Three AMU students arrested for shouting ‘VC go back’


By Muslim Mirror Desk

New Delhi : Three students of AMU (Aligarh Muslim University) have been arrested for protesting against VC Tariq Mansoor.

The students reportedly shoughted   ‘VC go back’ during an event at AMU.

The AMU administration handed over these students to the police.

Jamia Coordination Committee (CAA) strongly has condemned the arrest  as ‘unconstitutional act of the administration and UP police’ .

This is a clear violation of the fundamental right of speech and expression of an individual and clear suppression and throttling of dissent, said a statement issued by JCC.

“We demand that these students be immediately and unconditionally released and the university administration be held accountable” it added.

The problem at AMU started after police brutality assaulted on Jamia students after a peaceful protest against CAA on 15 December. M

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  1. shouting vc go back is in no means and unlawful or unconstitutional act. This is just a way of registering our agitation against the dis-credible administration specially vc and registrar. This AMU administration just showing that much they can become disgraceful they can be by imitating the oppressor ruler of this country.


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