AIMPLB asks Muslim women to dispel myths about hijab


Lucknow:  The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has said that Muslim women must come forward to dispel misconceptions about ‘hijab’ and ‘purdah’ to counter people who are spreading hate in the name of protests against it.

“My dear sisters, use this time to inform people about hijab, dispel the prejudice, express that you are not oppressed with the hijab but are respected, honoured and free with it. Your success is the success of all Muslims,” said Maulana Umrain Mahfooz Rahmani, general secretary of the board in a social media session.


Muslim women have freedom and are given respect and honour to the point that Jannat is said to be under the feet of the woman, he added.

“Hijab is the identity of a Muslim and a respectable woman. It protects from the satanic aspects of the society. Over centuries, whichever society went towards embracing nakedness got destroyed and plagued by Allah’s curse and wrath,” he said.

The cleric further emphasised that Islam has not stopped women from stepping out of the house.

“Move out in such a way that there is no obstruction to your honour and dignity. This is what Islam likes,” he said while urging Muslim women to accept hijab in their lives.

“Those who already do it should inform others about it. It will stop the propaganda and counter the hate against hijab,” added the Maulana.– IANS



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