Zakir Naik owns 25 luxurious flats in Mumbai : NIA

Dr Zakir Naik

Mumbai : World renowned preacher and famous televangelist Dr Zakir Naik’s empire consists of  37 high-end properties in India out of which 25 luxurious flats are owned by him in Mumbai alone, a source of national Investigation Agency (NIA) was quoted by Hindustan Times.

Apart from Jasmine Apartment in Mazgaon, Mumbai, where Zakir Naik was born and brought up, the controversial preacher owns some 25 high-end flats in Mumbai alone. According to some source, these flats are located in up-scale Mazgaon area, some near JJ Hospital and some at Dongri area where the office of Zakir Naik is located.


Apart from Mumbai, Naik also holds some properties in Pune and Solapur, claims NIA.

Some months ago the NIA registered a case against Naik and the IRF for inciting Muslim youth to indulge in violence and promoting enmity between groups on the basis of religion and race.

According to a rough estimate, the market value of these properties are somewhere around Rs 100 crore, NIA official was quoted by HT.

The NIA earlier recovered 14,000 tapes which amount to around 5,000 terabytes (TB) of Zakir Naik’s propaganda material tape which his NGO, Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) use to sell.


  1. Salam to ALLAH SWT.
    As the end time is near where slave girls giving birth to kings &
    beauty queens are selling the honour being in Act & acting & back biting & hate cry & killing the order of the day. Where Killers do not know why they kill nor killed never knew why he will be killed.
    All medians are alive against Dr Zakir for converting non Muslims to the light of Islam. Many Mullas against him for he wears Suit & tie &
    no one can compete him.
    Zakir Naik has to house many of his European fellow Associates who are involved in teaching & propagating Islam. Therefore He needs a lot of accommodation beside the needs of the large members of his family.
    Therefore its nothing but a false accusation to render the reputation of Dr zalkir to a low ebb.
    While we Muslims in west & those sensible Muslims will not run after a
    evil biased rumour & will support Dr Zakir all through for his contribution for propagating Islam from East to West.
    May ALLAH SWT protect we Muslims from the evil prey.
    That Plain Truth.

  2. See their truth about Zakir Naik. He and his organisation are charged with UAPA – Unlawful Activities Prevention Act. but what are the evidences being thrown out at public. His Flats. These are the evidences of Terrorist activities. Show us concrete facts how he support terrorist activities or how his speeches provoke one to take up arms. “The primary ground for invoking terror charges against Naik are statements by those involved in past terror acts, conceding that they were motivated by his speeches,” Show the proof. In 20 + years of his preaching he created only 1-2 terrorist. it should have been in thousands. At least prove direct involvement. the agencies will never get it. They know it for sure. so the other way round is to damage ones reputation. agreed even if he owns 37 Flats what does this prove. Nothing. does not any NGO which operates in India Own any property.They do so whats the big deal. The agencies or the media channels who are flashing such types of News just wants to create confusion in peoples mind. Damage ones reputation to such an extent that people just ignore him. Do not listen to his talks and in turn even if they have any doubts in their minds related to comparative Religions they wont ask. which in turn would hamper his Dawah Work. But Mind you those people with ill intentions. You have your Plan and God has his Own. I am not a supporter of Zakir Naik. But that of Truth. And Truth Prevails. Also i was thinking that if Zakir Naik or his organisation was such a threat to peace in India, why ban them for only 5 Years. Ban them for life.

  3. Zakir Naik is entiltled to own whatever he owns and has not stolen it.
    It is used by his many guests, extended family and others working with him
    All this attempted smear mongering is Islamophobic ?Hinduistic hegemonistic jargonistic nonsense and of no consequence except that the BJP is afraid that it has no response to his statements and just as the British, Christian majority Home Office Secretary UK daughter of a vicar banned him from the UK, the Hindu BJP did the same.
    “They may plot and they may plan but God (Allah, Bhagwan or whatever you call the Almighty head of the Universe) is the best of planners.” says God in one of the foremost theistic religious texts.


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