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By Ram Puniyani Nearly 121 people died in a stampede in Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh. Most of these were women, mostly dalit and poor. It was at the Satsang (Holy Discourse), organized for Bhole Baba, short for Narayan Sakar Hari. He was earlier in the police force. It is...



French elections: 19 Muslim lawmakers elected, Left coalition tops results

By Muslim Mirror Staff The coalition of the French left has emerged as the leading force in the high-stakes legislative elections held on July 8,...

Donald Trump calls Biden a ‘bad Palestinian’ in presidential debate

By Muslim Mirror Staff Donald Trump accused US President Joe Biden of being soft on Hamas and Biden defended his support for Israel during the...

Will Israel bomb ‘Al Aqsa’ before November 2024?

By Haider Abbas After 230 days of Israel-Hamas war, Israel is on rampage killing around 40,000 Palestinians as yet, despite International Criminal Court (ICC) ‘arrest-warrant’...

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