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Report shows Muslims, Islam continue to be target of intolerance in France

PARIS: France saw a sharp rise in anti-Muslim acts last year amid a strict lockdown during the ongoing pandemic, according to the national body...

Xenophobia vs Xenophilia

By Bilal Qudisat Xenophobia and racism are difficult to oppose since these phenomena are subject to transformations and often become confused. Interestingly, however, unlike racism...

US minorities urged to unite against racism, xenophobia

Washington, Apr 15 (IANS): Leaders of advocacy groups and Congress members have urged minority communities in the US to unite in the fight against racism,...

Nations must guard against revival of nationalism, xenophobia: Italian PM

Berlin : Nations must guard against any resurgence of nationalism, xenophobia or racism, Italy's Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said on Wednesday. "The European model of...

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