Actor Ajaz Khan arrested by Mumbai Police for his alleged remarks against BJP


By Muslim Mirror

Mumbai, April  18 : Actor Ajaz Khan has been arrested by Mumbai Police on Saturday for criticizing BJP in recent Facebook live video.

In his Facebook Live video, Ajaz Khan had said, “If an ant dies, a Muslim is responsible, if an elephant dies, a Muslim is responsible. If there is an earthquake in Delhi, a Muslim is responsible, i.e a Muslim is responsible for any incident. But have you ever thought who is responsible for this conspiracy?”

Speaking about the recent incident where huge crowds of migrant workers burst onto the streets in Bandra  in Mumbai on Tuesday demanding to go home amidst the nationwide lockdown imposed in the wake of the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic, Ajaz insinuated that this incident was also pre-planned by BJP to defame Muslims and in turn defame Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and Aditya Thackeray.

The actor and his team Allah Ke Bande were providing rations to thousands of needy and poor families in Mumbai since the lockdown started.

However the Khar Police Station officials told his team members to continue the charity works.

4 thoughts on “Actor Ajaz Khan arrested by Mumbai Police for his alleged remarks against BJP

  1. He has not said any thing against any other community… only he has defended his community… Double standards galore!!!

  2. Here is guy trying to help the poor and u go and arrest him and there r brainless criminals who r making even corona as Muslims jihad and u don’t even condemned it very shameful

  3. That man is doing well for poor people’s food giveing home helping to all y some peoples not understand 👀 🙈 him

  4. His arrest itself shows nw v have lost our freedom of speech..we as citizen of this country who has elected this govt dnt even have right to criticise we hv lost our freedom again…

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