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By Harsh Thakor After the massive aerial strike launched by Iran on Israel directly from its soil, claims have emerged that Tehran also employed hypersonic missiles that purportedly hit all their designated targets, circumventing Israel’s state-of-the-art air defense systems. Interestingly the hoardings of Hypersonic missiles were put on several buildings in...



Who organised the Moscow terror attack?

By Ahmad Al-Khaled Quick summary of the event Friday evening around 8:00 PM Moscow is about to witness one of the biggest terror attacks in its...

“Boycott of Indian products” sparks social movement in Bangladesh, draws political reactions

By Muhammad Shoaib, Dhaka The Indian product boycott program is underway in Bangladesh. Pinaki Bhattacharya, a Bangladeshi writer and activist living in France, has called...

Emmanuel Macron warns Israel over any Rafah forced population transfer

By Muslim Mirror Desk French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that any forced transfer of people from the southern...

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