorists but not do a damn for indeginous people of Hind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OX5zKyWxnzs&list=PLKd0PTGtlYjFvISfmPEgVg4TOpArUi6_z https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=nitish+atri+NCERT+books+lies
    History of India as written by the British during the colonial period, this history continues to be taught in India curriculum due to the 65 years of congress rule and communist party control over education system in India. This history that is British written contradicts actual Indian history and in many instances gives false references

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