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By Javeed Mirza The war on GAZA, the tiny strip of land 41 km (25 miles) long and 6 to 12 km (3.7 to 7.5 mi) wide with a population of around 2.5 million, sandwiched between Israel and Egypt, has transfixed global eyes, as they see with horror, live images...



Israel’s defeat and America’s betrayal of humanity in Gaza

By Dr Mahboob Khawaja Global Mankind vs. Political Wickedness Rationality requires objective reasoning and it is not coming for an impending cataclysm of the Israeli onslaught on Rafah and the...

Rafah massacre and UN General Assembly’s call for Palestinian membership

By Latheef Farook While the settler colonial state of Israel,forcefully planted on Palestinian lands , intensifies its slaughter of Palestinians in Rafah, in New York...

The idea of nationality in the ‘Flag Salute Song’ during 1857

By Prem Singh British rulers, historians, scholars, writers, folklorists have referred to the Rebellion of 1857 that started from Meerut on 10 May 1857 by...

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