Real India turns up, donates over six lakh rupees to Muslim vendor who was looted


By Muslim Mirror Desk

Scores of people have turned up to financially assist a fruit seller whose crates of mangoes worth 30,000 were looted in North Delhi’s Jagatpuri area on Wednesday. After his bank details were shared by NDTV on Friday, Phool Mia aka Chhote received more than six lakh rupees [7,968.6 dollars] within the next 24 hours.

“Ab jaake jaan mein jaan aai hai (It’s like I’ve got my life back). I will finally get to celebrate Eid, take care of my children,” Chhote said. He further thanked everyone who has helped him.

A crowd had looted unattended crates of mangoes worth Rs 30,000 left behind by a fruit seller in North Delhi’s Jagatpuri area. The incident took place after a fight erupted near a neighbourhood school and a group of people asked the Muslim vendor, Chhote, to move his cart away.

Chhote shifted his cart to a place but dozens of crates full of mangos were yet to be shifted. Taking advantage of the situation, some people pounced upon his crates and carried all that they could.

Police have reportedly arrested four people over the incident.

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  1. After ‘Beef trade’ to economically weaken the Muslims community of India, now even street vendors are being targeted in order push the community to marginalized class to the second class citizen’s of India as planned by the RSS through ruling BJP.
    It is time for Organisation of Islamic Countries, UNHCR, European Union and US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) to take strict action against the ruling BJP government in the center.
    If the government remains to be coercive with act to shield the militant fascist then economical sanction and travel need to be applied.

    Jai Hind

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      i live in danmark-danes think muslims r barbarians and want to deport the,

      burqa banned, no masjids,

      why do muslims want to live in nonmuslim countries- are all over the world.

    • its muslims like you who are stopped from travelling to western countries.

      try getting a visa.,

      west admires pm modi-

  2. He should pardon them…
    Assuming that they were hungry.
    Should take only 30,000 & donate the rest or setup a business for the poor & hungry..

  3. muslims are happy inpak, bangladesh, afghanistan, iraq, syria-

    join them you fools.

    hindus want to be rid of you-beards,topis, skull caps


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