Court issues non-bailable warrant against Wasim Rizvi for allegedly assaulting woman


By Muslim Mirror Staff

A Lucknow-based court has issued a non-bailable warrant against Wasim Rizvi and his three companions in connection with a case filed by a woman.

Shaheen Khan had filed the case saying that she was assaulted and misbehaved by Rizvi and his men in 2015 when was visiting a shrine based in Rustam Nagar, Lucknow.


Rizvi has been in limelight for his blasphemous remarks against Islam, Quran and early Islamic leaders including the four caliphs. He has been propagating that 26 verses promote terrorism and they are not a part of the original Quranic text. He says the said verses were added by the caliphs to fulfill their own interests.

He had approached the Supreme Court seeking deletion of the 26 verses from Quran. The court, however, dismissed his plea and imposed a fine of Rs 50,000 on him.


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