UP CM is ‘Dhongi Yogi’: Brahmarshi Pitamaha Patriji, founder Pyramid Party

Pyramid Party leaders addressing media in New Delhi

By MM Special Correspondent

New Delhi: Calling Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath as “Dhongi”(Bogus) Yogi,   Brahmarshi Pitamaha Patriji, the Yogi from South, has announce that his party ‘Pyramid Party of India (PPI)’ will  contest  Lok Sabha and assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana as well as  in Uttar Pradesh too.   Terming the meditation as a ‘panacea’ for all problems and diseases’, he said the party will only nominate those candidates who are ‘strictly vegetarian’.


Releasing the his party’s poll manifesto here in the presence of his disciples, Patriji said   Pyramid Party was founded in 1999  and it  had also contested  recently held Telegana assembly.  As the general elections are round the corner, we want to expand our party in north India particularly in UP, Haryana and Delhi, he said.

While emphasizing the “virtues” vegetarianism, he said   there should be a ban on ‘even chicken and eggs given during mid-day meals to school childern’. When this correspondent drew his attention that a host of drugs and medicines  cannot be made  without non-veg ingredients,    the south Indian yogi said  we can cure all ailments by   ‘meditation’ and want a  ban  consumption of  non-veg items.

 In response to a question, he said his party is aiming to make its presence felt in north India as well, this time and in Andhra Pradesh , it  will field candidates on all seats.

“ All are welcome to be a part of  my  Spiritual Movement which will lead to Enlightenment of the Nation,” he said.

“Pyramid Party of India is formed to transform all the People of India into meditators, enlightened persons, vegetarians and peace-loving people during our current lifetime itself through the methodology of the Electoral Process. Only Enlightened are the Right People for Good Governance. Let us choose and elect only the Enlightened Masters,” he added.

 Interestingly, party manifesto talk of at providing Free Health Care facilities to every citizen and revamping the PDS.  However,

Party’s Delhi Unit president Saurabh Bansal said, “Our party aims at providing Free Health Care facilities to every citizen. Essential commodities shall be made available uninterruptedly through a revamped Public Supply System.

However,  Brahmarshi Patriji said the poverty can be fought  through  ‘meditation’.   In reply to a question, he slammed UP Chief Minister saying “he is not a Yogi but a Dhongi and everybody knows it.” He said we want to bring a change as the Pyramid Party of India founded on the philosophy of the ancient Greek philosopher, Socrates, who firmly believed that the best form of government was one ruled by an individual possessing the greatest ability, knowledge, and virtue.



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