After 17 years Supreme Court acquits all Muslims in Kanpur riot case

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By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi : The Supreme Court has dismissed all charges of rioting, murder and terror activities against four Muslims framed as prime accused in the Kanpur riots of 2001. The prosecution failed to provide substantial evidence before the apex court.

Dismissing the appeal of Uttar Pradesh (UP) Government against Syed Wasif Haider and three others, SC bench comprising Justice N.V Ramanna and Justice Mohan M. Shantanagoudar pointed out several flaws in the police investigation.

SC opined that no perversity existed in the judgment of the Allahabad High Court in which Wasif Haider along with Haji Ateeq, Mumtaz and Safaat Rasool had been acquitted on May 29, 2009.

“Heard learned counsels for the parties. At the outset, we would like to state that in an appeal against acquittal, the appellate court would interfere only where there exists perversity of fact and law. Further, the presumption of innocence is further reinforced against the acquitted accused by having a judgment in his favour,” the bench said.

Pronouncing the judgment, the SC bench further stated, “We concur with the aforesaid order of acquittal rendered by the High Court, as the present case is ridden with multiple investigative laches and flaws which goes to the root of the matter. We shall be addressing the same in seriatim.”



  1. If we just look @ the past performance of 2002 Gujarat, despite the above two comments, the outside world thinks that judiciary in India is not independent. Had it been so, Modi and late Atulji should have resigned or been sacked. This does not require ‘legal sense’. It is a MUST common sense. I submit the visa denial to Modi by the US (and Obama’s tolerance lecture) is a tip to BJP/RSS to change soonest. Period. STOP IT ASAP.

    • Modi was demied visa in 2005 and then addressed joint session of USA Congress…something you Pakistanis just can dream.

      And since then USA has moved to Ban Muslim Entry to USA and their Judiciary USA Supreme Court has confirmed that Muslims Entry Ban is perfectly Legal.

      In Indian Judiciary, a High Court Judge just week has given judgement asking Modi or Center Government to ensure that no Islamization takes place.

      Even General Rawat has expressed concerns about mushrooming Muslim Population in Assam. Look how neighbors are taking care of Muslims and treatment they are a administering like Burma or Myanmar, China and their treatment is being appreciated in the world community.

      We will have Yogi Adityanath as our next Prime Minister

      • Amen! to your last sentence. To win PMNDM may seek his resignation. I also suspect that both BJP and NDM will remain unchanged. But making a statue out of aid money is imprudent. He simply has no ‘druthers’ to run a nation like India.Mohammad


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