‘Adv. Ejaz Maqbool took Rs 60 lakh in Dhavan’s name in Babri case’ ; alleges lawyer Kazam Khan

Babri Masjid, Ejaz Maqbool

By Abdul Bari Masoud

New Delhi:  Advocate Kazam Ali Khan, a Hyderabad-based  lawyer made a sensational allegation against  Ejaz Maqbool,  an Advocate on Record, that  he had taken fraudulently  an  amount of Rs. 60,00,000/- (Rupees Six Million) from Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind ( Arshad) in the name of Dr. Rajiv Dhavan  who appeared on behalf of the Muslim parties in the Babri Masjid-Ram Mandir title suit case which  was finally adjudicated by the Supreme Court on November 9, 2019 last year. It is said Dr. Haven had rendered pro bono legal services in the Bari Mashed case. However, Ejaz Maqbool, who assisted Rajiv Dhavan and was an important member of the Babri Masjid legal team, vehemently refuted the charge terming Khan’s allegations as “all nonsense and a result of professional rivalry.”


In a letter addressed to Maulana Syed Mohammad Rabey Hussaini Nadwi, President, All India Muslim Personal Law Board, the Hyderabad lawyer Khan said, “Hazrat, a few days before Lock-down one very important piece of information came to my knowledge. The information is so important that I want to bring it to your kind notice. Dr. Rajiv Dhavan, Senior Advocate appeared in Supreme Court and argued in favour of Babri Masjid. I salute him for the services rendered by him in Babri Masjid case. This is my belief and claim that the services of Dr. Rajiv Dhawan will be remembered in golden words till doomsday. The astonishing fact which came to my knowledge is that Dr. Rajiv Dhawan has not charged any fee or taken any compensation in lieu of his services.”

He further stated that “By God, Dr. Rajiv Dhavan has created the history. On the contrary there is an advocate whose name is Ejaz Maqbool  and he also created the history.”

And alleging that “ Ejaz Maqbool was continuously taking professional fee from Jamiat for Dr. Dhawan and till the end of Babri Masjid case he charged about Rs. 60,00,000/- (Rupees Sixty Lakh) in the name of Dr. Dhawan out of which not even a single penny was given to Dr. Dhawan. Although Dr. Dhavan had declared in the  very beginning that he would not charge any professional fee for the cause of Babri Masjid.”

“Here it is necessary to clarify that Ejaz Maqbool has charged his professional fee separately and the amount of Rs. 60,00,000/- (Rupees Sixty Lakh) was charged only in the name of Dr. Rajiv Dhavan.”

Interestingly, instead of asking to Jamiat Ulama-i- Hind president Maulana Arshad Madani, Khan asked Maulana Rabey Nadawi that the money should be taken back from Ejaz Maqbool and it should be placed before Dr. Dhawan with a request that he (Dr. Rajiv Dhawan) should pronounce the judgment as to how this money should be utilized.

“My only demand is that the amount of Rs. 60, 00,000/- (Rupees Sixty Lakh) which Aijaz Maqbool has taken fraudulently from Jamiat in the name of Dr. Dhavan is to be taken back from Ejaz Maqbool and the same be placed before Dr. Dhavan with a request that he (Dr. Rajiv Dhavan) should pronounce the judgment as to how this money should be utilized.”

In his letter, he also asked the Muslim Board president what action had taken against the UP Sunni Central Waqf Board lawyer Shahid Rizvi who on the last day of the hearing in the Babri Masjid case was trying to file an affidavit stating therein that the UP Sunni Board wants to withdraw the case of Babri Masjid which is an unforgettable chapter in the Babri Masjid litigation case.

“May I ask you a question as to what legal action did you take against him? This was the commitment of Muslim advocates mentioned above with the case of Babri Masjid”, Kazam Khan asked.

To my information Mr. Irshad Hanif did not charge any professional fee in Babri Masjid case as long as he was an advocate on record in it and Dr. Rajiv Dhavan did not charge any professional fee as stated above, he added.

Lauding the services of Dr Dhavan in the Babri masjid case,  Khan said he would have rewarded law ministry had he fought in faovor of  the Ram Mandir case.

“When I contemplate I come to the conclusion that had Dr. Dhavan appeared in favour of Ram Mandir case as an advocate, he would have been appointed as Law Minister of India for his lifetime, the Rajya Sabha seat for Dr. Dhavan would have been very small reward. As a matter of fact the history has been created in itself.”

When Muslim Mirror contacted advocate Ejaz Maqbool to know his reaction on this serious allegation, he refused to comment on it. However, he only stated that “it is all nonsense and out of professional rivalry”.  He also asked why did  Kazam Ali Khan writea letter to Muslim Personal law  Board president when he alleged that I have taken money from the Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind( R).

It is to mention here that the All Indian Muslim Personal Law Board and Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind led Maulana Arshad Madani had fought the  Babri Masjid case on behalf of the Muslim parties.

Kazam Ali Khan also commented the Babri masjid judgment who came all along from Hyderabad in filing the review petition against the verdict. He said “if there had been a Super Supreme Court in our judicial hierarchy, the judgment would have definitely been reversed.

“Since I liked the advice of the advocate I came back from Delhi without filing the Review Petition. The pain was very deep. My conscience was not ready to accept that despite all the evidence on record, documents and especially the incident of 6th December 1992, how the Supreme Court came to pronounce judgment against Babri Masjid.”


  1. If Ejaz Maqbool does not file a Defamation case against Adv Kazam Khan; it is clear that he and/ or Rajiv Dhavan have accepted Rs 60 lakhs from baitul-maal of Arshad faction of Jamiat ul Ulema!
    Maulana Arshad also needs to state the truth alongwith AIMPLB President Maulana Rabey Nadvi.
    They need to take an urgent press-conference, answer questions and clear their individual names and dignity!

  2. Either of the two Mr. Rajiv Dhavan or Mr. Ejaz Maqbool to clarify the allegation leveled by Adv. Kazim Khan. If they are mum on the matter then it is presumed that the allegation is correct. Thereafter Jamiatulma-i-Hind must initiate a legal proceedings against Mr. Maqbool and the money be recovered.
    It is really a grave matter and truth must come out.

  3. Dear brothers, sisters, colleagues and friends,
    I hope you must have come across the news published in various news papers and comments offered by various personalities and responsible citizens holding high positions. It is absolutely clear now without an iota of ambiguity that Aijaz Maqbool has taken an amount of Rs. 60 Lac in the name of Dr. Rajeev Dhavan from Jamiat Ulama but not a single penny out of that Rs. 60 Lac has been given to Dr. Rajeev Dhavan.
    We have won half of the battle by establishing the fact that Aijaz Maqbool has committed a fraud by taking an amount of Rs. 60 Lac in the name of Dr. Rajeev Dhavan from Jamiat Ulama. Now the half battle remains to be fought with the same vigour to recover the amount of Rs. 60 Lac from Aijaz Maqbool. The amount of Rs. 60 Lac so recovered from Aijaz Maqbool be placed before Dr. Dhawan with a request that he (Dr. Rajiv Dhawan) should pronounce the judgment as to how this money should be utilized.
    Ultimately this is Dr. Rajeev Dhavan’s money and he has to pronounce the judgment which will ultimately prevail. However, if I am permitted to make a suggestion on the issue I would suggest that Dr. Rajeev Dhavan should divide the money into two equal parts of Rs. 30 Lac each. One part of Rs. 30 Lac he should donate to Ram Mandir and the other part of Rs. 30 Lac he should donate to the Masjid to be built on the 5 Acres of land awarded by Supreme Court as compensation. My suggestion is only in the background of circumstances that if Dr. Rajeev Dhavan does not want to use this money for himself otherwise he has every right to use this money in any manner he may like.

    With respectful regards:
    Khurram Ali Khan, Adv.

  4. Dear Khurram Ali Khan:

    Re: Letter about Rs.60 Lakhs fees in my name.
    1. I have no knowledge of payments to Mr. Ejaz Maqbool whether in my name or otherwise.
    2. I can only affirm:
    (i) I did not take even a paisa for conferences, written submissions or appearances from 1994; or for any application or reviews filed.
    (ii) This is a matter between Mr.Maqbool and his clients and others collectively involved in respect of whatever payments were made.
    (iii) He attended only a few conferences in my house to which lawyers from his and other offices came everyday for meetings that lasted hours each day for months. He managed the extensive paperwork presented to the court; and I personally paid for extended photocopies and other facilities including lawyers and staff in my office.
    3. I cannot adjudicate this case or decide, if correct, what should be done with the proceeds of excess payments, if made.
    4. Thank you for informing me.
    Rajeev Dhavan

  5. Dear Rajeev Dhavan Sir,
    Firstly, Heartiest thanks for representing the weak minority of Indian Muslims sincerely for sake of Justice and Truth. Much appreciated, may God bless you!

    We don’t know about the financial transactions and whether the fees of Ejaz Maqbool are appropriate or he has sucked blood of own community like a vulture or not; so we will leave that to Almighty Allah to decide on Final Day of Judgement!

    We will all see together very clearly “with evidence” on a large public LCD screen when Allah swt uncovers all secrets and treacheries by everyone on the Final Day of Judgement.

    This amount is only lakhs, our Waqf boards and Uwesis are minting in hundreds of crores by secret unholy alliance with RSS and fascist EVM parties.


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