Video : Muslim youth form human chain to protect temple from mob attack in Bangalore


By Muslim Mirror Staff

Bangalore : Hours after three Muslims  were killed in police firing and over 100 arrested in the violence in northeastern Bengaluru that took place on Tuesday night after the relative of a Congress MLA posted derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammed on his Facebook page, Muslim youths came out to protect DJ Halli’s biggest temple.


Sensing escalation of violence, late Tuesday night Muslim youths formed a human chain in front of DJ Halli’s biggest temple to safeguard the temple from miscreants. About 100 youths were seen covering the entire boundaries of the temple. DJ Halli and KJ Halli areas have sizeable population of Tamils and Muslims.

3 thoughts on “Video : Muslim youth form human chain to protect temple from mob attack in Bangalore

  1. Muslims should protect their homes, families and masajid from Hindu terrorists.

    Don’t waste your time or energy on Hindu temples.

  2. when my bro @IndianFaiz who is real muslim will support this i will also support this. I know one thing there are good and bad people every where across religions but today there is too much drama baazi, and fake news. i can say with challenge anything mass organized is fake and has political support. according to me this could be fake muslim propaganda. but those who support such incidents from outside are real indians,,, jai hind

    This human chain dramabazi will not save those jihadi associated with politicians to burn delhi and bangalore

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