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Palestine, Palestinians, Gaza
Dr. Abed Elrazeg Abu Jafer On World Refugee Day, which is observed annually on June 20 and was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2000, it is crucial to highlight the ongoing plight of Palestinian refugees. For 76 years, the Israeli occupation has continued a policy of ethnic...



Will Israel bomb ‘Al Aqsa’ before November 2024?

By Haider Abbas After 230 days of Israel-Hamas war, Israel is on rampage killing around 40,000 Palestinians as yet, despite International Criminal Court (ICC) ‘arrest-warrant’...

Rohingya’s repression continues unabated in Myanmar

By Asad Mirza Latest reports from Myanmar, speak of new atrocities and crimes being committed in a concerted campaign of violence and destruction by Myanmar’s...

Israel facing increasing global isolation due to its endless barbarity on Palestinians

Hamas represents Palestinians who are the sons and daughters of Palestine which includes today’s Israel. Israel was created for Jews brought from abroad to settle...

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