31 Muslims (4.07%) out of 761 successful UPSC candidates

Sadaf Choudhary

By Muslim Mirror Staff

NewDelhi : 31 Muslim students have cleared Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2020. Sadaf Choudhary who ranked 23, has secured the highest rank among Muslim candidates.

They constitute 4.07 per cent out of the total 761 successful candidates. The number of successful Muslim candidates has reduced this year in comparison to last year when a total of 42 candidates had cleared the civil services exam.


Shubham Kumar, an IIT Bombay graduate has topped the exam. He achieved this position in his third attempt. Jagrati Awasthi and Ankita Jain secured second and third positions on the list.

The list of the selected Muslim candidates  UPSC 2020

1) 23  Sadaf Choudhary

2) 58 Faizan Ahmed

3) 63 Dheenah Dastageer

4) 125 Md Manzar Hussain

5) 129 Shahid Ahmed

6) 142 shahansah K S

7) 203  Mohammad Aaquib

8) 217  Shahnaz I

9) 225  Waseem Ahmad Bhat

10) 234  Bushara Bano

11) 270 Md Haris Sumair

12) 282  Altamash Ghazi

13) 283  Ahmed H.Choudhury

14 ) 316  Sara Ashraf

15 ) 389  Mohibullah Ansari

16) 403   Aneez s

17) 423   Zeba Khan

18) 447   Faisal Raza

19) 450    S Mohd. Yakub

20) 470     Sabeel Poovakundil

21) 478      Rehan Khatri

22) 493      Mohd Javed A

23) 545      Altap Mahd. Shaikh

24) 558      Khan Aasim Kifayat

25) 569      Syed Zahed Ali

26) 583     Shakeerahmed Tondikhan

27) 589     Mohamed Riswin

28) 597      Muhammad Sahid

29) 611      Iqbal Rasool Dar

30) 625      Amir Bashir

31) 738     Majid Iqbal Khan


  1. All praise to Almighty GOD. its glad to note this significant success despite hate campaign and sinister motives. we wish those winners to serve the nation as a role model to others.

    • Its not almighty God its Almighty Allah subhanawatalla bhai please correct ur self and congratulations to all my brothers and sisters
      The next step is the important one face to face interview

      • Salamaleikum and Alhamdolillah for the success of our brothers and sisters!

        We Muslims should stop correcting each other for meaning and interpretation of expressions! Look at the bigger picture. We all understand what we mean so please stop being so critical of each other. Because this type of correction and self righteousness discourages some Muslims who are trying to keep their strings attached somehow.

  2. ماشاءاللّٰه ماشاءاللّٰه ماشاءاللّٰه
    Bahut Bahut Mubarak ho
    Still a long way to go
    i am a business man but my son a
    Soft ware in wipro
    Abhi higher education ki bahut
    Zarorat hai

  3. Oh yes it may be a matter of satisfaction.the yearly
    Quota of 5% is being maintained.last year it was more but with publication of 2nd list it was lowered
    Now many govt .funded coaching centre will take credit for every successful candidate.
    Probably below 400 rank may not get police nad admin services. Many may already be in ce tral
    Services nd were sitting in exam for improvement.
    Any way i congratulate all these selected persons.


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