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Hindu-Muslim unity

Massive ‘Kisan Mahapanchayat’ calls for strengthening Hindu- Muslim unity, pledges to defeat “communal and casteist” BJP in coming elections

By Abdul Bari Masoud New Delhi: It was a huge show of strength and unity in Muzaffarnagar in the poll-bound Uttar Pradesh on Sunday as...

Muhammad Ali Jinnah: From ambassador of Hindu-Muslim Unity to to founder of “Islamic Republic’ of Pakistan

By Muslim Mirror Desk, Muhammad Ali Jinnah the founder of Islamic Republic of Pakistan was a lawyer, politician, who served as the leader of the...

Muslims villagers in Bihar host Hindu seers to open temple after donating land, money

By Imran Khan, Budhupur (Bihar) : After Mansoor Ansari donated land and Mokhtar Alam donated money to build a temple while other Muslims helped in...

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