Did Tablighi Jamaat members misbehave, strip in front of nurses?


By Syed Ali Mujtaba

Chennai: News appeared in social media that hospital in charge in Ghaziabad hospital has complained to the police authorities of unruly and disgraceful behavior on the part of some Tableeghi jamat members from the Markaz admitted for diagnosis.

The news explained the disgraceful behavior as it said that the Tableeghi members indulged in undressing and moving about naked and taunting the hospital staff and even spitting at them.

Now this news has gone viral and the entire Muslim community has been vilified because of this news.

At the first instance when I got the news from a very senior journalist whom I personally knew I was shocked to cry; You Too Brutus!

Since, I know Tableeghi’s from childhood I can pledge my life that they are incapable of such indecent behavior. They are too conservative folks to do such things. They are really pure by heart and bode no ill against anyone in this world. Their outlook philosophy is too puritan to commit obscenity or vulgarity.

My quick reaction was its planted news to create hatred and enmity among the religious communities.

As a journalist to me unverified news is garbage to be thrown in dustbin and since it can’t be trusted it is a sin to circulate to wider audience.

As afterthought my second reaction was; Tableeghi’s may have been treated with criminal intent by those doing corona tests on them, any such misbehavior may be a reaction.

However, i am convinced about them they cannot indulge in any indecent behavior. I felt if there was any proper counseling, they may not have reacted as it was told in the news that they have done.

At a second read, when I went to the news item once again, I could clearly make out the motivation and communal interests attached with the news.

The news says the hospital authorities had complained to the police against the Tableeghi’s indecent activities. Now, if the complaint was made  then the police should have booked the culprits on charges of obstructing of duties, jeopardizing public health, obscenities, disorder and promoting communal hatred etc.

However, nothing of any such sort ever happened in the aftermath of the alleged complaint. What actually happened was fake news was peddled in the media as a queer news and media lapped it. The peddlers were successful in communalizing and polarizing the society.

Now when the country is put under disaster management act such fake news should have attracted penal action. How come such news that is despicable in nature was allowed to be circulated even in some respectable news media are parties in the crime.

This shameful allegation against some members of the Tableeghi Jamat is obviously done by some vested interests with criminal intent.

One needs not to be a journalist as even a sophomore in journalism can discern that this news is fabricated, motivated and malicious in nature.

In fact this news item deserves a PIL and the guilty must be   arrested on the charges of sedition.


Syed Ali Mujtaba is a journalist based in Chennai. He can be contacted at syedalimujtaba2007@gmail.com

7 thoughts on “Did Tablighi Jamaat members misbehave, strip in front of nurses?

  1. Absolutely 100%.

    Now yogi criminal Bisht has arrested atleast 50 and declared NSA charges on them…

    It was planned as an time-tested propaganda escape using lapdog media from failure of UP illiterate govt.

    1. Moulvi Saad Delhi me quarantine me haye…
      Police arrest kyon nahi karti? Politics…

      Bhole-bhaale gareeb followers ko arrest karte ho, bina bimari ke testing
      karte ho, aur foreigners ko airport pe arrest karte ho….
      Kalyug ka RamRajya…

  2. Woh jo photo tha Tablighi yon ka? Quarantine mein jab tthey to Social Distancing na maintain karke namaz padhe… Woh image fake tha kya? Uskey baare mein kahan kuch boley aap?

    1. My dear naive friend.
      They were isolating and quarantining themselves in the big musjid building; waiting for govt or police to transport them to their destinations.
      No one was sick, no one died.
      They were isolating following instructions of govt and protecting you and me.
      Regarding physical distancing, our great national advisors realised this concept only on 1st April Fool day and stressed on it.
      Anyways what distancing you are enforcing in slums, for labourers, for orphanages and for Dharavi, biggest slum of Asia?
      So distancing is mainly for public places, not where you have no place or space due to whatever reasons.

  3. Please note case was registered against them at the GT Road Kotwali on receiving a complaint from the chief medical officer.

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