By Muslim Mirror Network Washington (DC)– Veteran journalist and civil rights activist, Ajit Sahi, has received the prestigious Pluralist Award from former United States Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom Sam...

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Udaipur Killing: Who benefited from the ghastly act of terror?

Killers linked to BJP’s minority cell. Modi government has been facing severe criticism internationally after Nupur Sharma remark. Indian products were being boycotted...

Amplifying Amartya Sen’s “collapse of the nation” theory

By Syed Ali Mujtaba Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen  says India has entered into a dangerous phase that can best be described as the “Collapse of...

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How good policy of Congress proved bad

By Dr. Ishrat Husain On the one side, there is no challenge to BJP, but there is no alternate of BJP except Congress on the...

Udaipur Killing: Violence never restores respect for any religion

By Aslam Abdullah The beheading by two Muslims of a Hindu tailor who supported the ruling party's spokesperson's insulting comments against Prophet Muhammad was shocking...



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