Bittu Halder kills his wife Rizwana who had converted to Hinduism before marriage


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: Rizwana, who had changed her name to Seema Halder after converting to Hinduism one year ago, was killed by her husband Sidharth aka Bittu Halder in Damua town of Madhya Pradesh’s Chhindwara district, reported Dainik Bhaskar on 27 March.

Local police said that Bittu Halder took Seema to a hospital on 25 March and told the doctors that she was ill. After preliminary check-ups, the doctors declared her dead.

The post-mortem report said that she was strangulated, the police were quoted as saying by Dainik Bhaskar.

Bittu Halder told the police that they were involved in a fight as Seema was asking for money. During the fight, he strangulated her with her chunari.

The police have lodged a murder cases against him.

The incident has recently drawn public attention on social media. Several users believe that the entire right-wing machinery would have reacted differently if the boy was Muslim and the woman was Hindu.


  1. Very unfortunate incidence. The husband should be punished. Surprisingly no media channel published this incident…

  2. When we have stop thiking about hindu and muslims? Really very sad news for India. Modi hai toh yahi Mumkin hai. Our country people are never stop these type of things.

  3. Where are right wing people now. Now what do you say. If the opposite thing happen they call love jihad.. now what is this . Simply polluting the good spirit of our brotherhood . Be good and do good .. live and let live.

  4. So sad. What do the left wing people have to say. Any one. All these left wing people polluting the environment. We live here as brothers and sisters. And the culprit whatever religion may be have to be punished. Stop hatred and spread love..


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