Women Wing demands immediate withdrawal of Talaq ordinance


By MM Special Correspondent,

New Delhi: All India Muslim Personal Law Board’s Women Wing on Saturday demanded that the government should withdraw the Triple Talaq Ordinance immediately as it is “anti-Muslim, undemocratic, unconstitutional political stunt”. Women Wing president Dr. Asma Zehra said to “please and appease” the Hindu voters and to emerge as ‘Crusader’ and ‘Champion’ of Women’s rights, the BJP-led government promulgated the ordinance in haste.


Dr Zehra said the urgency of the BJP Government in passing the Triple Talaq Ordinance in haste smacks of its political motivation and stunt. Husbands who give Triple Talaq will be treated as criminals with punishment of jail term for three years which is total “injustice and against human rights”.

The government neither consulted any religious scholar, Muslim cleric or intellectual, nor did they discuss it in the Rajya Sabha, she pointed and adding that they failed to pass it in the Rajya Sabha.

The opposition parties took a firm stand that it is a Defective bill, ill drafted , full of technical flaws and should be sent to Select Committee.

The 3 year jail punishment for husbands will ruin families economically and destroy homes.

The Triple Talaq Ordinance is interference in the Muslim Personal Law, violates Fundamental Rights guaranteed in the Indian Constitution. More than 5 Crore Muslims had sent signed petitions to Law Commission against any interference in the Muslim Personal Law. More than 250 Protest Meetings and Rallies were organized across India against this Bill in which more than 2 Crore Muslim Women participated.

India ranks 136 in GENDER JUSTICE AND EQUALITY . There were more than one lakh reported RAPE CASES in last 2 years and 3,38,000 Crimes against Women. FEMALE FETICIDE ,DOWRY DEATHS, Harassment ,DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, MOLESTATION have become routine for this Country. Four of ten women who commit suicide in the world are from India. Honour killing for inter caste marriages are taking lives of men and women and the RSS and BJP have no answer.

Demonetization and GST has destroyed the economy, Farmers are committing suicides, Crores of youth are jobless.To cover up all these failures the Triple Talaq Ordinance has been passed in hurry.

Women of this country are worried for the SAFETY AND SECURITY of their LIVES and HONOUR. At this time, the passage of this Ordinance reflects failure of BJP government on all fronts.

BJP, RSS and other saffron forces must note that such imposition of laws by means of power and interference in Religious Rights and Personal law will not be accepted by Muslim Men or Women.

Muslim women hold their religious laws more dearer than their lives and such Ordinance will not bring any difference in their bond with the Muslim Personal Law, she said.


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