Shocking : Symbol ‘OM’ burn imprinted on Muslim inmate in Tihar

Nabbir: Photo courtesy India Today

By MM Desk

New Delhi : In a shocking incident  a Muslim under trial prisoner  alleged that Jail Superintendent in Tihar had “burn imprinted” symbol ‘Om’ on his back and has also deprived him of food for two days, reported The Wire.

A Delhi Court ordered for inquiry after Nabbir, an undertrial prisoner  at the Tihar jail, told his family that he was branded with an Om symbol and was not fed for two days on April 12.

He said that he was subjected to cruel and inhuman treatment by jail superintendent Rajesh Chauhan. After his family informed his counsel, the counsel moved an application in the court.

Court ordering the immediate inquiry noted that the allegations raised by accused are of serious nature and required immediate intervention. It has issued notice to DGP, Prisoner, Head Quarter, Tihar Jail No.4, New Delhi to get the medical examination of accused

Nabbir conducted with the immediate effect and has also asked for enquiry report regarding the burn imprinted ‘Om’ remark on the person of the accused.

Court has directed for collection of necessary CCTV footage and has asked for statement of other inmates in this regard. It has further  directed that the necessary arrangements be made to ensure the safety of accused in Jail.


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