Umaiyah Khan’s hijab case: Delhi Minority Commission issues notice to UGC

Umaiyah Khan


By Muslim  Mirror

New Delhi: Recently Umaiyah Khan, a student of Jamia Millia was not allowed to participate in UGC-Net exam for wearing hijab (scarf). Another Muslim woman of Goa was also not allowed to take the said said on the same ground. Taking sou motucognisance of the Delhi incident, Delhi Minorities Commission has issued a notice to Secretary, University Grants Commission saying that “it is a clear case of discrimination against a religious minority and an attempt to keep it away from the national mainstream. This practice has no legal or constitutional basis. Kerala High Court has clearly allowed Muslim women to appear in exams and test while in Hijab (wearing scarf and full sleeves)”.

DMC also has issued clear orders to respect the religious rights of Muslim and Sikh women. DMC has asked the Secretary, UGC, to reply (1) why this discrimination is allowed, (2) on what basis and (3) how you propose to undo the injustice done to the Muslim women prevented from appearing in the NETJRF exam while in hijab, (4) what steps you are taking to prevent the repetition of this injustice in future. Copies of both the Kerala High Court and DMC’s general order regarding dress have been sent alongwith the DMC notice.


  1. tell the complete story … even hindu girls wearing mangalsutra were not allowed and were asked to remove to enter the examination hall

    stop spreading hatred

  2. Minority Commission and Jamiatul Ulema should fight for religious discrimination and compensation for mental harassment and loss of academic year for minimum 50 lakhs—so that they do not send back a Sikh student wearing turban tomorrow, or a Christian nun student wearing a robe.
    Are you testing academics or clothes and culture in Ram Rajya?

  3. if they are not allowed to wear mangalsutra then you can also come with us to support your religion . but hijab is the thing which covered your upper body and its is a practice in islam if some of girls want to practice their religion then it is ok don’t comment please .


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