Congress leader demands release of Kashmiri arrested over allegation of cheering for Pakistani team

The Kashmiri students, arrested by the UP Police, speak to media on 6 March 2014 [ Photo: Reuters]

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Congress leader Prof. Saifuddin Soz has written to home minister Amit Shah demanding release of the three Kashmiri students arrested over the allegation of cheering for the Pakistani cricket team after its win against the Indian team in the T20 World Cup in October 2021.

“The police had not been able to prove that these three Kashmiri students had cheered for Pakistani team. Instead, it was found that they had conveyed a screen shot of greetings to their friends,” Soz said in his letter.

He urged Shah to release them as early as possible. “They could be asked to appear before you for a brief discussion and advice. That would be a better proposition than keeping them in jail,” he added.

The students were arrested by police in Agra in Uttar Pradesh and is currently lodged in a jail in the city.


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