Aaj Tak sacks journalist for calling Modi a shameless Prime Minister

Shyam Meera Singh [Facebook]

In an emotional tweet, Singh hailed slain photojournalist Danish Siddiqui as his ideal and said he would like to dedicate his termination letter to him as he has nothing else to dedicate.

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: Aaj Tak Shyam Meera Singh on Monday said he was terminated from Aaj Tak channel for his two tweets that were critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In his first tweet, Singh said that those who seek respect for Prime Minister should first ask him to respect his Prime Ministerial post. In the second tweet, he criticised the trolls for tagging his employer and seeking his termination. He further said, ”I will not compromise from writing that Modi is a shameless Prime Minister”.

After his termination, Singh wrote several emotional tweets. In one of them, he said, ”People dedicate their degrees, research papers to their Ideals. I have nothing to show but a termination letter from my company IndiaToday, So I want to dedicate my termination letter to my beloved friend Danish Siddiqui, who martyred in Afghanistan.”

Several media professionals slammed Aaj Tak and India Today Group for his termination. They called the channel ‘spineless” and said it lacks the courage to be critical of the government and its policies.


  1. It is true that the present Indian media is a Godi media. They always publish news in the favor of BJP.. it is a biased media.

    • Secular Hindu aka lying Hindu gutter rat,

      Strange you would say that since you are an RSS sh1t stain. It’s becoming harder and harder for goo bhakts to defend Modi and his antics….Hindus are responsible for the fascist sh1thole India has become. Guess a 3rd and 4th Covid wave will knock some sense into mentally incompetent monkey worshipping Hindu morons.

  2. Of course, you fool 🤦🤦. Even the ndtv journalist who said how’s the jaish after Pulwama was terminated. There is a reason who journalists and reporters are not encouraged to air their opinions in public. Because it gets around as a news piece to the organization the person works for.


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