‘Arab News’ faces criticism for Palestine coverage, readers call it ‘Israeli News’

Arab News, an English-language daily newspaper published in Saudi Arabia, has been criticised by readers for its coverage of Palestine and Israel.

The newspaper drew flak for a story Israeli sisters killed in shooting attack laid to rest The newspaper was accused of promoting Israeli cause and ignoring plight of Palestinians.

“Is it just me or does your Instagram page have zero coverage for the recent events at Al Aqsa where unarmed worshippers were attacked and brutally beaten by armed Israeli soldiers? If we want people to listen, they must also feel heard. If you want them to see, they must also feel seen. It is extremely unjust to exclude the Palestinian perspective. I’m still trying to understand why the events at Al Aqsa even took place. What was the justification? True journalism would explore that,” a user, Fariha Humair wrote in reply to Arab News’ Instagram post.

“Really, Arab News ? This is what you choose to report ? SMH even CNN and other western media outlets were less biased. Officially sold yourself to Israel. Unfollowing, I hope everyone else follows suit,” another user wrote.

Earlier, this year, the newspaper had faced criticism for its special coverage on Valentines’s Day. The newspaper had published several articles and stories on 14th February on the day, also called St. Valentine’s Day.

“Only this news channel is celebrating the day; no one else in the country does so,” user wrote on the newspaper’s page on Instagram.

“So apparently commemorating the killing of the Grandson of Prophet Muhammad is Haram in Saudi but Valentines is halal,” another user wrote.

Arab News is a Saudi Arabian English-language daily newspaper based in Riyadh. It was founded in 1975 and  once considered one of the most widely read newspapers in the Middle East which highlighted the  sentiments  of Arab masses and suffering of Palestinians when veteran journalist Khaled Almaeena was its editor in chief. But now the paper is accused of being pro Zionest state and working as mouth piece of Israel. Some critics have accused Arab News of having a pro-Israeli  bias in its coverage of Israeli atrocities. They argue that the newspaper often portrays the zionist state and its policies in a positive light, while downplaying or ignoring the sufferings of Palestinians.

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