Weapons recovered from Maharashtra BJP leader’s shop will leave you shocked

Dhananjay Kulkarni and the weapons recovered fromhis cloth shop.

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi : The weapons recovered from the  shop of  a BJP leader from Maharashtra will leave you shocked.        .

Nearly 108 types of weapons including guns, swords, machetes and knives were recovered from the shop of BJP leader Dhananjay Kulkarni. The weapons were recovered in a raid conducted by the Kalyan Crime Branch. Kulkarni is deputy chief of BJP in Domb.

The police have confirmed that Kulkarni, who ran a fashion accessories and cosmetic products store in his showroom Tapasya House of Fashion in Dombivli, also used the premise to sell weapons.

“The raid was conducted after we received a tip-off from our source. When a team reached Kulkarni’s store, around 170 weapons, including eight air guns, ten swords, 38 press button knives, 25 choppers, nine kukris, nine guptis (bladed weapon concealed in a wooden case), five knives, three axes and one sickle were found. They have been seized and sent for further forensic investigations,” Sanju John, senior inspector of the Kalyan unit of Thane Crime Branch  said to The Wire.

Police have arrested Kulkarni and he has been sent to judicial custody. The crime branch officials are investigating why he possessed so many weapons.

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