British billionaire Alfie Best Jr accepts Islam

Alfie Best Jr

One of the most successful and well-known businessmen in Great Britain, Alfred William Best, also known as Alfie Best jr, has converted to Islam.

A few months ago, Alfie shared a picture from a mosque with the caption, ” Allah guides, none can misguide. Whoever He misguides, none can guide ”


Recently, he shared a video of himself with the caption, “All Praise to God… Alhamdulillah.”

Alfie is the son of mobile home park magnate Alfie Best Sr. Alfie Jr, 25, and his dad have a net worth of £700million, according to the Sunday Times Rich List.

Alfie Best Jr was born in Redbridge, London on May 22, 1997.

The young Best appeared in My Big Fat Gypsy Fortune and Rich Kids Go Shopping with his father.

The Romany Gypsy is following in his father’s entrepreneurial footsteps. His first business venture was selling sweets in school, followed by selling office supplies door-to-door.

As a teen, he began hosting travellers’ parties before purchasing his own nightclub.

Alfie didn’t stop there, as he sold his nightclub at the age of 17 to buy a park, making him the youngest park owner in the country.

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  1. Islam is beginning to spread with ever increasing momentum in Britain without the SWORD to the consternation of the cantankerous

  2. Namesake Muslims and and negative media are the two impediments but Allah is the best planner and guides whosoever is in the search of truth.

  3. Satan has blinded his eyes and has control over his brains.the man needs deliverance which is only possible with Jesus Christ of Nazareth he will repent because God knows how to heal he will gather his sheeps cause every knee in this world should bow in his name.

    • You may want to reflect that it is the false narrator Paul whose eyes were blinded with his false Road to Damascus that made up the entire theology you believe in. Perhaps the man (Paul) who said it was okay to eat pork and not circumcise (both made unlawful by Jesus) is the one who ha last led billions down a false yellow brick road to a salvation that won’t be.

  4. Contrary to western writers and historians , Islam has spread through out the world through peaceful means and it will continue to do so, much to the dismay of antagonists of Islam.

  5. Subhan Allah Alhamdolillah..may Allah bestowed all the happiness & his mercy on Alfie & his family ..Ameen Suma Ameen ya Rabul Alameen…..

  6. MashaAllah, Islam is real and true path which leads to the creator of whole universe Allah. All the fake and man made, propaganda people, united to suppressed Islam, but they don’t know that truth cannot be suppressed by lies and false propaganda against Islam and Muslims.

  7. Wellcome home my brother. May Allah accept the new journey from you and make it easier for you. You did the right thing.

  8. Alhamdulillah
    Now more people are finding it’s purity. It’s none but the Almighty who can convert the heart. Islam is ultimate truth. It is a gentle request to all my Muslim brothers and sisters to be polite, humble and subliminal and feel the magic.

  9. Alhamdulillah, this prooved Islam spread without pressure of sword. It is full proof to the world that Islam is a religion of Allah.
    May Allah SWT guide us all towards the right path.

  10. Mashallah. Congratulations brother Alfie. May the doors of 7 Jannah welcome you on the day of judgement in the hereafter. Ameen.

  11. CREATEOR (ALLAH) of the universe has only one Religion ISLAM (Peace) for Humankind but arrogance and misguidance divide human beings.

  12. Islam is a faith and comprehensive way of life that literally means peace through submission to Allah’s (God’s) will and His commandments A Muslim is someone who adopts the Islamic way of life by believing in the Oneness and Uniqueness of God and the prophethood of Muhammed, peace be upon him (pbuh). Today, Islam is one of the fastest growing religions and is practiced by more than 2 billion Muslims across the world.

    Islam clearly addresses one of the most central and challenging questions in human history: What is the purpose of life? God declares in the Glorious Quran,

    “And I (God) created not the jinns and humans except they should worship Me (Alone)..
    [Glorious Quran, Ch.51 : Vrs.56]

  13. Maashaa’Allah, may Allah keep him and other Muslims stead fast on Islam and make us practice Islam in its best.. A’ameen

    May Allah guide everyone to the straight path (Seraat e Mustaqeem). A’ameen

  14. Maashaa’Allah, may Allah keep him and other Muslims stead fast on Islam and make us practice Islam in its best.. A’ameen

    May Allah guide everyone to the straight path (Seraat e Mustaqeem). A’ameen

  15. Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala Himself has guided you on to a true path and none and no could misguide you from this true path, the path of the Creator, the Creator of all things and to whom we all have to back.

    No any other options or ways are certainly open to escape.

    I hope and believe from my Eman (faith), you would be rewarded by Allah granting with the “Jannah” for finding the Truth. (Amen)

  16. Mashallah Subhanallah Mubarak ho to everyone especially to Mr.Alfie Best you are really the best, I am to happy to know that you have realised that there is nothing as clean as Islam Allah teaches you to follow the truth of Islam. So just be the best like yourself.

  17. Islam and Christianity both are violent religion. Buddhism and Hinduism believe in non violence and provide peace for mind and soul.

  18. As he rightly said ( he who is guided can never be misguided and as well as he who is misguided can never be guided ) May Allah’s guides us all to the right path Aamen.

  19. Assalam Mualaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakathu my Muslim Ummah in ISLAM I’m really happy for Alfred William Best MashaaALLAAH may Almighty ALLAAH S.W.T continue to increase you in more knowledge & understanding of ISLAM & all the Muslim Ummah Worldwide Aameen Ya ALLAAH S.W.T I’m From nigeria

  20. Alhamdolillah Allah is best of guidance. May Allah protect all Muslims from all evils and guides all Muslims in the right path. Hundreds and thousands of drood on our beloved prophet pbuh.

  21. Maashaa Allah Alhamdulillah Allah has chosen you. I love you for the sake of Islam. We are all brothers. May ALLAH ALMIGHTY guide those who are misguided. Allah HuAkbar.

  22. Salamu aleikum good morning brother your most will come to way of life and religion of your lord Allah almighty accept more of your friends and brothers too am from Ghana west Africa working in saudia Arabia makkah and am ss Steelers fabrication welder and cold rooms and kitchen items and some electrical equipment 00966571153881 let be great brothers I want u buy paradise simply in Ghana we need Islamic schools and holy Water with Tank use for drinking make new prayer rooms for salah for Muslim family people thanks


  24. May ALLAH guide us all & let their be peace. May ALLAH SUBHANA TAYALA allow all to test the peace through Islam.


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