22 Muslims become judges in Bihar, including 7 girls


By Muslim Mirror Staff

Patna : After the good performance of Muslim youth in judicial services in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan- the result of Bihar Judicial Services have also brought excellent results for Muslim youth .

In the result of Bihar judicial service declared on Friday, 22 Muslims became judges. 7 of these are Muslim girls with Sanam Hayat from Patna, securing the best rank (10) among all Muslim participants.

Earlier, 38 Muslims in the Uttar Pradesh Judicial Service got the right to be called ‘Your Honor’. Of these 18 were girls. Recently, 6 Muslims also became Judges in the Rajasthan Judicial Service Results out of which five were girls.

The Indian judiciary’s record in terms of representation of Muslims has historically been abysmal and deplorable. Since independence, the Supreme Court has had only four (of 43, or 9.3 percent) Muslim chief justices, the last being Justice Altamas Kabir who retired in 2012, and 10 (of 154, or 6.5 percent) judges.

According to advocate Iqbal Ansari, the fact that girls are becoming judges is a great achievement. “Representation of women in Judicial service will fill them with confidence,” he said.

 Shabnam Zabi, daughter of advocate Iqbal, has also become a judge in the same result. According to Shabnam, his father’s ‘black coat’ attracted her since childhood and she had decided that she had to become a judge.

7 thoughts on “22 Muslims become judges in Bihar, including 7 girls

  1. Information is very insufficient. Plz do some research work before publishing such news. Full name of exam, total number of candidates etc should be there.

  2. 4 girl also crack mp judiciary.
    Namely : –
    Arfin Yusufzai
    Mohsina Khan
    Saifee Tanzer Tamanaa
    Shabana Khan
    Waiting list :
    1 . Farhan Shamshi ( Boy )
    2 . Sadaf Meer

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