Bihar assembly elections 2020 : List of 19 Muslim candidates who have been elected


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: Total 19 Muslim candidates have  won the assembly elections in Bihar. Eight  of them belong to the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), five belong to the All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) and other four candidates belong to the Congress party. Out of the remaining three ones, two belongs to CPI Liberation and the last one belongs to the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP).


The following list of 19 winning Muslim candidates which was prepared with the help of the data available on the Election Commission of India website.

Muslim Winners in Bihar Assembly Elections 2020
Name Constituency Party – Victory Margin Runner-up
Akhtarul Iman Amour AIMIM – 52515 JDU
Abidur Rahman Araria Congress – 47936 JDU
Md Anzar Nayeemi Bahadurganj AIMIM – 34097 VIP
Syed Ruknuddin Ahmed Baisi AIMIM – 16373 BJP
Mahboob Alam Balrampur CPI-ML(L) – 53597 VIP
Md Zaman Khan Chainpur BSP – 24294 BJP
Md Kamran Gobindpur RJD – 33074 JDU
Shahnawaz Jokihat AIMIM – 7383 RJD
Shakeel Ahmed Khan Kadwa Congress – 25569 LJP
Md Israil Mansuri Kanti RJD – 10314 IND
Md Afaque Alam Kasba Congress – 17278 LJP
Izharul Hussain Kishanganj Congress – 3858 BJP
Md Izhar Asfi Kochadhaman AIMIM – 36143 JDU
Shamim Ahmed Narkatia RJD – 27791 JDU
Ali Ashraf Siddiqui Nathnagar RJD – 7756 JDU
Mohammad Nehaluddin Rafiganj RJD – 9429 IND
Akhtarul Islam Shaheen Samastipur RJD – 4714 JDU
Yusuf Salahuddin Simri Bakhtiarpur RJD – 1767 VIP
Saud Alam Thakurganj RJD – 23887 IND


  1. 36 और 16 सालों से मौजूद काँग्रेसी विधायक हारे बिहार में :

    सेक्युलर दलों को लगता है कि मुसलमान सिर्फ उन्हें ही वोट देंगे, भले ही वो काम करें या नहीं. लेकिन इस बार लोग नए चेहरों को चुन रहे हैं.”

    पूर्णिया की अमौर सीट पर अब तक कांग्रेस के अब्दुल जलील मस्तान पिछले 36 सालों से विधायक थे. इस बार उन्हें सिर्फ़ 11 फ़ीसद वोट मिले हैं जबकि एआईएमआईएम के अख़्तर-उल-ईमान ने 55 फ़ीसद से अधिक मत हासिल कर सीट अपने नाम की है.

    बहादुरगंज सीट पर कांग्रेस के तौसीफ़ आलम पिछले सोलह सालों से विधायक हैं. इस बार उन्हें दस फ़ीसद मत ही मिले हैं जबकि एआईएमआईएम के अंज़ार नईमी ने 47 फ़ीसद से अधिक मत हासिल कर ये सीट जीती है.

    1985 के विधानसभा चुनावों में कांग्रेस ने 323 में से 196 सीटें जीतकर स्पष्ट बहुमत हासिल किया था, यह अंतिम मौका था जब कांग्रेस ने बिहार में बहुमत हासिल किया, इस बात को अब 35 साल हो चुके हैं और उसका गया दौर वापस लौटता नहीं दिख रहा है क्यू ?
    कोई पुछो ? आखिर क्यू काँग्रेस का जनाधार घट कर सफ़ाचट हो गया ??

    यही हाल गुजरात, मध्यप्रदेश में भी है
    राजस्थान में काँग्रेस सरकार गिरती गिरती बची लेकिन अभी भी श्रीमान अशोक गहलोत जी मुस्लिम के विकास के लिए कोई खास काम नही कर रहे है, मुसलमानो में शिक्षा का न्यूनतम स्तर, कमजोर आर्थिक स्थिति और मुस्लिम एरिया में मेडिकल, बैंकिंग सेवाओं का अभाव l

    बिहार जैसे पिछड़े राज्य में मुसलमानों ने 1985 से आज तक कांग्रेस की ये हालात कर दी फिर गुजरात, मध्यप्रदेश, उत्तरप्रदेश,पश्चिम बंगाल में कैसे अपनी खोई हुई जमीन तलाश रही है ।

    अभी भी वक़्त है मौजूदा काँग्रेसी सरकारो के लिए अपनी हार का मंथन करे और मुस्लिम के विकास के लिए काम करे l

    सबक ले राजस्थान के कांग्रेसी मुख्यमंत्री
    @ashokgehlot51 जी मुस्लिमों के विकास के काम करे

    बिहार में @asadowaisi को मिली जीत के पीछे क्या कारण रहे, सुनिए खुद उन्हीं से
    #ResultsOnAajTak #BiharElectionResults

  2. Muslim lost badly by not letting win even a single candidate from JDU/NDA. Missed the ministerial birth. Muslims have to think selfishly and have relations with all parties otherwise they will remain a ghetto trap and isolated. Nitish is not against Muslim. They should be part of all parties.

  3. Muslims should not depend on anyone
    else, or any Party, to represent us or our interests. If we do, we will always be let down by others, as is clear from
    experience so far.

    We should be able to stand on our own
    feet if we want to truly and adequately represent Muslim interests and concerns.

    If Muslim representatives fail to deliver
    on their promises, they could be voted
    out at the next election. Our representatives should realise that they have been chosen primarily to serve their community and not to gain ministerial power for themselves.

    Having adequate representation of Muslim MPs and MLAs at the centre and states, in proportion to our numbers, reflects to the other Parties our importance in the
    political process. Up to now, they had taken our vote for granted, without bothering to give us anything tangible in return,
    including even adequate representation, both at the centre and the states.

    Having our own MPs and MLAs will also ensure that we can decide to either share
    power with other secular Parties, or lend them our support in exchange for meeting our concerns.

    I think that what Asaduddin Owaisi is
    doing was long overdue in order
    to regain our self-respect and importance
    as a community. Muslims should acknowledge him as our leader and offer
    him whole-hearted support. A string of
    wins for his AIMIM Party in different States may just dramatically alter the whole
    political calculation across the country.
    After all there is nothing to lose. It is not as if the present dispensation has been at all to our advantage.

  4. India is a secular democratic country. But we’re not a homogeneous society – our strength is said to be in “unity in diversity”.
    Due to many historical and cultural reasons Muslims, Dalits, some sections of the Avarna communities and Adivasis lagged behind in almost every aspect of development (education, economy, health, living standards, employment, politics etc).

    But, Muslims have a religious duty towards the neighbours and society. Just because we lagged behind doesn’t mean that we have to get isolated and make ourselves more and more into ghettoisation. We have to be there in every political dispensation available in the country. We should strive (to get our presence felt by the entire society) with dedicated and uncorrupted service. The laymen and the have-nots have to feel that the (Muslim) guy is the right person to approach for the redressal of their grievances and worries.
    NB: the news reads NDA sworn in Bihar with no Muslim minister! There’s not a single MLA from the community in the ruling dispensation…. then, how to accommodate?!

  5. saya sangat menyukai web ini terlalu berkesan , semoga tambah ramai websitenya di tunggu ya artikel terbarunyaaa tetap motivasi didalam berkarya

  6. Aimim એ જે જગ્યાએ થી મુસ્લિમ વિધાયક ઉભેલા હોય તે જગ્યા એ થી મુસ્લિમ વિધાયક ને ઉભો નહિ કરવો જોઈએ


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