Amnesty urges India to ensure security of Kashmiri people living outside Kashmir valley


 Amnesty  urges India  to uphold constitutional values in wake of pulwama attack; ensure security of Kashmiri people living outside Kashmir valley

By MM Special Corresponden

New Delhi:  International human rights group, Amnesty International on Monday urged the Indian government to ensure the safety and security of the Kashmiri people living outside Kashmir valley who have been targeted by right wing groups after the Pulawama incident. It also asked the government to uphold constitutional values in wake of pulwama attack,

“Central and state government authorities in India must ensure that ordinary Kashmiri women and men do not face targeted attacks, harassment and arbitrary arrests following the killing of 42 security force personnel in Jammu and Kashmir by a suicide car bomber”, Amnesty India said today.

Quoting media reports, Amnesty said Kashmiri university students and traders in northern states, primarily Uttarakhand, Haryana and Bihar, have been beaten, threatened, and intimidated by some Hindu nationalist groups. Many students are reported to have fled their universities in fear. Two colleges in Dehradun and one in Moradabad have stated that they will not admit new Kashmiri students.

“We are at a dangerous moment, and authorities must do everything they can to uphold the rule of law,” said Aakar Patel, head of Amnesty India. “Ordinary Kashmiris across India who are only seeking to improve their lives should not be singled out for violence simply because of where they come from.”

“The mobs who use patriotism as an excuse to hound Kashmiris out of their homes, hostels and shops are corroding the basic values of the constitution of India. Authorities must investigate all allegations of threats and violence, and bring those responsible to justice.”

“The Home Ministry has taken the right step by asking state governments to ensure the safety and security of all Kashmiris. Authorities must make sure that this situation does not deteriorate further.”

Meanwhile, social and welfare organization, Popular Front of India also urged the government to curb violence against Kashmiri students and traders living outside the state.

“In the wake of news coming from some parts of the country about the mounting attacks on Kashmiri students and traders, the central and state governments to protect their lives and properties” said Popular Front of India chairman E Abubacker.  He demanded stringent actions against the perpetrators of violence.

“It is sectarian and hysteric to hold the people in Kashmir and Kashmiris studying and working elsewhere responsible for the act of a suicide bomber.”

Front leader said any sustainable solution to the crisis prevailing in Kashmir is possible only by taking the Kashmir people into confidence and the official level attitude of a Kashmir without Kashmiris must be abandoned.

“There can be an end to bomb blasts and gun shots and return of peace in Kashmir through dialogues and negotiations only.”

He reminded that the wounds created due to the anti-Sikh riots following the assassination of Indira Gandhi still remain unhealed.

“Just like any other territory in India, Kashmir also means not merely a land, but a land with its people. The land of Kashmir without the people Kashmir can be wild a dream of ultra-chauvinist and hard core communal forces. But it is against our constitutional values.  Hence it is the duty of our local populations to ensure safety of their Kashmiri brothers and sisters, when they face threats in a particular area.”

Abubacker warned that the politics of “hate” promoted by the right wing communal groups in the name of Kashmir are destroying our nation’s integrity and security.

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  1. Indians were causing sever harm to the country in the name of nationalist.since this word does not have any proper defination in this country,this should be abolished for the sake of the country.
    Instead indians should be made indentified in the name” law-abiding citizen”.

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