Budget 2022-23:  Funds for ‘Education Scheme for Madrasas’ and Nai Manzil scheme slashed

Finanace minister Nirmala Sitharaman presenting budget in the parliament

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Minister of Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi praised the budget 2022-23 but he perhaps ignored the fact that funds for various schemes aimed at upliftment of minorities were slashed.


Education Scheme for Madrasas and Minorities (ESMM), Nai Manzil scheme and Maulana Azad Education Foundation (MAEF) are some of the initiatives who funds have been reduced by the Modi government in this year’s budget.

Under ‘Education Scheme for Madrasas and Minorities’, a budget allocation of Rs 160 crore was made in the budget in comparison to Rs 174 crore made in the last budget. The budget allocation for Nai Manzil scheme was reduced, by almost 50 per cent, from Rs 87 crore to Rs 46 crore.

The funds for MAEF were slashed, by 99 per cent, from the last allocation of Rs 90 crore to 0.01 crore this year.

The Ministry of Minority Affairs was allocated a higher budget in compared to the previous allocation. However, funds for certain schemes were cut down for reasons best known to officials of the Modi government.

The aforementioned three initiatives were started to uplift minority communities. The ECMM was aimed at granting financial assistance to introduce modern subjects in Madrasas, to provide training to teachers and to augment school infrastructure in minority institutions. 

MAEF, as per the ministry, is a “voluntary, non-political, non-profit making, social service organisation” established to promote education among educationally backward minorities. 

Nai Manzil scheme was initiated to train youths belonging to minority communities and provides a “combination of formal education (Class VIII or X) and skills to enable beneficiaries seek better employment and livelihood.”


  1. Doing same/more duty from school teacher, the SPEMM teacher’s are getting less salary from them.. I think this is not fair..


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