Almspay: A mobile app for donating online Zakat and Sadqaat

Needless to say, the current pandemic has restricted us mostly to our homes doing our job from home. Despite of the difficulties we are facing due to this pandemic and lockdown, we still manage to do our various jobs necessary for our life and also those works which give meaning to our life. One among those is- to help those who can’t help themselves. Unlike earlier, we have to do this also while remaining at home, maintaining the physical and social distancing and following the rules of lockdown to minimize the spread of the covid infection. So we have one of the major ways to reach out the needy ones- digital platforms!

Almspay is changing the way communities donate. Almspay is such a platform of crowd funding to help all the needy sections of society. It works in various fields ranging from helping poor students to get higher education, support to poor and backward families to run their livelihood, healthcare system to help individuals getting required money for paying their hospital bills. Almspay help NGOs, masjids and maktab to raise the badly needed fund for their development and sustainability by using digital platforms. It supports NGOs in the upliftment of communities which are struggling to improve their status in the contemporary India by promoting the level ofhigher education start their own small businesses. This is a brief introduction of Almspay. With the donors support, it is ready to play bigger role in the upliftment of the society at all levels. The founders of almspay are Syed Asif Iqbal, Mohammad Umair and Mohd Owais. The founders have also developed Scan & Pay system for Mosques where people can scan and donate easily to mosque. This is one big step towards digitization of old institutions like Mosque and Maktabs.

It is for the first time we can see that people can donate to mosque from their homes which not only make them compliant with lockdown norms but also give them the happiness of being connected with the daily religious practices.

What makes you trust Almspay? In this digital era, Almspay connect donors directly to the needy people without any mediator. There is complete transparency on this platform where donors and receivers have trusted every activity acknowledged here. You just have to register, login, making payment wherever you want and help reaches out to the exact place! You will receive an e-reciept of your donation through mail immediately. You will have all the donation records here. You help, share and see the result and that’s how, by helping others, you contribute to make the society better to live each day.

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