52 Muslims crack UPSC exams 2017 , 14 among them are women

Saad Miya Khan got 25th rank.

NEW DELHI :  52 Muslims out of  990  successful candidates have registered their name  in the final list of Civil Services  Examinations 2017 .

The number of Muslim candidates is almost the same as last year. Last year there were 51 Muslims in who qualifies Civil Services Exams.

Saad Miya Khan, Fazlul Haseeb,  Saleem Sai Teja, Jameel Fathima Zeba, Haseen Zahera Rizvi and Azar Zia are among 100 successful candidates.

Saad Miya Khan who  coached at Jamia Millia Islamia Residential Coaching Academy got 25th rank.

Out of 990 selected candidates, 476 belong to general category, 275 to OBC while 165 and 74 to SC and ST category respectively.

Successful Muslim Candidates – Civil Services Examination 2017

Rank      Roll No.                  Name

25           0325465               Saad Miya Khan

28 .          0011598               Sameer S

36           0584343                Fazlul Haseeb

43          0003751                 Saleem Sai Teja

62           0786820                Jameel Fathima Zeba

87           0669802                Haseen Zahera Rizvi

97           0052405                Azar Zia

137         0126399                Syed Abbas Ali

154         0005503                Motiur Rahman

165         0444670                Asim Khan

190         0444510                Syed Imaran Masood

200         0365004                Muhammad Junaid PP

217         0626326                Ilma Afroz

226         0429287                Hasrat Jasmine

282         0504526                Ezaz Ahmed

326         0030666                Mohd Nooh Siddiqui

339         0050154                Shaikh Salman

352         0191790                Junaid Ahmad

378         0032947                Inabat Khaliq

384         0529095                Saddam Navas

410         0369659                Syed Zahed Ali

444         0011264                Furqan Akhtar

445         0336862                Sofia

470         0393562                Mohd Shafiq

471         0641379                Zafar Iqbal

485         0010280                Gaush Alam

487         0097593                Haaris Rasheed

536         0404666                Ihjas Aslam CS

539         0285502                Anam Siddiqui

570         0048867                Hasan Safin Mustufaali

572         0128649                Sahila

602         0268888                Muhammed Shabeer K

613         0467937                Irshad CM

620         0651711                Ibson Shah I

622         0516919                Ali Aboobacker TT LI

651         0668462                Rehna R

655         0562225                Amal N S

656         0120006                Mohammad Nadeemuddin

657         0556919                Harisha BC

662       0586614                  Danish Agastam

693         0557457                SHAHID T KOMATH

695         0688921                Shahid Ahmed

709         0080618                Ajaml Shahzad Aliyar

725         0444350                Imran Ahmad

752         0478428                Bushra Ansari

800         0006499                Afsal Hameed

801         0442562                Sarvaiya Riyabhai Rafikbhai

810         0390372                Sheerat Fatima

841         0010178                Arisha Jakhu

843         0333248                Amir Bashir

845         0135531                Khalid Hussain

850         0370963                Arif Khan

896 .       0384145                Atul Khan

939         0882366                Mohd Farooq



  1. I would like to know what these successful applicants differently/uniquely t finally led them to succeed. Please do open up and let others learn from their exam mates. The 50/990 is almost 5%. So, our people are not lazy. How come their % @ the lower level of the clerical jobs, other gov jobs is not even 1-2%. So, is the military. That proves my stance of the built-in structural policy to keep minorities away from uplifting their station in life. They better improve it to match at least the UPSC.

  2. Well done.
    It is only education and employment which will change the future of this under-privileged Indian Muslim minority community.

  3. Congratulations!
    This however,is an election year’s result.
    Nonetheless,my best wishes to all.
    Hope it will inspire others to come forward and compete.

  4. Selection of Muslim candidates were stagnant at around 3% until 2016. In the past two years it has improved. But still requires much effort to become equivalent to Muslim population in India, i.e., 14.2%.

    Result year: Muslim candidates/ Total selected; %
    2018: 50/990; 5.0%
    2017: 50/1099; 4.5%
    2016: 36/1078; 3.3%
    2015: 38/1236; 3.1%
    2014: 34/1122; 3.0%
    2013: 30/998; 3.0%
    2012: 30/910; 3.3%
    2011: 31/920; 3.4%
    2010: 21/875; 2.4%
    2009: 31/791; 3.9%

    • Percentage is higher.calculate on the basis of general+ OBC+st.seats. Muslims r not getting reservation in SC category.so exclude SC seats.

    • After reading all the moments, I shall like to reiterate, “demand from the candidates and the hiring-enabling governance to match/prepare the final results @ all levels, from the mailroom to the boardroom, to their % in the general population”. This should include local police, state safety/security employees, and the branches of the Army. Without this, the sense of present insecurity among the minorities is not going to subside on its own. Rather, it would continue to demotivate, demoralize, and degenerate (into extremism). Pre-empt it.

  5. It is not clear how many qualified under OBC quota and how many in general category? Moreover it should have also been there as who got coaching from where in order to see the performance of each coaching centre. In addition to that state’s name was also required against each candidate name to analyse the result in right perspective.

  6. Well done.
    It is only education and employment which will change the future of this under-privileged Indian Muslim minority community

  7. Renaissance in the community. Proud of successful candidates who to give a ray of hope to the other aspirants from distressed and demotivated community. They are the super hero’s who reaffirm the fact that only education and knowledge can redeem the future of the India”s minority. Therefore time has come to Read Read and Read only till you achive the success.

  8. Results of upsc are encouraging for muslim youth. Guardian and students must prefer this type of job.
    Congratulations to parents and candidates.

  9. Congratulations to all successful candidates we wish to all of you a happy new prospective in future.

  10. Congratulations to all successful candidates. We and our community feel proud on you. Pl remember to deliver justice and try to fight discrimination against any human being in general and muslim in particular. God will help who help to needy and downtrodden.


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