Bengaluru: Three killed in clashes with police over blasphemous Facebook post about Prophet Muhammad


By Muslim Mirror

Bangalore, Aug 12 : Three people have died  after police fired on crowds protesting against an allegedly blasphemous Facebook post about the Prophet Muhammad.

Crowds gathered outside the house of a local politician whose relative was accused of making the “offensive” post .

They set fire to vehicles and attacked policemen who arrived on the scene with stones, police told BBC Hindi.

Police have arrested the man, and also 110 others who were in the crowd.

Police confirmed that Muzamill Pasha and six others from the SDPI have also been detained for questioning.

City commissioner Kamal Pant said that at least 60 policemen including senior officers were injured in the violence on Tuesday night. Curfew was also imposed in two police districts of the city, he said.

Meanwhile city police tweeted that the situation was “under control”, adding that personnel had fired live ammunition to disperse the crowd only after using tear gas and batons first.

The deaths were confirmed by the home minister of Karnataka state of which Bangalore is the capital.

The violence started after protesters massed outside the politician’s house as well as a police station after spotting the post, which local media say has since been deleted.

Meanwhile, the lawmaker, Akhanda Srinivas Murthy, made a video appeal to protesters to stay calm and promised them justice.

“I appeal to my Muslim brethren not to fight over someone who has violated the law. Whatever be the matter, we are all brothers. Whoever is responsible we shall ensure that proper punishment is given to those responsible. I am with you,” it said. AGENCIES

7 thoughts on “Bengaluru: Three killed in clashes with police over blasphemous Facebook post about Prophet Muhammad

  1. If police had swiftly to arrest the criminal from Sangh Parivar. The mindless violence and destruction to public property by miscreants would have been avoided

  2. Is this violence really perpetrated out by Muslim youth? If yes, it doesnt augur well for the Muslim community at all. Where does Islam say to react violently to insults against religion, and what about Prophet’s role model in this case? Even otherwise do these folks believe they are living in Afghanistan or Pakistan? When will these guys gain some sense?

    1. Its right to retaliate in whatever way they dim appropriate. People want us to remain quite when Muslims are persecuted and removed from their lands every where. From Palestine to Yemen, to Kashmir to New Delhi is the Muslim suffering injustice and no Arabic student came to their defences. Defending the Prophet(PBUH) is defending Islam.

    2. “arabic student”

      You are a Hindu extremist troll pretending to be a Muslim online. Its the dirty Hindu fanatics and hate mongers taking India back to the stone age

  3. Hindu bigotry and hatred finally saw a response.

    Hindu extremists are a cancer killing India.

    Best course for the India’s future is declaring RSS as a terrorist organization and exterminating all its members.

  4. You have not reported the facts.The problem started when Hindu diety was abused on face book &someone replied in the same coin to the originators. Protecting temples is a hogwash. Everything was preplanned.

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