Hindutva mob assaults Christian priest, 2 others inside police station in Chhattisgarh

By Muslim Mirror Staff

A group of Hindutva extremists on Sunday beat a Christian priest, Harish Sahu, inside a police station in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. They also assaulted Chhattisgarh Christian Forum General Secretary Ankush Bariyekar and a man named Prakash Masih over the allegation of forceful religious conversion.

The incident took place at the Purani Basti police station in Raipur. The police had received complaints of forced religious conversions being carried out in the Bhatagaon area. A few local right-wing Hindutva leaders, too, reached the police station shortly after. This followed a heated argument between the two parties, after which Sahu and the two others were subject to physical assault, NDTV reported.

The Christian leader Bariyekar lodged a complaint in this regard, after which several people associated with the Hindutva organisation were booked under IPC sections 147 (rioting), 294 (obscene acts and songs), 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) and 506 (criminal intimidation.)

Religiously motivated attacks against minorities have been rising in India as authorities have failed to ensure strict actions in most such cases.

7 thoughts on “Hindutva mob assaults Christian priest, 2 others inside police station in Chhattisgarh

  1. Attack on any community is a barbaric action.
    Unfortunately medias of our country playing a role
    of double standard. To express their ultra secular mentality they never published any news when minority attacks on majority. Attack on minority in
    Chattrishghar is no doubt a heinous action. Some
    Hindutva complain against those christan for forceful conversion. Men of minority also use a new process of conversion; this is called ” Love jihad”
    I hope that this news paper also published news about love jihad

    1. Forceful conversion by Christian missionaries in a Hindu majority area is unbelievable and it is just a RSS propaganda to collect Hindutva votes for their political wing BJP . If Tribals are benefited by health facilities and better education system to uplift themselves by becoming Christians or Muslims or Sikhs or Buddhists etc. then this is a great deal 👍. Manuwad has always exploited every lndians except Brahmins.

    2. There is no word in any religion like ” Love-Jihad ” or ” Love-Manuwad ” . It is the personal choice of free people of a free country and free society . As far as lslam is considered it allows Muslim male to marry only within Abrahamic faiths ( Ahle Kitaab , The people of Holy books) only . Which means that Muslim boy can marry only a Muslim or a Christian or a Jew girl only

  2. There will always a payback from God to this type of extremists sooner or later. If they and their supporters are thinking otherwise, will soon realise it

  3. From CJ werleman again. Was this not the same guy who posted a news about Hindus desecrating a graveyard; which MuslimMirror made a headline and then had to delete as it was fake news ??
    I still remember, you even deleted my comment which said the same.

    1. Maggoty kalia aka lying Hindu gutter rat,

      CJ Werleman has more credibility then the Hindu lies factory known as Indian media. Your desperate trolling only reveals what a pathetic attention whore and fake news peddler that you really are. You’re as predictable as the open defecation Hindus practice : any news of Hindu terrorists is cast doubt upon, the usual method of Hindu damage control. Christian victims are just faking it to make Hindus look bad right? The only fake news comes from Hindu a55holes like you, especially from that OpIndia sh1thole you crawled out from.

      Not only should your worthless comments, but your worthless existence should be deleted along with that of all Hindu fake news peddlers.

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