Blaming Muslims for spread of coronavirus in India is wrong, such attempts should be countered aggressively : US


Washington, Apr 3 : US Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback has on Thursday  condemned attempts to blame Muslims for spreading coronavirus in India.

The US has described it “wrong” to blame religious minorities for the spread of coronavirus, asserting that the “blame game” over the origin of COVID-19 should be aggressively pushed back by the governments across the world.

Sam Brownback  urged religious groups to practise social distancing and sought the release of peaceful religious prisoners across the world, particularly in countries like Iran and China.

“My take of it is that religious groups should practice social distancing. That”s what we need to do,” Brownback told reporters during a conference call on COVID-19 impact on religious minorities.

Responding to a question, Brownback said that the US was tracking the blaming of religious minorities for COVID-19 virus.

“Unfortunately, it is happening in various places. This is wrong by governments to do this. The governments really should put this down and state very clearly that this is not the source of the coronavirus. It”s not the religious minority communities,” he said.

“They should go out there in open messaging and say no, this is not what happened. We know where this virus originated. We know it”s a pandemic the whole world is being subjected to and it”s not something from religious minorities. But unfortunately, we are seeing the sort of blame game getting started up in different places around the world, and we hope it gets pushed back aggressively by those host governments,” he said.

Brownback called on governments to work with their religious minorities during these tough times and ensure they are getting the needed resources and aid.

“We”ve seen a situation in several countries where oftentimes a religious minority is excluded from the public health need and distribution in nations, and we”re calling on all nations to distribute this at this time of pandemic to all communities regardless of religious affiliation or otherwise,” he said.

“I don”t have specific knowledge on Kashmir, whether or not it”s getting the type of aid it needs,” Brownback said when asked if Kashmir was getting the aid it needs at this time.

“I have not (spoken) with Indian officials yet,” he said when asked if he had any specific conversations with the Indian officials about the trending of #CoronaJihad, hinting that coronavirus has been spread by the Muslim community.

Brownback also appealed to the governments to release religious prisoners, saying it was not for those who are engaged in terrorist activities.

In this time of pandemic, religious prisoners should be released, he asserted.

“We call on all governments around the world to do so. It”s a good public health move for their nations and it”s morally obviously the right thing to do. We unfortunately have a number of religious prisoners around the world in various countries that are being held,” he said.

In addition to Iran, China continues to have a number of people imprisoned for their faith, he said.

“We know that as far as the situation in Xinjiang, but we also know it happens and it continues to take place with Protestant and Catholic churches, house church and even officially recognised church, and then the Falun Gong members and Tibetan Buddhists a number of them are in prison. And again, those should all be released in this time of pandemic,” he asserted.

Brownback said his office had been meeting with representatives of the Sikh community and discussing the horrific attack on a gurdwara that took place in Kabul recently.

“That would be in other areas and obviously would involve multiple agencies with that,” he said, adding that he will be having a telephonic call with Sikh representatives soon.With PTI inputs

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  1. The Disaster of the Chaiwala – again !

    The penta-gonia has been completed.The disaster of the Chaiwala from Demonetisation,GST,Sir-Jee-Kal Strike,Balakot and then came , the COVID (The Fifth Pincer)

    The words of Beruni are prophetic,in this regard.

    – The Hindus believe that there is no country but theirs, no nation like theirs, no kings like theirs, no religion like theirs, no science like theirs.
    – They are haughty, foolishly vain, self-conceited, and stolid.
    – They are by nature niggardly in communicating that which they know, and they take the greatest possible care to withhold it from men of another caste among their own people,still much more, of course, from any foreigner

    Chaiwala though he was special,along with his countrymen -aka, from the Lost Tribe of Israel.Those fantas-ical land – statistical contortions by the Indians, that the numbers were doubling at the lowest rate in Hindoo-land – lapped up by the lackeys in the Hindoo Media – made them feel mighty special – just like the sons of Rama. This is what happens Hindoos study Statistics and Maths.dindooohindoo

    The Chaiwala had a simple formula.He did not do any testing at all.He waited for people to come to test,and then die.At least 30000 people die in India every day and Indians,like tardigrades, are infested with so many diseases – that no one takes a cold/cough seriously – until it is time to die – a euphemism for visiting the Indian doctor. The Chaiwala’s dream punch line would have been – that his dubious curfew ,which was unplanned, and w/o any application of mind – worked.

    The fat clown should have restricted passenger traffic across states and done mass testing and quarantining, in select states,with international traffic and NRI traffic..If the % of those tested positive, was in excess of a norm – then he should have curfew-ed that whole region or state – and then moved to the next geography.The Bureau of Immigration would have data of all incoming traffic at all ports of Hindoosthan – and the duration of stay in India and exit ports. – which could be bio-trailed by the pandoo police (left-right-left-right)

    Soon Indian Muslims will not be able to bury their dead,as the virus will live therein and if animals eat the bodies – then it will be paradise.

    Indian Banking and industry are doomed in 1 stroke, and agriculture will soon follow, in a few months. Chinese manufacturing and energy
    infrastructure is strategically spread all across the nation and all across the sea coast.

    Considering the Indians who are hiding symptoms or are not showing symptoms and the spread to Indians by active carriers in 30 days – the plague will hit at least 10000 times the number of the current infected – which is 3000.

    USA tested 1 million and had 2,00,000 cases – in a literate nation, wherein people volunteered of their volition.Indian statistics are bogus – as the Indians have tested several random people, in possible and proximate contact.The Indians have tested 70000 clowns and have found 3000 cases – which is a misleading statistic – as at least half of the tests are just a waste of time – but the Indians think they are immune and special – and mighty better than the white man.

    If 100 million tests on Indians,are done 45 days from today, at least 20% will be infected, and at least half will die – as there is no cure, there is no infrastructure and there will be no medicines, and the doctors and the pandoo police will also die.The dead bodies cannot be thrown in the Ganga , as it will contaminate the water life for a million years,and there will be no wood to burn the bodies.

    Now India is doomed – as it is too late to do mass testing – as the testing infrastructure does not exist and Indians will pillage the state – if millions are quarantined.It is the prophecy of Churchill – pullulation leads to pollution and destruction.

    The virus will live for a million years and will wipe out 20% of the Indian population in 12-15 months – capturing the thermal,irradiation and
    atmospheric variants across the nation – to complete the karmic mutation

    The Chaiwala has allowed the virus to multiply and mutate.He should have sealed the borders in January 2020.USA has reconciled to losing 100-200,000 people and to keep the engines running. The Indian engine will stop running at 1000 dead.

    This is the pathetos of the Hindoo nation – and its state of preparation for a bio-weapon.A N-disaster has a clear geographic co-ordinate and spread.This is the salvation for the Pakistanis and PRC – the future – bio warfare – where the agent of the enemy,hides inside the bodies of dead and sentient humans – the ultimate weapon – at the lowest cost. A point to note for the Doctor Zuwahiri – as the decaying human body parts,are,in essence an aerobic digester – and easy to destroy.

    PRC can use draconian measures to quarantine, and the Pakistani geography, is also manageable – and so, will not lose much,in a bio-war.The only nation which has the fatal mix of a vast geography,density of population,weird and satanic customs and rituals and a fart of a democracy – is India, and which makes it a prime candidate for a bio war target.

    What will these clowns do in a full scale N and Bio/Chemical war ? Time beckoneth Chaiwala to tactically nuke out parts of Hindoosthan – just like, in the Hindoo Mahabharata – there is no other way.

    The man was born to doom Hindoosthan and the Hindoos.His solution is to switch off the lights for 9 minutes at 9 pm and light candles,torches and cell phone lights – the sign of impending and inevitable doom.When Babar was at the doors of Hindoosthan – Hindoos were praying to Shiva and sacrifcing goats,bulls and temple prostitutes

  2. This is not Hindus vs muslims. This group doesn’t represent 15cr Indian muslims. No doubt this group behaved in a highly irresponsible and brainless way. Government has failed to identify this gathering. But blaming government is not the correct way. As an individual i should know what is my duties at this time of crisis


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