Bangladesh: 58 suspects arrested over torching of Hindu properties

Bangladeshi police have arrested 58 suspects

DHAKA, Bangladesh:  Bangladeshi police have arrested 58 suspects accused of involvement with or organizing the torching of dozens of Hindu houses and properties last week.

“To date we have arrested 58 suspects, and four of them have already issued confessional statements admitting their involvement with the crime,” Biplob Kumar Sarkar, superintendent of police in the northern district of Rangpur, where the incident took place, told reporters.


He added that police would continue to investigate the case, saying: “Of the detained, 37 are still on a three-day remand for further interrogation.”

Tensions flared in Rangpur following an alleged defamatory social media post last Sunday by a local Hindu, Paritosh Sarkar, insulting the Muslim holy site of Kaaba, Mecca. Sarkar was later arrested.

Meanwhile, with the help of the government and some other welfare organizations and individuals, the Hindu victims have returned to their residences, as the damaged houses have been repaired along with food and financial aid.

Days earlier, sectarian violence spread across the country after the alleged desecration of the Muslims’ holy book the Quran at a Hindu festival on Oct. 13, leaving at least five dead and over 100 injured.-AA


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