An exclusive interview with Hijab clad girl Bushra Mateen, who set a new record by winning 16 medals in engineering

By Nikhat Fatima | Muslim Mirror

Bushra Mateen, who graduated in civil engineering this March 2022, broke all records by winning 16 medals in a row. Bushra hailing from Raichur district of Karnataka, went up to the dias in her hijab on 10th March, 2022, to receive the medals at the hands of the dignitaries among whom were the Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla, Governor Thawachand Ghelot, Education Minister CN Ashwath Narayan in the auditorium at Belgavi.

In the 21 years history of VTU             ( Visheswaraya Technical University) this is the first time someone has created this record bagging all the awards. Bushra has graduated from SLN Engineering college in Raichur.

Some of the different categories are: Student who secured highest in marks among with rank holders in any branch of B.E; students who stands first in B.E ( Civil Engineering); Student who securing highest marks among the students of engineering colleges affilicated to VTU; to the lady student who secures highest marks with 1st class in B.E Civil Engineering and so on.

Excerpts from the interview with the gold medalist:

Q: Have you always had a brilliant academic record?

Bushra: Yes, I have always been an achiever. Throughout my school and pre-university courses I have scored above 93%.

Q: What is your study pattern? Do you follow any special formula?

Bushra: I study 4-5 hours per day in that I spend at least one and half hour updating what I studied the previous day. My intention while studying has never been to top in the class. It is just that if I don’t study the entire chapter I don’t feel satisfied. I study each and every topic of every chapter. Usually when we refer to the pattern of the previous years’ question papers we feel certain topics are unimportant and skip those. I never did that. I studied everything. So in even in the internals I scored good marks. Thus I covered the entire syllabus and left nothing to chance.

Q: Who is your role Model?

My father is my role model. I have been inspired by him to choose the civil engineering branch. And my brother has always inspired and motivated me throughout my B.E. There has been no force on me in my house and I was free to choose whatever I wanted to study.

Q: Tell us a little more about your family

Bushra: My father, Shaikh Zaheerudin is a civil engineer in government department and my mother a B.A graduate is a home maker. My elder brother Shaik Tanveeruddin has completed his B.E and my youngest sister Qavi Faisar is pursuing B.E in computer science.

Q: What is your message to other students?

Bushra: I want to tell all the students that don’t set yourself any limits especially age limit. For education there is no limit. For girls who might have had to drop out in between, I want to say that continue your education and complete a degree. Every girl must be a graduate so she can be financially independent. I also want to say that don’t let others’ opinions, superior attitude affect you in any way, just stay focused on your goal and pursue it. Persistence is the key.

Q: What are your future plans?

Bushra: I have joined coaching classes for UPSC. I aspire to be an IAS officer and contribute to the growth of my nation.

Q: What are your hobbies? What is your favourite past time?

Bushra: I love reading, travelling and exploring new places, new things. I read both fiction and nonfiction and reading is my favourite past time.

Q: What do you think about the Hijab controversy and the High court verdict?

Bushra: I have worn my hijab for the graduation ceremony. Ours is a democratic secular country and wearing Hijab is our fundamental right guaranteed by the constitution of India where we are all allowed to practice our religion. I am sure we will get justice in the Supreme Court, In sha Allah.

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  1. Kudos to the “Golden Girl”. She has made her parents proud, the community and the country.
    It is time for the community to wake up and make our girls more strong and educate them and serve our society and country.

  2. Yes its better for muslim girls hijab is seprate issue education is important allah knwos every thing we wait for some time
    So i think dont care about the same

  3. Well-done Bushra Mateen. Alhamdulillah you did a great job. We are proud of you. You are really an inspiration.
    The best thing is that you wear a hijab that is a part of pardah.

  4. Wearing a Hijab is not a fundamental right and the court has given its order. Accept the verdict and move on with life. Questioning judiciary is NOT a good way to prepare for the Civil Services exam

    • You must have put in quite some effort to be as convoluted as you are. Your words “move on with life” was full of sarcasm, which is what your personality reflects of yourself. Carry on. In the meantime this young lady will be moving on and on irrespective of your words.

      Bushra CAN question the judiciary. That is the essence of various levels of courts. And mostly, that is how and why Supreme Court exists.
      Stop and learn Mathew, you are moving too fast to pick up some meaningful understandings in life.

    • Covering shame is indeed a fundamental right. If she thinks her hair/head is a body part that need to be covered, then she has the right to do so. While individuals and society as a whole imparts what is nudity and what is not, since the question is about covering nudity she has the right to dress as much as she want, and does not imply the otherway to walk naked.
      Court decisions come from humans. They make mistakes, as have been the case multiple times in the past and will be in future. Looking forward for justice in Supreme court

  5. Congratulations..
    You definitely have a bright future..
    Keep focused..
    Have you wore hijab for 4-5 yrs during your college hours? Just a curiosity..
    Take care..


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