The Valley is Calm


By Zainab Mojibi

The valley is calm
And the valley is ours
With it’s green fields and women white.
We will build an orange house
In a stark contrast to the endless green
The valley is calm.

A pair of small eyes
Gazes intently from a darkened window
Past the barbed wire, past the man in green
At the glistening muzzle of the dark weapon.
So that is how you bring to effect
An unending impossible task.
In my Kashmir, the guns will be blacker, men bigger
But all white, white men
The valley is calm.

The sun will rise now
On a developed territory
Big industries will pour money
The people will be happy
Kashmir is finally Indian.
But first
Bring on the clampdown.
People need development
Not the green land
Send the men in green
Kill if you need
The valley is calm.

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